Printing US dollar banknotes

Ray: “Why do you take orders from my father sifu?
Doesn’t that hurt your confidence?
Not being in control?”

Tony: “A valid question.
I choose to be Furai.
The Furai has given me everything I have,
I am loyal.
Your father, Richie Rich is the leader,
his word is law.
He is leader for life,
he was elected to that post years ago,
and rightly so.

If your father sees someone better able to lead,
he can voluntarily step down,
and believe me,
he’s the type of man who would.

If your father gets out of line,
or is deemed incompetent,
he can be removed by 2/3s vote of Furai.

We take the organization very seriously Ray.

Your father’s the best man for the job,
he’s the best strategic thinker,
and he has surrounded himself with the best crew.

Our fealty to him is not for him,
it is for us too.
My relationship with your dad is symbiotic.

Richie Rich may be my leader,
but as a great leader he’s also my servant.
He has given everything he has,
all of his power to make me rich,
to make my life better.
We all give our lives to each other.

No, we don’t always agree;
sometimes our disagreements can be heated,
but in the end we know:
he’s the best leader we have.
Nothing great is ever done by committee Ray.”

Ray: “Doesn’t sound very Democratic sifu.”

Tony: “Ray,
if a population’s under mind control,
is Democracy real?

If the country is made up of chained elephants from birth?
Is Democracy real?
Or an illusion?

That’s rhetorical too, don’t answer it.

The purpose of Democracy is the belief that there’s wisdom in the mob,
and that government that gives the mob a voice,
is somehow more legitimate than a dictatorship.
I’m here to tell you, neither is true.

The mob is made up of idiots;
worse than that,
the mob is under mind control.

Democracy worked in early America,
because our nation was made up of small business owners,
free men, each with their own musket,
their own trade,
their own farm or business.

The Furai is like early America,
except we are made up of all races,
our common bond is this organization.

The Furai has made us all rich;
the Furai has taught us how to be free;
the Furai provides us with mentors, sifus, venture capital, networks.
Furai are all bound together in a brotherhood.

Show me a successful corporation anywhere run by committee!

Corporations are run by CEOs. They are answerable to the shareholders,
if the corporation fails to perform,
the CEO is removed.
This is the best form of Democracy; one person one vote is bullshit!

Should someone even be allowed to vote,
if their mind is controlled by someone else?

Should a man with one share of stock,
have the same number of votes as someone with a million shares?
Those with the most ownership in the corporation;
those that have invested the most,
they should have more power.”

Ray: “Could you leave if you wanted to sifu?”

Tony: “We are way off topic here Ray;
way, way, way, off topic,
but I’m going to continue,
because I think it’s important.

We are talking about confidence,
and part of your personal confidence is your assurance,
that you’re listening to the truth.

I have represented that the Furai is the truth,
and you are challenging me on this;
I respect that.

Here is how it all works.

When we meet someone who’s worthy,
we introduce him to our teachings.

This individual is called a Furai Seeker.
You are a Seeker.

The Seeker pays a nominal fee;
in exchange for that fee,
he receives knowledge and training tailored to him/her by Furai mentors.

Furai monitor his progress:
Is this person able and willing to learn?
Willing to work?
Does he/she seek to create value?

If the answer is no,
or I don’t think so,
we assign him tasks to test him.

If he completes the tasks to our satisfaction,
we give him more training.

What Furai look for in promoting a Seeker:
• Evidence he’s learning.
• Evidence he’s applying knowledge.
• Evidence he believes in what’s being taught.

Sometimes the Seeker stage might be indefinite,
no matter,
we allow Seekers to hang around, indefinitely.

Everyone pays for their education Ray,
a Seeker can end up working for years,
in exchange for valuable knowledge.

When a Seeker has demonstrated,
to our satisfaction that he has learned,
and believes in Furai core competencies,
we promote him.

The next phase in Furai training is Acolyte.
An acolyte has proven himself adept at mastering lessons in majik.
If he’s consistent and can demonstrate his power,
we promote him to Wizard.

A Furai Wizard is a powerful being,
he creates his own reality.

For a Wizard to be promoted to Furai,
he must figure out his life’s purpose,
and figure out how to earn his personal freedom.

In order for a Wizard to become a Furai,
he must demonstrate:
• Loyalty to the Furai organization, this includes fealty.
• A plan for achieving financial freedom.
• The balls to seek venture capital if applicable.
• The ability to make his work prosperous.

When a Wizard has demonstrated nothing will hold him back,
that he is focussed without flaw on achieving his freedom,
and is on track to do that,
we promote him to Furai.

A Furai is financially free.

He no longer needs to work for a living,
his financial needs are provided for by his prior efforts.

He’s usually a self made millionaire,
or has money coming to him,
(residual income,
large enough to cover his expenses.

When a man becomes a Furai,
he earns a million Furai dollars.

These are coupons redeemable for goods and services from other Furai.

A Furai gains unrestricted access to our entire network,
and venture capital.

A Furai is allowed to vote.”

Ray: “Tell me about how the organization is run sifu.”

Tony:“There are many Furai;
many more Wizards;
many Acolytes;
and many, many, more Seekers.

Seekers, Acolytes and Wizards each have a Furai mentor;
the Furai mentor’s job is to bring the mentee to the next level.

A Seeker or a Wizard can choose a different mentor any time they wish;
a Furai can dump his mentee any time he wishes.

Furai, Wizards, Acolytes, and Seekers are all stockholders.

Voting is only done by Furai,
and is rare.

If a Furai wanted to challenge your father for leadership,
he could do so at anytime.

During voting,
each Furai gets to vote for himself,
and for his downline (all Wizards, Acolytes, and Seekers he mentors.)

So the more people a Furai helps,
the more-powerful within the organization he becomes.

When a Wizard is promoted to Furai,
at that point he can buy all the shares he wants,
at the stock price that was trading when he joined the organization.

no matter how long it takes to become a Furai,
once he gets there,
he’s not hurt by a long mentorship period.

All trading,
within the Furai,
is done with Furai dollars.
if you want a Furai’s goods and/or services,
you must spend or purchase Furai dollars,
which trade at $1 USD per Furai dollar.

All Furai are obligated to honor Furai dollars as cash.

lets assume Bill’s a Seeker.
He spends $30 to join the organization;
now he has access to the Furai Network and Furai mentors.
If Bill wants to order a pizza,
he could go to a Furai pizza parlor and spend $11 cash,
or he can buy the same pizza for $6 Furai.

The Furai pizza is sold to him at cost;
the Furai gets a $6 pizza,
the Furai organization gains $6 cash to invest,
the Furai business owner gets $6 Furai,
which he can use to buy Furai stock,
or buy other goods and services from other Furai.

The Furai business owner technically earns no money on the transaction;
so he pays no taxes on the transaction.

All stockholders in the Furai corporation,
see the value of their corporation increase by $6.

The Furai corporation invests that $6 in a market-basket of stocks,
additionally Furai use that money for venture capital.

The Furai corporation has the authority to print money;
the goal of the Furai printing press is rapid growth,
and full employment.

Some strategic businesses only do business with Furai dollars,
such as training,
and advanced technology.
Because of this,
Furai have access to advanced technology,
and training not available to the general public at any price.

As a Furai,
or as a Furai business,
you gain a competitive advantage over every non-Furai competitor;
since you can buy many,
many things at costs.

Picture this,
you own a catering company.
You bake 1000 cakes per month,
at a cost of $4/cake before you became Furai.

Now as a Furai business you can buy your flower,
energy at cost.

Now your costs are $2 a cake.

So you sell your cakes at $3 each,
and you put the baker across the street out of business.

You buy all his equipment the day before he closes his doors,
then you find a new location,
and put up a new bakery across the street from a new competitor.

You then repeat the process.

Through the Furai Network,
through the practice of selling to other Furai at cost,
eventually every company will become Furai,
or be eliminated.

This is just a tiny example of how we grow;
know this:
the Furai corporation is doubling in size ever year,
and the stock price is following that same trajectory.

The keys to this growth:
• Furai dollars are the only way to buy at cost at a Furai owned business.
• Furai are obligated to honor Furai dollars,
at a minimum of $1/$1 trade, and to sell to other Furai at cost.
• Every cash dollar taken-in by the Furai is invested for the stockholders.
• Furai Technology, for Furai only, gives an edge to Furai over everyone they come in contact with.
• Furai Trading gives Furai an edge over every competitor.
• Furai Training is only available to Furai, and can only be purchased with Furai dollars.
• The Furai corporation has the authority to print unlimited amounts of money.
• Furai stock can only be purchased with Furai dollars, by Furai.
• Furai are encouraged to do business with Furai owned companies first, and since they sell at cost, this is never a problem.
• Only Furai can vote.
• All Furai pledge fealty to the Furai.”

Ray: “Is that legal sifu?”

Tony: “A Furai dollar is just a coupon,
that’s it.
There is nothing illegal about it.
There’s no law that says you can’t give away product.

Think of it this way,
when a big company uses its internal resources,
(such as its in-house accounting,)
it pays far less than going to an outside vendor.

Each Furai owned business can be thought of as different divisions,
within the same company;
we’re all on the same team;
it’s good to have friends.

There are what you might call illegal activities,
and they use Furai dollars too.

If I wanted,
I could have a new drivers license with my new name: ‘Mickey Mouse’ printed on it.

I could change my Social Security number,
I could have a competitors electricity shut off,
have his bank account wiped out,
have him arrested,
All it requires is a Furai at the DMV,
at the Social Security office,
a Furai at the electric utility,
a Furai at the bank,
or a Furai in the FBI.

What is legal Ray?
Legal is what the Furai say is legal.

The purpose of the Furai is to conquer the universe for productive man,
to transform the human race,
to eliminate poverty,
anyone who opposes us can be dealt with using the carrot or the stick.

To the public we are invisible.

We are the manager at McDonald’s that gets promoted rapidly,
and owns his own store within 6 months.

The public sees a sharp,
highly focussed,
highly driven,
motivated individual.

What they don’t see is the venture capital the Furai provided,
the training the Furai provided,
the advanced technology the Furai provided,
the vendors the Furai provided to drive food costs down…

As a Furai,
you can walk into a Furai owned Mcdonald’s,
buy 1000 Big Macs at their cost with Furai dollars,
and sell them at the ball game for less than the McDonald’s at the ballpark.”

Ray: “How do you keep Furai from taking advantage of other Furai?
I mean let’s say you owned an apartment building as a Furai,
what if your whole building was occupied by Furai,
you’d make no profit right?

Tony: “Good question Ray!!

Well here’s the thing.
Lets say you earned $100,000 in ‘profit’ per year on an apartment building,
with $200,000 in rent revenues.

After taxes, you’d keep $50,000.

Let’s say you rented 100% of your units to Furai;
$100,000 in Furai dollar revenues,
0 profit.

Owning an apartment building would be an example of a business with limited capacity,
once the units are all leased,
there’d truly be no profit left.

Once your units were full with Furai,
you could hire an apartment manager,
then exit that business gracefully.

Profit is not defined as working for free!
It’s defined as money left over once you paid yourself,
thus a “profitless” apartment complex would still pay the owner’s salary.

This landlocked Furai apartment-complex owner,
would need to borrow money,
and continue growing in order to gain profit.

we’re not martyrs Ray,
an apartment owner who notices his apartment complex capacity disappearing,
has the option of renting 50% or 10% to Furai.

Furai trading should benefit all involved.

Furai trading does not require working with 0 profit,
so an apartment owner,
unable to expand,
could lower his prices to allow for less profit,
rather than 0 profit.

The key to Furai trading is that we take care of our own,
not that we sacrifice to help our own.

So a wise apartment owner:
• Would pay himself as an employee, and pay himself an appropriate salary.
• He would seek to expand rapidly, even at 0 profit.
• If unable to expand, if unable to borrow money for expansion, he would then seek to limit Furai occupation of his building, or raise prices on the Furai living there to encourage some of them to move out.

Remember Ray,
all Furai trading makes Furai stock go up in value,
so even an owner with 0 profit,
will benefit greatly,
as his tenants are better able to compete with non-Furai.

Let’s say 100-men occupy a Furai building with 0 profit,
all 100 living with subsidized rent,
will be able to concentrate more energy on expansion,
and less on rent,
so as his 100 tenants build businesses,
the Furai corporation expands in value benefitting all Furai.

Bottom line,
even a business that is 100% Furai utilized,
will create massive profit for the owner in time.

What if one of the renters is a Jeff Bezos or a Bill Gates?
Providing incubation for such a man,
will pay big dividends as a stockholder.

Think of it like this.
The Furai is a family with unlimited resources.
We treat each other well,
we help each other,
we provide for each member when they are in need,
we teach them,
train them,
provide seed capital;
Furai are like seedlings;
as each Furai grows and expands,
we benefit as a group from their growth.

It’s a mistake to view the short term on this!

To be a Furai means you have to believe,
in the growth potential,
of creating millions of supermen.

It means you have to believe in the concept of a superorganism,
that a group of highly-focussed individuals,
bound by a common cause and goal,
can outproduce lone wolfs.

If you don’t believe in the unlimited potential of man,
if you don’t see the universe as an unlimited pie,
than the Furai is not for you.

In practice,
anyone with the balls to build or buy an apartment complex,
is not a one hit wonder!

If he has the talent to run an apartment building,
to borrow a million dollars to purchase a building,
he has the talent to expand that business, indefinitely.

So in practice,
the scenario of a landlocked Furai is folly;
a bullshit scenario.

It really only applies to a man without vision,
or a man who got lazy,
neither is possible in practice.
There are no such men with the title Furai.

Anyone who has the skill to borrow a million and buy an apartment building,
has the ability to borrow billions,
and build many successful buildings;
if not,
he should sell his one building to another Furai who can expand.

Don’t worry about your flanks!
Be always on the attack!
Allow the other guy to attack your flank,
by the time he gets there,
your flank has already moved!

Don’t ever think you are limited to one idea,
or one business;
a true Furai knows he’s so much more than that,
and has the ability to expand without limits.

In the scenario I built,
it would assume a man with the brains and balls to build one building would stop there;
in reality when you learn how to borrow a million and buy a building,
a Furai would then hire a manager,
then repeat the process indefinitely.

The non-Furai process:
• Borrow 1 million.
• Build an apartment complex.
• Rent it.
• Retire.


• Borrow a million
• Build a restaurant.
• Sell food.
• Retire.

A Furai is not like this!

A Furai does it like this:
• Borrow a million
• Build an apartment complex.
• Hire a manager.
• Rent it
• Repeat process forever…”


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