img0530_0When I was in high school, I joined the wrestling team. One of the first moves all wrestlers learn: the half-nelson.  A half-nelson is an effective way of turning an opponent onto his back. Excitedly we learned the move, and used the move. Then, we learned how to counter the half-nelson; (it’s easy to counter.)

As a result, a half-nelson became a move only effective against someone inexperienced; useless against an experienced opponent. Many wrestlers give-up on the half-nelson; I never did; made it work fairly well.

In my second year I learned how to wrestle freestyle. High school wrestling is folk-style, free-style is another-form; slightly more dangerous. I wanted to learn free-style primarily because it gave me competition in the off season. Anyway-

I had a new mentor, this old-bastard named Joe.

crusty old-guy,
tough as nails,
mean as a snake.

In his youth he had gone to the olympics. During the first day of practice, he wanted to show us how to do a half nelson.

Many laughed.

Everyone in the room was experienced, most in the gym had given up on the move. Although no one said it, publicly, many in the room felt the half-nelson a WORTHLESS move.

Joe to the class: “Why did you laugh?”

A kid named Sean, a state-champion wrestler, replied,
“I think everyone laughed because we-all know the half-nelson; it doesn’t work.”

Joe: “Let me show you how to make-it work.”

Joe proceeded to demonstrate his VARIATION of the power half-nelson…

“The way to make a half-nelson work is with pain.
If your opponent feels physical pain,
they will BEND to your will.”

Joe demonstrated how to get leverage on the opponent; to put so much PRESSURE on an opponent’s head and neck: they had no choice but to turn (YIELD.)

So many people are searching for complex solutions, advanced tools, etc… Often the answer is simple, it’s learning a tweak on something you know in your gut, but may have abandoned after a little adversity.

So, in that spirit, the spirit of teaching something you can actually fucking-USE, something that actually fucking-WORKS-

yet simple —

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