A Brief History of Sigil Magick Part 2: The Lies of Organized Religion.



As history progressed, kingdoms, governments, religions, and eventually theocracies formed. Theocracy: traditionally defined as religious rule, (like the current theocracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran.)


Another definition of theocracy: any treaty, any agreement, (spoken or not,) between church and state to spiritually disarm a population, and instate an accepted national religion. From this new-definition, all modern-governments on Earth, even the most secular, (especially the most-secular,) are theocracies.

The old Soviet Union, for example, made religious worship illegal, a godless, humanistic theocracy. The belief: “there is no god” is a religious belief, since evolution requires a-lot of faith as well.

America, for example, is a modern-Christian-humanist theocracy, separation of church and state is a theocratic-base of rule. Western governments preach tolerance of all accepted-mainstream-religion, which is in direct opposition to most religious-dogma, Islam does not accept Christianity for example. Most modern-religions preach: tolerance for others, obey the government, limited spiritual-power (accept the rules, avoid strange-ideas, flee from secret-teachings;) this equilibrium is acceptable to the rulers in a secular modern theocracy, so they allow religion; encourage it.

A powerless, impotent religion is not a threat.

What if a belief system evolved, within The Ether, teaching men and women they have the ability: to read-minds; see the future; draw wealth to themselves; punish their enemies, (no matter how-well protected,) and that all had the right and the obligation to earn their freedom and live as free-men?

Such a belief-system would-be impossible for an oppressive regime to control; such believers would-be a threat to their control-grid; a threat to their Matrix.

I loved that movie,
The Matrix.


Why did the Romans kill the mystics, and burn their books?
Why does the Bible forbid spiritual exploration?
Why are the Chinese persecuting the Falun Gong?
How were the pyramids built?
When a man sitting in his room, can read the minds of evil-men he has never met; he is now a threat to those evil-men, and their evil-plans.
When a man sitting in his room, can stop the heart of evil-men he has never physically-met, he is a threat to those evil-men.
When a person is able to connect with God, and God’s power without a priest as the middleman, collection plates dry up; priests lose their power.



Thousands of years of human knowledge, highly-advanced technology not based on mechanistic Newtonian Mechanics and Godless-Darwinism, has been wiped-out and erased. Think about that for a moment.

If you’ve studied the pyramids, you know about the precision in which they were crafted, the mysterious rooms they contain, the dimensions etc. If you’ve studied them you know we do not know how they were built. Consider this, in a few hundred years, western civilization unleashed has gone to the moon, split the atom, created thermonuclear fusion etc…

Egyptian civilization existed for much longer, 4000 years! Perhaps they learned a few things after thousands of years of study? Did they know about other power sources? Were they able to move objects telekenetically? How did they cut such huge stones so precisely, then move them such long distances? And, more importantly, why did they create the pyramids? Were pyramids simply pharaoh bling? Ostentatious government works projects with no value? I don’t buy it. The pyramids had a purpose; they had a function. Anyway, more on the pyramids later.

I do not know how or why the pyramids were built; I envision men harnessing magickal forces we do not currently understand; forces that would terrify any dictator.

zap telekinesis

A wielder of magick is a threat to evil-men, no matter how-much money,
technology, or guns surround him. Magick is a playing-field leveler. It gives Furai access to inside-information; gives Furai access to the keys to the prison. For that reason, Magick has always-been a threat to those seeking to dominate a population.

Why do people you focus-on with energy and emotion call you? CONCUSSION.

Magick works; Man were built that way.

Magick frees from oppression; Man were born to be free.

Magick creates, Man were born to create.

Magick manifests abundance, Man were born to be wealthy; LACK is a product of evil-men; a result of slavery.

I know the Bible is powerful; know it is certainly divinely-inspired, however, The Bible was compiled by primitive men, and edited by even more primitive-men. How do I know?

Jesus walked on water; healed the sick; raised the dead; gave the blind sight; controlled the weather; read minds. Why can’t modern Christians do this?

Something’s missing from The Book.

The Bible’s interpreted today, thousands of years later, by weak-men, complacent in the status-quo; allied with the state; far removed from Source; It’s edited, watered down, misinterpreted hearsay-

If you are a Christian, my work will make your prayers more-powerful, it will help you unlock Biblical-secrets.
If you are not a Christian, my work will show you the many-truths of the Bible, applicable to anyone.

If you are spiritual, yet reject the Bible because of certain passages, I don’t blame you. However, I’d caution: you may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I would encourage every aspiring magician, wizard, witch, satanist, whatever, to read the entire-bible with the thoughts:

  • Man are co-creators with God;
  • Focus, energy, and emotion are the keys to unlocking this power;
  • The Bible may-have-been edited by men fearful of this realization.

Organized-religions give a taste of magick, just enough to fear God; obey their rules; not enough to encourage change, transformation, amass wealth and power, and cast-off shackles.

Any religion teaching how to become powerful, or free, would be a threat to an oppressive state.

Whether current organized-religion was designed to be an enslaver, or just evolved to be watered down and nearly-useless, the result is the same: Organized religion keeps the masses in-line; in bondage; enslaved; perpetuates the current New World Order.

ALL organized mainstream-religions, are an accomplice of the NWO, whether by design or not is unimportant.

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