Selling Space; Furai Economics; An End to Taxation.


Imagine our entire economy focussed on the conquest and exploration of the universe.

The government could SELL charters to corporations for 1000+ year leases of celestial bodies.

We know,
right now,
there’s a planet with more oil than Earth,
located a few light-minutes away.


What would a planet with more oil than Earth be worth?
How much could the Government sell it for?
What could be funded with UNLIMITED money?

lack of funds…
created by small men with small minds.

Wealth is created by the mind,
as is poverty,
as is slavery.

Right now our National Debt is funded by promissory notes based on the future productivity of the people of The US.

So, when you advocate new government spending to help the poor, or whatever great cause, you are advocating running up a tab on future generations, to help the current generation. In essence, you are enslaving the young, and unborn, to pay for the old.

19 trillion.
If we taxed every man woman and child 100% it would not pay the CURRENT debt,
and it’s still growing.

A better way,
sell space.

No debt,
unlimited money,
unlimited government spending,
no poverty,
no crime,
full employment,
no wars over natural resources,
no recessions,
no depressions,
unlimited growth,
free education,
free healthcare,
the end of OPEC,
no taxes,
no enslaving the future…

Won’t we still run out of money?
not unless we run out of universe.

This is Capitalism Unlimited,
free-market capitalism can conquer the galaxy in a short amount of time,
take off the bindings,
let it run.

lets float an IPO for Cassini,
19 trillion’s the cost,
pay the debt,
let the good times roll.

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