Theodor_Kittelsen,_Soria_MoriaMany years ago, I began my personal-journey into magick, the subconscious, and philosophy. Consumed hundreds of books, some lousy, some filled with wisdom.

None of these books completely-prepared me for life, and life’s challenges; all gave me pieces, however small, to a puzzle. I wanted to design a work better than these others, yet, at the same time realize: no single-book is complete, no single-book is truth; truth, by it’s very nature evolves; if it doesn’t evolve it’s not true.

After a bitter divorce, with children involved, I became very-angry with God, not the creator of the universe necessarily, angry at the Christian ideal of God. This anger, this dissatisfaction with the messages and answers of the Bible, led me to seek other means of communication with my creator.

As a young man, filled with confidence, out to conquer the world, (freshly divorced;) I focussed on reading information with a few carnal-desires in mind: sex, power, and money.

Atheism was not realistic for me, I’d seen too-much, experienced too-much; no, I believed in Divine power, with all my heart, mind, and soul, but I was angry and bitter. I knew God existed, but I hated Him.

The story’s not over, don’t go anywhere yet.

Do you really care if they leave?
Fuck ‘em.

You’ll never attain enlightenment,
if you give two-shits about what others think.

If your happiness is dependent on others actions or thoughts,
you’ve already lost.

This is my writing-style by the way, character’s thoughts are set-apart, bolded and italics. The conversation of thoughts, above, is between the two-halves of my brain. I use right-justify to split a conversation apart between two characters:

Character one: “Hello.”

Character two: “Take a fuck-pill.”

What a dick.

doesn’t realize I can read minds.
He’ll be surprised when I punch him in the throat.

If a word is simply italicized, it means the word is emphasized in the sentence.
For example:
You should study The Furai Compilation carefully. (Emphasizing you, the target of the conversation.)
You should study The Furai Compilation carefully. (Emphasizing should, the future-suggestion is emphasized.)
You should study The Furai Compilation carefully. (Emphasizing study, the action is emphasized.)
You should study The Furai Compilation carefully. (Emphasizing carefully, meaning focus on the big picture, little picture, metaphors, innuendo, hidden meaning, etc-
You should study The Furai Compilation carefully. (Words bolded, means: spoken with chi, ((life-force, emotion.) Such spoken-words penetrate the target’s subconscious-mind.)
You should study The Furai Compilation carefully. (A character’s thoughts.)


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