Once More Into the Fray.

I wrote the book which eventually became CONCUSSION MAGICK to help young men; American men; start there. Narrow goal, I know, but I felt a need existed and I still do. This generation of young American men is – in many cases – a second, third, or fourth generation of males, who’ve been reared by women and largely a matriarchal society.

Matriarchal? Is that accurate? No. More accurate or precise would be the word misandrist. Nice fucking word, bet you’ve never heard it. We live in a misandrist-filled society. Misandry, another nice fucking word. Never heard of them? Neither have I until now- I love Google. The fact that you’ve probably never heard either of those two words, reinforces my above attempted thesis: there’s something wrong, something missing from today’s world; a visceral need exists. Most educated people are familiar with the two words: misogyny and misogynist, corresponding to women-hating and women-hater; very few know the words: misandry and misandrist, corresponding to men-hating and men-hater. Does that mean misandry does not exist? On the contrary, misandry is so pervasive that the word is removed from our vocabulary. If no word exists, the problem ceases to exist. Control the language; control the argument.

Our American world, in the winter of 2017, is filled with overt and covert utter man hatred. Hatred of all things masculine. Hatred of the alpha male.

I wanted to write a “how-to book” for the alpha-male. CONCUSSION MAGICK, could have been titled, How To Forge an Alpha Male, And Enjoy The Process.

As you can see, I wanted to create something different, very different. Brash, bold, easy to read, powerful. The first version I wrote used simple english, later versions became a little more “high-brow” but not much.

CONCUSSION MAGICK originally was entitled , How To: Beat Up a Bully; Take His Bitch. Later, after sales were lacking, I changed the cover and title and in time it became an Amazon bestseller.

The Original Cover:

The Revised Title And Cover:

War on Boys Video.

The War on Boys is the end of Western Civilization. America desperately needs an infusion of alpha-men. The West is being conquered by irrational savages because there are not enough: bold, brash, fearless alpha-men being forged in our misandrist culture.

I will further hone CONCUSSION MAGICK into the work it needs to be to accomplish these two goals:

  1.  To create a new man: a man incapable of being dominated; a man incapable of being enslaved; a man who can responsibly wield vast destructive power.
  2. To sell even better. If a tree falls in the forest, and no human observes it, it didn’t happen! If my book does not sell even better, the world is being deprived of something great.

And so it begins. I am re-working CONCUSSION MAGICK one last time; one final edit to further enhance its power to spread this technology and message to change a misandrist world, which desperately needs my work.

During this revision process, you can read CONCUSSION MAGICK on for free, a new chapter to be released every day.