Yes, Oprah Winfrey is a Powerful Furai Witch.

Listen to Oprah’s miraculous story – told while being interviewed by Larry King – about how she landed her oscar-nominated roll in the movie The Color Purple; the elements of Furai Level-1 Majik are all there. CONCUSSION — focus, energy, and emotion are the keys to firing chi energy down The Ether, to manifest any reality the witch chooses. Oprah demonstrates, through her words, how many of the richest people who ever lived are actually powerful witches.

Oprah Winfrey’s net worth is 3-billion dollars! a staggering sum. Although listed only as number 2 in Forbes’ list of America’s Richest Women, in my opinion, Oprah is the queen. Oprah truly started poor; the number-one woman listed above her, inherited her business from her husband – THERE’S A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Confession: I called Oprah a witch to get you to click on this story, is she an actual witch? No. Not by most definitions. I have no evidence to support she’s an actual follower of Wicca. But, this story employs all Furai-Seeker Level-1 Majik – even Level 2 Majik. Confused? Please allow me to explain further.

How did Oprah do it? How did she become the richest self-made woman in the world? First she has a winning philosophy.

“You are responsible for your life.”

Simple right? Well, not so fast. She didn’t say God is responsible for your life. She didn’t say luck is responsible for your life. She didn’t say circumstance is responsible for your life. She said, “you are responsible for your life.” This is a winning philosophy! A winning philosophy is more important than the ability to wield majik. A witch can conjure anything they desire, but without a core philosophy: it won’t matter. History is littered with powerful witches who’ve self-destructed because they did not have a philosophical core. Why is India such a backwards-ass place? Because of philosophy. India is filled with powerful mystics, but unfortunately, as a nation, they largely lack a winning philosophy. India is known for accepting fate, accepting castes. There are exceptions to every rule, but, that doesn’t mean the rule does not exist. Indians, on the whole, accept their hereditary position in life. They accept their fate.

In contrast, Oprah was born black, period. Oprah was born poor, no-indoor-plumbing poor. Oprah was serially sexually abused. Oprah was an unwed-teen mother. Oprah lost a child. Oprah has a weight problem. Oprah is attractive, but not drop-dead gorgeous. Oprah was born poor, black, in the Deep South in 1954. How did she rise from this set of circumstances to a 3-billion dollar net worth? It starts with philosophy! It starts with the simple yet profound belief: I am not a victim, I am responsible for my own life, I create my own reality. You must not just say this, not just believe it, you must KNOW it. You must know it deep in your subconscious mind.

The Furai sigil represents this belief structure, the sigil has three sections:




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