The New Currency

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The destruction of the dollar took only a few years. How did it happen?

The first step was taking over things which used to be dominated by organized crime. Gambling, drugs, prostitution, all of these things the government tried to destroy. The Furai took them all.

When the first period of hyperinflation hit America, people were terrified. Gasoline went from $1.80 to $4.00 a gallon in a few short years. After hitting $4, gas doubled again to $8 within 6 months, and $16 within a year. The price of everything else followed.

200% inflation per year meant a man with a million dollar net worth, was worth $250,000 by years end. Those with their own businesses simply raised their prices, and raised their wages. Government employees, (which by this time included Doctors, nurses, bank employees, autoworkers,) were helpless. Their salaries were chopped by 75% by years end.

Those who owned homes, saw home values rise X4, while their mortgages stayed the same. But it was meaningless, because the banks were terrified to loan money in this environment, so cashing out was impossible.

Interest rates skyrocketed. Banks aren’t stupid, 4% interest doesn’t cover 200% inflation per year.

Those without homes, or businesses, or those businesses who didn’t adjust daily; they were wiped out. Apartment rents, electricity, phone service, water, food everything increased by a factor of 4.

Of course the Federal Government’s printing press kept reporting that inflation was low, the fact that gold was now $8000 an ounce; gas $16 a gallon meaningless… look at the price of milk and bread they quipped. Their “market basket” of goods that determine the rate of inflation became the butt of jokes.

This is when we introduced the Furai dollar to non-Furai.

The mob no longer wanted to be holding dollars, a “cash empire” became unattractive. We filled this void.

We produced a permanent, inflation-adjusted dollar. A Furai dollar at the beginning of the year, was a dollar at years end.

We gave this technology to mob bosses, so they could pay their henchmen, dealers, and prostitutes in Furai dollars, instead of cash.

At the beginning of the year a good whore cost $800 cash or $27 Furai, at the end of the year, this same whore cost $3200 cash or $27 Furai.

Every mob boss that printed these Furai dollars, (with their own micro-banks,) took their reputation very seriously. Once a counterfeiter passed off some phony currency to buy a few kilos of cocaine. He got away with it, but, the mob is not the US government; the penalty for counterfeiting US currency might be some jail time; the penalty for counterfeiting a mob bosses’ money was far more severe. They killed and tortured everyone in that man’s life. Every friend, every child, cousin, parent cousin. They were all wiped out, and their assets used to pay the debt of the stolen kilos.

The new currency was accepted at every small business in the US. The advantages of taking Furai dollars vs cash:

1. No loss due to inflation.
2. No taxes.
3. Could be used to buy anything.

In a society where all the lower-level employees are facing starvation, bribes become much more attractive. Sure, you could pay your cable company $300 a month for premium service, or, you could pay the guy with “the hookup” $1 Furai a month. You could pay the electric company $900 a month to keep the power on, or, you could pay “the hookup” $2 Furai a month and you never got a bill. You could pay the $200 tab at the olive garden, or pay $1 Furai to your waiter, and the bill was waved for a customer-service issue.

The government hired 1000s of agents to address the problem, unfortunately those agents were paid in cash, a few carefully placed Furai dollars, and suddenly the agents had no idea who the culprits were, nor where to look.

Furai dollars, for the most part, were electronic; nothing to seize; no shipments to disrupt; no boats to follow. The Furai organization took 1% fee from mafia-money “printers” as a fee for keeping the electrons flowing.

Faceless corporations’ profits were eliminated because they did business the old way, with worthless cash, taxed at 40%. Furai controlled their underpaid, overtaxed employees, by doing this Furai controlled their businesses, from the bottom up.

CEO after CEO in their earnings reports, blamed a “sluggish” economy for a “decrease” in sales and or customer traffic, the truth: all the restaurants were full of patrons receiving meals “on-the-house.”

Truckloads of goods never arrived; teamsters delivered them right to Furai warehouses for redistribution; they claimed they were robbed at gunpoint, the truth, they just dropped the goods off at our docks. GPS logs inside their trucks had to be read by someone; they were read by Furai.

No one wanted to be holding dollars, not the banks, not wall street, not china, not europe, not the arabs. The problem fed on itself. Some weeks saw 100% inflation per week!

As the dollar collapsed, the government began to collapse. If no one wants the currency a government prints, everyone starts thinking about survival, rather than success…

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