The Transformation of New Persia

mullahs-trampling-on-american-flagThe transformation of New Persia was based on the old ideas of privateering. Once the gloves were taken off, a private corporation went to the government and bid for the contract for New Persia.

New Persia, (at that time,)  was run by radical lunatics bent on bullying their neighbors.

A US corporation went to the US government, (by then it was controlled by the Furai Emperor,) and bid on the contract for the reformation of New Persia.

Secret meetings were held in congress. New Persia had been labeled for many years as a terrorist nation, a threat to world peace. A saber rattling infestation of radical detritus.

The proposal: a simple one. The new corporation would invade the territory now called New Persia, the US government would supply the airpower and the logistical support; the corporation would supply the ground forces, (mercenary volunteers from The U.S., Britain, France, Germany, and South America, and Robots.

Their military would be smashed, the detritus population would be rounded up and placed in Lpods. Their natural resources, (oil,) would become the property of the corporation; the sales of this energy wealth would repay the cost for the initial expedition. What was left over would be the profit. Of course all sales would be taxed at 5%.

The corporation would also provide the upfront money to pay for the air strikes. Details on the treatment of the detritus prisoners were hashed out.


Once the contract was landed, The New Persia Detritus Reformation Corporation (NPDRC) floated an IPO, private investors poured in billions.

New Persia was overrun and conquered in less than 2 weeks. The profit in one months oil sales paid for all the costs, what was left over was pure gravy.

Syria and North Korea were conquered in the same way.


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