begin ** Prelude


begin ** Prelude

To: All Furai Seekers

I am Furai today and forever!
Long Live the Furai!
Long Live Our Empire!
Long Live Our Emperor!

This is a true story, or more precisely, a compilation of true stories placed together in a specific order to create a desired-effect (affect?) upon the recipient of the afore-mentioned compilation. The primary-purpose of this compilation is to entertain you, but, there are other goals as well, which will become clear as you progress through the compilation.

In other words:
This shit is real;
hope you enjoy it;
wrote this shit for a reason.
you will know the reason when you finish.

Let the compilation flow through you as you would bask in the sun on the beach on a warm summer’s day. Let it permeate your flesh and provide you joy. As you take in the compilation on this level (simply as entertainment), you may decide that you wish to further explore the topics contained within. If you do, don’t be afraid to actually do the exercises that the characters contained within the compilation actually do.

In other words:
If you enjoy this shit and think it is worth something; learn it!

My advice, read the compilation with an open mind the first time through, if it appeals to you, reread it again and do all the exercises just like the characters in the stories do.

Some quirks with my writing style. First the way I handle dialogue. Brevity is important, so in order to keep the word count down, when a person speaks I will write their name, followed by quotes. No useless descriptions will be employed. Instead of:

John says, “Hello world.”

The World replies, “Hello back.”

This becomes:

John: “Hello world.”

The World: ”Hello back.”

end ** prelude

begin *** part the reader won’t understand

Additionally, all thoughts will be in bold italics and all conversations in my time period, that are not a part of Ray’s time will be in bold.

What an odd way to write? He thinks to himself.

Ray’s chip: “Why are you doing it that way? Why are you talking to me at all during this story?”

Me: “Because, Mr. chip our interaction is a part of this story, our commentary may add something meaningful to this story, at least that is my hope.”

end *** Part the reader won’t understand

*** Don’t worry, keep reading, you will understand *** it all when we get to the end.

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“MOTHER: Tell your children not to hear my words; what they mean; what they say…”

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