Capture an Enemy Intact

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I prefer no bloodshed, always. Bloodshed always leads to enemies. If you kill a man, you create enemies, it is unavoidable.

Supreme conquest comes from persuading your enemy, through appropriate leverage, to join forces with you, rather than fight. Almost anyone can be persuaded through leverage.

It is better to capture an enemy intact, than to destroy it.
It is better to capture a city intact, than to destroy it.
It is better to capture a Nation intact, than to destroy it.
It is better to make an organization impotent, than to destroy it.

Through infiltration and intelligence we learn what the enemy agent values, what they treasure, what they cherish. By convincing the enemy agent that we control not just their lives, but the lives of their loved ones, we can gain leverage on that enemy, and create a willing or unwilling ally.

The NWO gives the orders, other men follow them. The key in this great war is to find who the NWO agents are, THEN gain leverage on them.

Some of the NWO are untouchable, their residences are outside of our own nation, beyond our easy influence. With men such as these, it is better to find their agents in the States and apply leverage on them.

Thus the following pattern emerges:

The NWO gives an order–>Their agent receives it, contacts us, then follows order only if we give the OK.

We will infiltrate their agents, and when the time comes, it will be FURAI orders that are followed, not theirs.

Only NWO agents that refuse to join us, only they will be expunged from Earth.

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