The U.S. Constitution; The Value of Man; Unlimited Pie


The US Constitution is a small document; all U.S. law is based on this document. One can read The Constitution cover to cover in a few minutes, but to truly understand The Constitution would require studying every law, every court case and precedent ever created, passed, or accepted.

Additionally, one might argue, a comprehensive study of the culture, theater, art, sciences, business, literature created in the U.S. since our inception is a direct result of this document. Would Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook have been created anywhere but in the U.S.? How about Hollywood? New York? What about U.S. military might? Why did The U.S. invent the A-bomb? The H-bomb?


Small document to read, its true size: everything ever created in The U.S.

Many nations on Earth, their laws, customs, culture etc… have also been influenced by the U.S., so, one might study The Constitution by also studying all successful undertakings worldwide.

Getting a little lofty here, but my point is simply that a small document that creates a successful framework, to truly understand the framework, and its power, one must look at what has been built with this framework. (To understand a blueprint, look at the building, look at each office, each apartment, each window, every beam, then and only then will you truly understand the blueprint.

The Constitution for all its greatness is a flawed document. The evidence of which can be seen in the everyday lives of Americans:

Why are taxes so high in America? The Constitution.
Why were Japanese Americans interred in WW2? The Constitution.
Why has the military industrial complex and the oil industry created an oligarchical police state? The Constitution.
Why are there periods of massive unemployment and recession in the US? The Constitution.
Why is our educational system failing? The Constitution.

Everything right in America is due to The Constitution, as is everything wrong. It is important that you read, and reread this until you believe it.

Why has the constitution failed? The simple answer is to blame the Supreme Courts, The Congresses, The Presidents that we’ve had. Proponents of this copout say, “it’s not the document that failed, it’s the men who’ve misinterpreted the document that failed.” Bullshit.

A true blueprint CAN’T be misinterpreted, if there is more than one plausible interpretation, the blueprint has failed.

Additionally, every man in The US. has been reared by The Constitution, educated by The Constitution.

Why are there so many stupid, powerless, impotent men in this country? The Constitution.

Now wait a minute… Have I gone to far? Is The Constitution responsible for creating 100s of millions of stupid, illiterate, unthinking blobs of flesh? You bet.

Is The Constitution responsible for creating the massive, crime riddled ghettoes that millions call home? Yup.

Why have we created a polluted, crime ridden, ghetto filled, police/slave state when we could have created a paradise? The Constitution.

Where did we go wrong?

The liberals believe it is the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few that create the problem, and that if we simply steal enough from the “haves” and redistribute it to the “have-nots” we will make America a better place.

Unfortunately, this approach makes matters far worse. When the rich are taxed to give to the poor, economic growth slows; so the poor are hurt beyond measure. Additionally, this creates a permanent underclass of citizens that benefit more by not working, watching massive amounts of TV, not saving, not learning, not growing. They are content to draw their government subsidies and work the minimum to get by. They are permanently poor, forever lost in the ghettoes.

Additionally, the working class are robbed of 60% of their incomes, so, this forces both parents to work for the same pay as one parent in the 50s; as a result, the kids of these parents are neglected, and then educated exclusively by the state. They become forever “middle class”( but should be called slave class,) because they are trapped in a high-stress system, (working on an assembly line (either actual or in a cubicle,)) this permanent enslavement leads to multiple divorces, teen suicides, pregnancies, drug use. Trapped in their tiny houses, tiny yards, lifetime mortgages, with their nice furniture.

Conservatives believe if taxes are cut, everything will work itself out. Really? In what time frame?

The ghettoes will still be there in 20 years even if taxes are cut for a few years. Slaves, (the middle-class ones,) and the ghetto dwellers are educated in U.S. high schools, and will always think as slaves, act as slaves, watch TV as slaves; vote as slaves. So, lower taxes for 5, 10, even 20 years, and all we’ll have to show for it are bigger ghettoes, and more uneducated slaves.

The answer is not top down.

We have tried that for 50 years since LBJ. It hasn’t worked. Things are getting worse, not better. Why? Because we are creating the wrong types of men. The men being reared in America have a slave mentality. They accept domination, therefore they are dominated; they’re enslaved by their debtors; enslaved by their encouraged vices; enslaved by their programmed lifestyles; enslaved by their learned philosophy.

The answer is bottom up.

Create a new man.
• A man capable of wielding massive power.
• A man capable of creating massive wealth.
• A man capable of leading others.
• A man capable of mentoring others.
• A man who will not accept enslavement.

The new man will henceforth be called a Furai.

A Furai is a man who uses all his mind and power to unleash massive energy to first achieve personal freedom; then uses that hard won financial freedom and resources to help others achieve the same freedom. A Furai does this not for altruistic reasons, (any more than a venture capitalist helps fledgling businesses for altruism.)

A Furai helps others because by multiplying himself, by investing resources he gains a return. Imagine the returns that could be gained helping a thousand men attain billionaire status? (If the agreement was that those helped, paid 10% of all they acquired?)

The math: 100 million times a 1000. A Trillion dollars.

Expand this further. What if each of these new billionaires created a thousand other billionaires under them, and the original mentor received 1% of that rake?

Wealth beyond imagination.

Through investing in others, in their businesses, in their personal lives. Helping others attain financial freedom can be very profitable.


There is a view of the universe, and of wealth, and of natural resources that is very destructive; that view is the pie chart. According to this view, there is a limited number of people who can fit on the planet earth; a limited amount of jobs that can be created; a limited amount of oil; limited amounts of food etc…

When this lie is believed, it changes an outlook on everything. If there’s only a certain amount of wealth, then wealth can only be the result of transfer from one to another. Confiscation/theft, are the only financial transactions that exist in this warped worldview. According to this distortion, when one person becomes wealthy, others are becoming poor.

Imagine standing on Earth a million years ago.

Imagine being the first person to discover Earth.

You survey it, analyze the soil with advanced technology used to analyze other infinite planets in the universe. The analysis produces details such as: how much petroleum, hydrogen, oxygen, trees, coal, diamonds, gold, fish, livestock etc… the Earth contains, not to mention how many homes could be created; how many lives could be sustained if every square inch of the planet was utilized.

You excitedly take the results back to a board of directors, place a value on the Earth. Imagine the Earth a million years ago, in its pre-man form was valued at a trillion of your societies dollars. Simple right? Earth is a vacant lot with massive potential, but it’s still untapped.

Your corporation, which specializes in discovery and analysis, sells Earth to a second corporation that specializes in construction, land settlement, and mining. They pay your corporation a trillion, you move on to do what you do best which is discovering other planets.

Corporation number two moves into action. They ship specialized machines to Earth, machines that mine, machines that chop down trees, machines that build power plants, houses, refineries, ships, steel, alloys, robots etc… In ten years: 1% of Earth’s resources have been tapped, millions of homes built, massive buildings, spaceports etc….

Colonists are lured to this exciting new planet by being promised 1000 mile tracts of land, in exchange for moving in and improving the land.

100 years later there’s 100 million inhabitants on Earth; Now the planet is worth 100 times the value it was originally. What changed? The raw material was developed with human intelligence.

1 trillion dollars + 1 trillion dollars worth of investment, plus energy and human intelligence- yielded 100 trillion dollars.

Do you get it yet?

Money is not a fixed pie to be divided; money is created out of thin air, a product of focussed human intelligence.

What is Manhattan island worth today?

manhattan-605268-7340x4129-hq-dsk-wallpapers manhattan

What was Manhattan worth a thousand years ago? What changed?

Take a vacant lot on a street corner value $100,000. Buy the lot, build a gas station on it. Cost of the lot + Gas station $250,000. The gas station produces $100,000 profit per month, what is the improved property worth? Millions.

That lot had been vacant for a million years, Purchased from someone for $100,000 now it’s worth millions.

This is why a fiat currency makes sense: Money is created out of ideas. The U.S. is worth more in this century, than it was a century ago. It’s value increases exponentially, with every home built, every building constructed, every oil-well dug, every highway constructed….

Just like a planet can be improved to be worth more, just like a vacant lot can be improved, a man can be improved.

What if you purchased a primitive-human baby? Assume you were an alien, and a human could be bought, like a man can buy a dog, or a lion… What would you do with that human to maximize your returns?

You could teach him to dig; create an animal capable of producing an $8 an hour return from age 15 till about age 70. You could do this without investing hardly anything, just some food and some obedience conditioning.

Now, what if you took this same human and taught it science; math; literature; art; computer science; business management skills, confidence, etc… to create a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs? It would cost you more resources, but the payoff of this one human would be in the 100s of billions.


There is big money to be made in creating Furai.

All wealth is created by the mind, without exception. You’re reading this on a piece of paper, or a computer screen, or some other medium not yet invented. This knowledge has made you wealthier. In return you’ve paid me a fee. Thus my intelligence has created wealth out of my idea.

You paid me $10 for a book; in return this idea will make you a billionaire. Did we make anyone poorer in this transaction? You gained far more than I gained.

pie-sampleInstead of the flawed pie-chart idea, view everything as unlimited in nature. There is unlimited food, unlimited energy, unlimited oil, unlimited resources in the universe. Wait a minute, stop the press, am I suggesting that everything is unlimited? Yes!!!! How much oil is in the universe? How much gold? How many diamonds? How many stars? How much uranium?

stars 2 starsMan’s wealth is only limited by his intelligence, as such, put no limits as to how much you can acquire; put no limits to how much any man can acquire.

What is the value of the planet Mars?
What is the value of the moon?
What is the value of the energy created by our sun?
What is the value of the minerals and gases contained on Jupiter?

Do you get it? These items are worthless in the year 2016; what will they be worth when human intelligence seeks to harvest and harness these things?

Look upon the night sky; every star in the sky is worth far more than all the wealth on planet Earth.

Worried about money? Worried about the economy? Worried about how we can employ the masses? Space. Colonization, conquest, technologies. How do we get there? Change The Constitution and change Man.

Every year our economy, on our only planet, Earth, is expanding, (in good years,) at a few percent; in bad years our economy shrinks. Why? Because people are being conned into voting for redistributive taxes and massive entitlements. What is the harm of this?

You are powerful beyond imagination.

our greatest fear

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