A Brief History of Sigil Magick; A Key Element in Universal Freedom; A Threat to Tyrants.

If you’re reading this, you’re a SEEKER exploring; probing the fence for weaknesses:

I’ve found a few. ūüôā ūüėČ

Why did the Romans burn the Library of Alexandria?
Why does the Bible forbid images?

Exodus 20:4
“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”

The knowledge of ancient-sigil magick IS and WOULD-HAVE-BEEN a threat to any state, desiring complete-subjugation of a population. The same people who wish to take guns away from the common man, want the masses spiritually disarmed as well.

Thousands of years ago, all humans wielded magick; (it’s in our DNA.) It’s natural, as natural as breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking, defecating, fucking-

Magick, in its simplest form, (the law of attraction,) is imagining what you want and it comes to pass.

The Secret is a good starting point for understanding this phenomena. Listen to Oprah, (currently worth $3 billion, elected our last President,) talk about it.

Readers of CONCUSSION recognize the elements: (Focus/Energy/Emotion,) of a successful magickal working.

So where do drawings come into this equation?

Simple. Everyone works magick all the time, (God made us this way,) whether the individual is conscious of it or not. God created The Universe with CONCUSSION; we were created in His image; We can do the same; humans create supernatural change with CONCUSSION, (focus/energy/emotion.)

Magick requires no tools, no knowledge, no skill. Concussion (Focus/Energy/Emotion,) creates magick, (the most powerful of these three is EMOTION. Anything enhancing any of these three things, (especially emotion,) enhances the power of a magickal working.

If you’ve studied Chemistry, you understand the term catalyst. Art, music, imagery, words, anything¬†enhancing any of the three elements: (focus/energy/emotion) is a catalyst, (a multiplier of a¬†magickal-working’s power, something that speeds up the process.) More on this later, back to my post…

For Eons, 10s of thousands of years, sigil-magick was unleashed by powerful free-men in small groups; the more-powerful the magick, the better the tools, the more likely the group’s survival.

20,000 years ago humans began carefully drawing animals on cave walls. Why?

Imagine the cost required to create this painting 20,000 years ago:


20,000 years ago there were no refrigerators, no pottery, no farms, no currency. From what we know about these primitive people, they lived a subsistence level existence. When I say subsistence, I mean specifically, literally: if these primitive people¬†didn’t hunt and gather every day: they went hungry.

Yet here is a complex drawing. Multiple colors, multiple tools, paint designed to last thousands of years. How long did it require to learn how to draw this well? Where did the artist find the time? Why did he invest the resources into crafting this image of a bison? Why did his companions help him produce this? (Someone fed him while he was making this.)

We know why most art is created today, the artist makes it, then sells it. We know why most art was created during the Renaissance, powerful men liked looking at it, so, they became patrons of artists. Why was this art created? No patrons in this time period (no monetary system, (barter,) no wealth, no storage.) I can’t see an¬†artist selling an immovable painting literally on a cave wall; can’t see him charging admission to look at it.

As a wielder of magick it’s obvious to me: this drawing is magick. The conjurer, in this case an artist, visualized what he wanted, crafted it with emotion and passion, (he was probably hungry,) and guess what: the next day a¬†bison appeared, probably was waiting for him and his tribe when he woke up. In fact, generations of families probably fed off of the dividends this art provided. Primitive men came to the cave, lit a fire, danced in a circle, beat drums rhythmically while focussing on this image, and imagining an easy hunt the next day, and, miraculously, the next day bisons appeared for easy pickings.

“…Come on baby close your eyes let go
This can be everything we’ve dreamed
It’s not work, that makes it work
Van Halen- Best Of Both Worlds Lyrics

I don’t “believe” in magick; I don’t have “faith;” I know.

Because I know magick is real, (and how it works,) I know this: the people who created this bison image benefitted far more than the cost to produce it.

As time marched on, and as magick became real to these primitive people, specialists formed: witches, wizards, shamans, oracles, artists, writers, philosophers, musicians, doctors, inventors- Some people would have inherited more-powerful magickal-genes, (like some people are smarter, more creative, physically-stronger than others.) A small-tribe with a powerful witch-doctor, would have an advantage over a larger tribe without one.

Blessings and curses come from the same source; both are very real.¬†That‚Äôs when magick became a¬†threat. That’s when killing another tribe’s magicians may-have-been a wise thing.

As tribes evolved into kingdoms, as kings ascended to thrones and crowns, magicians, wielders of magick had to be controlled, eventually killed.


Magick, In The Hands Of Commoners, Is A Threat To The Roman Emperor.

alexandria burning

The Library of Alexandria; Thousands of Years of Magick, (One Of A Kind Scrolls;)
A Threat to The Empire; Burned by Rome.


(Witch Burning.)
Magick,  In The Hands Of Commoners, Is A Threat To The Church.

Trade, commerce, writing, inventions, pottery, money, accounting, organized-religion, bronze-
Warfare followed-
Babylon, Persia, Macedonian, Roman-
The dark ages,
The printing press,
Industrial revolution,
Police state,
Information age-

In a few-thousand years, religions that partnered with the state survived; those who were a perceived-threat to the state: burned at the stake; mass genocide.

After this consolidation of power, the state, and their organized-religion accomplices took away this knowledge and curiosity from the common man. Evidence of this past magick-history, and the subsequent consolidation/purge exists today. Drawings on cave walls, The Pyramids, Easter Island, Stonehenge, the Library of Alexandria, the Old Testament, all evidence of technology known to prior civilizations, lost to humanity, until now.

We can recreate the knowledge;
rewrite the books that were burned and lost.

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