The Emperor’s Letter


To: All Furai Seekers,
From: The Emperor
Subject: The Story of Ray

Most of you reading the story of Ray, for the first time, are 12 years old and in literature class, somewhere in our vast galactic-Empire.

The reason you are being compelled to read and learn these things is because there are evil creatures in the universe, (both men and others,) who will seek power not deserved or earned, but power that is forged from lies, deception, coercion.

In the thousands of years man inhabited the earth, the vast majority of men lived under tyranny and oppression. It’s ironic, that man needed to be conquered by an external force in order to be freed from tyranny.

It has been 150 years since the Grays (AG) vaporized DC and rounded most of humanity up to be enslaved. Before that time, there lived a boy named Ray, who was a 12-year-old just like most of you reading this are.

Ray lived in a far different world than you live in.

When Ray was born, the planet Earth, (a tiny little-marble of a world most of you will never visit,) contained man, all men.

Men were not yet cyborg, they were mortal, (their lifespan was finite).

Resources were seen as finite as well, so men fought wars with one another over them.

Additionally, since resources were seen as finite, valuable information was controlled. By controlling the information, and the resources, and concentrating them in the hands of a few people, the elites on Earth kept themselves and the planet in absolute poverty.

You see my children, the poorest of children, in Our Empire, is far wealthier than the richest men that ever walked Earth 150 years ago, at that time most people lived in tiny houses, worked many many hours, got old, sick, and eventually died. Now with nano-technology, strong AI, Dyson spheres, robots- you live lives of massive abundance:
No more war; no more rape; no more murder; no more tyranny; no more sickness; no more ignorance; no more theft; no more poverty; no more death.

Before the Grays conquered Earth, a new philosophy began spreading, this philosophy was called Furai.

The Furai movement was, what was called at the time, a secret society, but since no one outside the organization new about it, it was called nothing; you were either a Furai, or you did not know they existed.

The Furai was a tightly knit group of man, who spread knowledge to one another on how to become free from all bondage. They operated in secret, avoided politics, stayed under the radar, but secretly pulled strings whenever that was needed.

The organization, (more specifically corporation,) grew rapidly and secretly. Everyone that joined the Furai became rich by “Earthly” standards, but the organization, fearing the government and others, kept its existence secret.

If you were chosen to become Furai, it was considered a great honor, it meant someone saw promise in you.

New Furai were called Seekers.

Seekers were taught how to gain wealth and power. Any organization that can transform a poor man to a rich, powerful man rapidly, will conquer that environment in a short period of time, within 25 years the Furai had amassed considerable power.

After the Gray invasion, all of man’s governing bodies were annihilated, much of the Furai organization were murdered as well. Into this considerable power vacuum emerged young Ray, who gathered the forces of man to mount a resistance against a far technologically-superior enemy.

Fighting against a superior enemy was nothing new for young Ray however; that is why man survived this challenge and emerged to take his seat in the center of intergalactic power.

Ray is why you have a human galactic emperor!
Ray is why man is free!
Ray is why you are being forced to learn the truths contained in this story.

I give you the keys to the universe young man!
It’s your choice to accept the keys to the kingdom, or to reject them, and give others your share of your universal inheritance.

Your Emperor.

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