Depressed? Doctors are evil. #obamacare

If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with: schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, bipolar disorder, manic depression, or any other voodoo curse by today’s so-called medical professionals, please for your own sake, watch this video:

A nightmare. If you believe the conclusion of this documentary, a few rogue doctors used their considerable power to manufacture dependent patients. Impossible? Nope. The possibility certainly exists. Why on earth would a physician institutionalize a healthy person? Why on earth would a physician use psychiatric medication and hypnosis to create a MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) patient? What would be the motive?

MONEY. According to the insurance investigator in this video, the relationship between MPD and “deep-pocket” insurance plans is there. These patients were institutionalized for years, at a cost of millions of dollars, the tab paid by their insurance companies.

Can a human mind be programmed? Can a person be brainwashed? YOU BET!

This Frontline video claims:

  1. Two women and their three sons were: institutionalized, restrained, hypnotized, drugged, and conditioned – forcing them to regurgitate a doctor approved narrative: that they were sick with MPD. Even though allegedly no evidence of this mysterious condition manifested while they were outside the hospital.
  2. Nurses were coerced to allow the doctors to continue harming these innocent people and go along with their barbaric treatment under threat of termination and slander.
  3. The insurance investigator was accused of being a cult member to silence him.

A hundred years from now, the people of the future will look upon this time, in the history of human psychiatric care, as an age of terrible experimentation and exploitation.

Have you been diagnosed with a mysterious incurable illness that seems to be getting worse? Get a second opinion, and a third.

If you are suffering from depression, before you go to a doctor realize this: doctors do not get rich curing people; they get rich creating permanent dependents.

“…There aint no money in the cure; the money’s in the medicine. That’s how you get paid, on the comeback. That’s how a drug dealer makes his money: ON THE COMEBACK…”

Chris Rock

So what’s the answer? Educate yourself, learn to program and control your own mind; learn to create the universe you desire. You are not a victim! You can accomplish anything you desire! More to come…

PS: I despise doctors; was married to one; we divorced on religious grounds. She thought she was God; I know I am.

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