Patronage For The Fraternal Order


I’m not going to beat around the fucking bush here. I know you’re a busy man, and I know this election really troubles you.

This guy is fucking dangerous. He’s not a Clinton, or a Carter, he’s a marxist.

The fact that our country could ‘elect’ such a man without riots in the streets, or bloodshed, speaks volumes.

You’re one of the richest men in the world; that’s why I’m approaching you.

The US has been conquered. Maybe they have the votes to do it? Maybe the ballot box has been stuffed? Maybe the polls controlled? Who the fuck knows? Who cares?

The result’s the same. He is going to redistribute wealth, and he is doing it out of “fairness.”

Men like you are being demonized; if you speak-out you face: boycotts, media attacks, attacks from the IRS, and eventually, you may even be branded a fucking terrorist.

It is my belief that the elections or the population is being controlled, either way the result is the same, up with communism, down with capitalism.

It may take them another generation to do it, I don’t think so.

This guy has the talent and the charisma to be here 8 years, and then he will insure that his successor is worse than he is. The tipping point has been reached, and this can’t be fixed at the ballot box.”

“What the fuck are you saying?”

“I’m saying that the press, the folks that count the votes, the computer systems that tabulate the votes, the people that cast the votes- one of these groups, perhaps all of them, have been compromised.

I am saying that our country has been conquered, and since America is the most powerful nation on earth, soon capitalism will be extinguished everywhere on the planet, a new society will emerge where technological growth comes to a crawl, and poverty and government dependance flourish.

What would happen to the elections process in this country if the number of folks receiving government benefits and or government employment doubles in the next 8 years?”

“The socialist vote would be twice as strong as it is now.”


All he needs to do is slow cook the frog. If you put a frog in a pot and turn the heat up full blast, the frog jumps out.

But if you gradually turn the heat up, the frog does not get alarmed, right up until the point he starts to cook.

If I’m right, he will increase unemployment after his four years, but he will also increase benefits, so four years from now there will be substantially more people on the government coffers, who will vote to protect their financial interest.

He will get away with it because he controls the information; the unemployment rate will be whatever he says it is. In 8 years it will be too late.”

“So, what are you proposing?”

“This is a one time offer.

I am proposing that you fund my corporation and you let us do the rest. We will investigate what is really going on, who is pulling the strings, and we will reverse the course, by any means necessary. Officially you will be contributing to a political party called the Capitalist Reformers Party. We will be to the extreme far right. We will field a candidate in the next election, but our true purpose will be to raise an army of men that will take back America from these socialist bastards.

Here is what we will do unofficially:

Create an army.

Develop an intelligence agency to study every nationwide and state wide election to figure out how strong the enemies’ support really is.

Spread the word:
In prisons;
to the poor;
to the addicts;
to the immigrants.

Teach men how to be free:
How to control their minds.
How to generate massive energy.
How to not be distracted and focus all of this energy on gaining financial freedom.
How to start businesses, build business plans, find mentors, patrons, and venture capital.

Control the press:
Purchase media.
Fund our own media.

Infiltrate every institution so that we can apply appropriate leverage to keep the unthinkable from happening.
If thrown into prison, we will convert the prisons, the wardens, the prison guards.
If the IRS comes against us, we will convert the agents, the same with any other agency….”

Transcript of recorded conversation, a month after Barrack Obama was elected in 2008. Speakers unknown.

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