Raison d’être

Raison d’être:

1. Learned a-few things that worked for me;
wanted to share.

2. I want you,
to gain all the desires of your heart.

3. I despise the rulers of this Earth;
a fundamental-change is needed.

4. The best way to transfigure the world,
to overthrow the bankrupt evil-old-order,
the insidious human-bondage dominating Earth:
create a new-class of highly-focussed warrior-wizards,
men and women capable of wielding vast-supernatural-power,
incapable of being manipulated or controlled.
Incapable of being dominated or enslaved.
Guided by principle,
yet autonomous;
truth seeking;
yet patient;
eyes wide-open,
yet blinders in place.

YOU are now a threat to the NWO-elites,
a poison prion in the globalist-system;
infiltrating their inner-sanctuaries;
eating-away at their control,
at their brains from within;
a wrench in the gears.
When you’re ready,
WE’ll kill ‘em all,

warrior wizard



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