Welcome Seeker!

You’ve been chosen, of all the men in the universe, to learn how to: conquer any challenge; remove any mountain; accomplish any goal.

You’re here because you were invited, because someone sees promise in you. These documents are powerful, they will teach you how to master the ultimate force in the universe, your mind.

You can lead a man to a feast, but you can’t make him eat…

You are a free man, you owe allegiance to no one. The Furai give you this information as a gift, an all- you-can-eat buffet of goodies set before you. Take a look at the banquet, if something looks appealing to you, take a nibble, if you enjoy it take a bite. No one is going to force you to eat! But, if you do desire to eat, I promise you, you will enjoy the feast!

Stay at the banquet as long as you like, eat as much as you want, it’s all good; it’s all nourishing.

When you are finished, there will be an exam to test your knowledge, if you pass it, you will attain the title of Furai Acolyte.

The exam will be easy to anyone attempting to learn these lessons. The exam does not measure your power; does not measure whether you are applying what you’ve learned, it only measures whether you have attempted to learn.

Traditionally, it has been a true or false exam. By now you have heard all these concepts at least twice (and hopefully you have made notes and reviewed them). A good rule of thumb, exposure to a fact 3 times generally commits that fact to memory, so if you simply read these pages, and pay attention, think about what is being said, that should be enough to pass the exam. That would be enough to be a Furai Acolyte, (at least on paper).

Repetition is the mother of skill.

The Paper Acolyte

I want to talk a moment about a phenomenon I call the “paper” Furai-Acolyte. A paper Furai-Acolyte is a dabbler, a person who memorizes and regurgitates facts. Honestly, in my opinion all exams should be open book, even simple ones. You will pass this exam, if you put a tiny bit of effort into it, and you will be a Furai Acolyte on paper if you do, but, you will gain nothing from this, nothing.

Furai knowledge is very real, it is life transformative. The man that actually puts this knowledge to use is a powerful, world-changing individual. He is unconquerable, unbeatable. He can accomplish anything. He is Furai.

The paper Furai-Acolyte has a title.

Better to learn and use ONE item, than to learn a-little about all the topics and use none.

A billion-dollars cash buried in a safe place will not buy a single stick of chewing gum.

A degree in nuclear physics will not benefit a digger of ditches.

Being a paper Furai-Acolyte, may make you feel good, it may be something you can show your friends, post it on Facebook, whatever floats your boat, but it will not help you close that million-dollar deal, it will not help you draw that hot girl at work to your bed, it will not give you six pack abs, it will not give you an organized house… Only applying this knowledge can do all of these things, and much much more.

Your choice.

This is important. Once again, you are under no obligation to accept any Furai knowledge. As you know by now, the Furai does not care whether you learn our philosophy to join our corporation, nor to be promoted within the corporation.

We are not a religion.

Furai accept nearly all-religions, faiths, races, creeds. The Furai path is the best path to us, you choose your own path, you choose what makes sense to you!

There are 5 outcomes from this point on in your life:

    1. Reject the Furai teachings, reject the corporation, no hard feelings. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
    2. Reject the Furai teachings, accept the corporation as a CO (conscientious objector.) Pledge fealty. I want to stress again that this is a valid decision, you will be respected for your honesty, it will not effect your Furai rank, it will not effect your stock ownership.
    3. Accept the Furai Teachings, accept the Furai corporation, pass the exam, pledge fealty.
    4. Accept the Furai Teachings, accept the Furai corporation, pledge fealty. Fail the exam. You can study and retake the exam as many times as you wish. It will not effect your rank or stock ownership.
    5. Accept the Furai teachings, reject the corporation. This is fine too. We will teach whoever wants to learn! It’s our belief the world is a better place with you in it as a powerful being, even if you are not working with us directly, at least you will be more likely to be a functioning individual, a free man, a rich man, and less likely to be a leech, a thief, a mindless thought controlled drone. You can change your mind after reading all of our documents if you wish. The only disadvantage to this path is: You will not be part of our corporation, so: You will have no vote. You will not have access to Furai mentors- no more dojo lessons- no advice- no network. You will not have Furai Stock (which has been going up rapidly)


Anyway, enjoy the feast or leave, your choice; hope to meet you in the future.

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