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The Chelyabinsk Meteor

Notes 3/14/2017:
This event, on 2/15/2013, inspired much of what became the book CONCUSSION MAGICK. I remember watching the news that day, and hearing the incredible reports coming from a place called Chelyabinsk in Russia. I wondered, what if what exploded in the sky wasn’t a meteor? What if what we thought was a meteor was actually a device, sent back in time from our future selves, designed to help the human race in some way? What if the meteor was actually a nanotech machine, a “Thought Virus” designed to communicate a message and change history?

Book Excerpt:

While Ivan’s thinking these thoughts,
at that exact moment:
A massive meteorite streaks across the sky;
an airburst explosion followed by a massive concussion,
many windows in the Chelyabinsk Oblast.

Time: 9:26 A.M.
February 15th 2013.

Ivan pulls his vehicle over;
records the exact time in his journal.

What the fuck was that?

Ivan looks at the sky;
studies trajectory of the object;
It will take about 23 minutes to get to the meteorite landing-site.

Ivan hesitates-
I must be the first to get there;
this meteorite could be very valuable.

Ivan stomps the gas;
500 horse-power Mercedes engine roars to life;
calls his cousin David.

David: “You OK?”

Ivan: “Ya,

David: “I’m OK.
My house’s windows were blown out,
so were the restaurant’s windows.
I was heading home.”

Ivan: “I was headed to work,
but I’m going to find that meteorite.
I want it.”

David pauses-
then speaks,
“I know this is something you have to do;
I’m not going to argue,
I’ll open the restaurant today;
get the windows boarded up;
call in another manager.
If you get rich on whatever you find;
I want a piece of the action,

Ivan: “Deal.”

David: “I bet this makes CNN.”

Ivan: “Many will google the Chelyabinsk meteor for years to come.”

Notes 3/14/2017 Continued:

I began researching Chelyabinsk, its people, culture, weather, history- If humans from the future wanted to communicate with a brilliant scientist from the past, Chelyabinsk would be a place of great interest. The device was aimed right at the scientist Ivan. Did Ivan’s future self design it?

Also of note, the word CONCUSSION is woven throughout the book:

  1. The Chelyabinsk meteor explodes in midair, and its concussion knocks out windows.
  2. Ray receives a concussion from his severe beating.
  3. Concussion is the word used by the Furai to describe the phenomena of powerful thoughts, transmitted using focus, energy, and emotion, having ability to supernaturally bend the universe.

Book Excerpt:

Cynthia: “Imagine a small pond,
on a day with no wind.
Picture it in your mind now.”

Ray: “OK sifu.”

Cynthia: “Now,
imagine dropping a tiny pebble into the pond.
Describe what you see.”

Ray: “The water ripples for a moment,
after the pebble hits the pond.
Ripples continue for a-while,
then stop,

Cynthia: Excellent.
imagine what would happen,
you picked up a heavy cinderblock over your head,
cast it into this same small-pond with ALL your force.”

Ray: “The cinder block creates a huge splash,
followed by a wave sifu;
the entire pond is affected.”

Cynthia: Perfect.
Your universe:
the pond.
A normal thought:
a pebble dropped.
a cinderblock CAST with ALL your might.

CONCUSSION a thought-form,
cast with:
such emotion,
such energy,
such focus:
it rips open the universe;
creates supernatural-change.

This visual imagery of a focussed-electrically-charged thought causing ripples through The Ether – and also through time – inspired the old cover of the series:

The three sigils above RICHARD SKEET: Focus (target site,) Energy (chi,) and Emotion (dynamite.)

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