“Ok. Lets get down to business then.

The first topic is CANSI. Constant and Never Stopping Improvement, pronounced: ‘can see’.

Seek to get better and stronger everyday.

If you can improve 1% a day, the result by the end of the year is huge. The result: a 3000% improvement; you see, improving just a little each day will compound on itself; result: by years end you are a different person.

If you can bench-press 100 pounds, but improve only 1% a day, by years end you could bench over 3000 pounds! So, don’t be in a rush to improve; seek instead to get a little stronger, a little faster, improve your diet a little bit, gain a little more confidence, dress a little better, get a little more organized EVERY DAY… by the end of the year you will be a superman, within a decade you’ll be unstoppable.

Progress not perfection; this is the key.

The first part of this is daily exercise. Push yourself, further, harder, faster. Your brain is an incredible device, capable of generating massive energy. The way to make your brain more powerful, beyond learning and practice, is to improve your blood flow. You do this by making yourself physically stronger, through diet, rest, and exercise.

Furai power work out:

Every morning do a hard 30 minute workout. Pushups, running, situps, shoulders, squats, curls; all major muscle groups every morning for 30 minutes, along with stretching, and meditation.

Additionally, eat right! In order to build muscle, you must eat protein, in order to get energy, you must eat carbohydrates. Eat the right amount of food, at the right time every day, and you will have the energy you need, when you need it, and you will sleep like a baby.

Water keeps everything working, it allows your body to eliminate toxins, and will help you grow in strength rapidly.”

bruce 2 finger

2-finger push-up.

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