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Game Room

The game room’s huge:
a dojo,
a gym,
an arcade,
large card-tables,
multiple screens with sports playing on them.
Richie Rich sits down to play poker with the guys.
Richie Rich: “Want to learn how to play poker?”

Ray: “OK.”

Richie Rich: “It’s easy;
I’ll show you.”

Ray: “Cool.”

Richie Rich explains how to play Texas Hold’em;
teaches what hands are rare;
a little about odds and bluffing;
gives Ray a thousand-dollars worth of chips.
After ten minutes:
Ray loses all his money.

Richie Rich: “It’s OK son,
we’ll talk more about poker later.
You can go watch TV,
if you’d like.”

Ray: “OK.”

Ray walks over to the heavy bag;
belts it hard as he can;
hurts his wrist.
Richie Rich looks concerned.

Richie Rich: “Hold on a moment you guys.
Got a second?”

Drew: “Want to show the kid how you hit a bag;
don’t you?”

Richie Rich: “Thinkin’ about it.”

Bruce and Drew look at each other;

Richie Rich insists: “Come on;
it’ll be fun.”

Chris interrupts:Oh shit!

Richie Rich,
and Bruce walk over to the heavy bag,
where Ray is.

“OK if I hit the bag?” Ray asks,
a little concerned he might be doing something wrong.

Richie Rich: “That’s what it’s for.
I wanted to come over and show you how I hit a bag.”

Ray: “Cool!”

Richie Rich: Drew,
grab a new heavy-bag out of the closet.”

Chris:Oh shit.

Lil prince,
your dad’s gonna show you somethin’ cool.”

Heavy Bag

One by one,
the whole crew’s gathering around the bag.
huge, big, muscular;
probably two-hundred-eighty pounds;
bit fat around the middle,
huge arms.
Grabs a brand-new,
hundred-pound bag,
out of the closet:
one arm;
hurls it over his shoulder:
smooth, unstrained-motion;
drops the new heavy-bag in front of them:
crashing thud.
The wind,
from the heavy-bag hitting the ground,
moves everyone’s hair.

“Big motherfucker aint he?” Chris asks,
referring to Drew.

“Sure is,” Ray responds,
then awkwardly,
“big I mean.”

Richie Rich: If you had to choose being hit by one of us-three:
Bruce or Drew,
who would it be?


Richie Rich: “Keep in mind:
Drew was a professional boxer,
for many years;
Bruce taught martial arts for a decade.”

Ray: “What about you dad?
Have you ever fought professionally?”

Richie Rich: “No.”

Ray gauges the three of them.
His dad,
Richie Rich,
about 180 pounds;
looks like a normal guy.
In good shape,
but doesn’t stand-out in any way.
about 140 pounds-
chorded forearm-muscles,
the appearance of steel-cables under his skin,
rather than mortal:
truly menacing-
Drew is just fucking huge.

Ray: I’m gonna guess you dad.
I’d rather be hit by you,
since they’re professionals.

Richie Rich commands: “Drew,
nail the bag hard as you can.”

Drew nails it;
the heavy-bag is crushed.
A large indentation created,
in the heavy-bag,
about the radius of a bowling ball.
Bag swings wildly from the blow.

That hit could knock-out or kill most men.

Richie Rich: “OK,
Bruce your turn.”

Bruce pauses a moment;
breathes in and out deeply:
Bruce’s fierce punch moves the heavy bag,
with roughly the same force as Drew.

“Cool aint it?” Richie Rich asks Ray.

Ray: “Amazing.”

Richie Rich: “Drew hit the bag properly.
If you noticed,
when Bruce hit the bag:
it seems like Bruce’s whole body laid into it.
It comes down to physics.
Force = Mass/2 X Velocity squared:
velocity is more-important than mass,
in determining how much force a punch will have.
When Bruce hit the bag,
even though he hit it with less body-mass;
he hit the bag with more velocity.
Bruce’s blow was just as powerful.

I’m going to hit the bag,
using the energy of The Universe,
channeled through me.
I’m going to use what’s called chi.”

Drew says,
while smiling: “Now,
your dad’s gonna show you somethin’ really-fuckin-cool.
Trust me kid:
you don’t ever want to be hit by your dad.”

Richie Rich breathes in deeply;
squares off against the bag,
is about to punch-
Drew interrupts.

Drew: “Let’s see a ‘one-incha’!
Ever see a one-inch-punch kid?”

Richie Rich: “Sure you can handle it Drew?
Last time you saw it;
you kinda freaked-out on me.”

Drew: “Because it’s not fucking human!
You’re not a fucking human!
Kid when you see this;
you’ll know:
your dad isn’t a human-being.


By this time,
all the crew are gathered around the bag.

Antwon: “None of us are human.”
The word human enunciated with hatred,

Antwon:Humans are pathetic beasts.
Cattle to be:

Richie Rich smirks as if to say:
“typical dark-wizard prodding.”
Richie Rich stops himself from reacting with anger,
to Antwon’s remark;
smiles to himself;
then replies calmly:
Richie Rich: “The weak are to be protected by the strong,
diversity and love are strength.”

Richie Rich stretches out;
shakes-out his arms;
closes his eyes;
does some belly breathing:
four-seconds in,
eight-seconds out.
After three breaths.

Richie Rich: “Ready.”

Richie Rich positions his fist an inch from the bag;
breathes in,
then exhales:
one loud breath.
Richie Rich’s face contorts,
pure rage:
like a demon from deep within has taken control.
His eyes turn black,
jet black:
no pupil,
no iris,
no limbus,
no sclera,
two-solid-black-ovals within his eye-sockets.
Richie Rich’s arm moves so fast,
the movement of his arm:
not perceivable.
One moment:
his fist is one inch from the bag;
next moment:
his fist is enveloped by the bag.
Richie Rich punches right through the bag!
The bag has a fist-sized welt on the other side of it.

The crack of thunder can then be heard a moment later:
That’s all anyone in the room can hear:
a crack of thunder!
So loud,
Johanna hears it upstairs.
So loud,
Ray’s ears are ringing.
The bag doesn’t move!

Richie Rich pulls his fist back;
exposing a fist-sized hole in the vinyl;
sand pours out from the bag’s opening,
all over the floor.
The room’s silent,


Drew’s the first to speak,
twenty-five seconds later.
Drew:See why your dad never fought professionally kid?
Not because he can’t.
Your dad’s lethal from any distance.
His punch breaks the sound-barrier!
A man,
who can generate that much chi,
focus it,
and release it,
break bones,
stop hearts,
dislodge brains,
punch-through chests-

Truth be known,
your dad can do more damage than that,
to a man even miles-away,
with his chi.
Once when-“

Richie Rich interrupts abruptly:
Let’s not talk about that now.
For now,
just realize your bully,
is big.
But he’s not trained like Bruce and Drew.
could Daley ever be trained to generate,
and release chi in this amount.
Most men can’t:
generate that much energy;
focus that hard;
release that much passion.
Most are not built that way.


Ray:How can a man break the sound-barrier?
I thought only jets could do that?”

Chewy: “The reason a bullwhip cracks:
it breaks the sound-barrier as well.
A bullwhip takes a man’s energy;
converts it to a wave form.
The end of a whip has so much momentum:
it cracks.
The sound of a whip cracking:
the sound-barrier being broken.

Your dad can break the sound-barrier,
in a one-inch punch.
This shouldn’t be possible.
From 0 to 800 miles-an-hour in less than an inch.
In order for him to do this,
Richie Rich generates a wave of energy;
traveling from the tips of his toes to his fist;
cracks through the air;
like a bullwhip or a bullet.

When Richie Rich’s fist hits the bag,
the force is so great:
the bag barely moves.
The only thing left to absorb his fist’s energy,
is the vinyl.
Richie Rich’s 800-mile-per-hour fist cuts through the vinyl,
he stabbed the bag with a sword;
shot it with a Glock.”

“Amazing!” Ray yells.

Richie Rich then adds: “One must learn to:
move before crawling,
crawl before walking,
walk before running.
I’ll teach you to fly,
my son,
in time.”


Richie Rich: “Chris,
get rid of that bag for me.
Wear protective clothing when handling it;
burn it in the incinerator.

Chris: “Yes sir.”

Protective clothing?
Why protective clothing?

Richie Rich: “Ray,
I’ll answer those questions,
in the dojo.

Ray: “Yes sir.”

Ray doesn’t even notice:
he didn’t ask a question;
his dad read,
then answered Ray’s thoughts.

Richie Rich: “Drew,
put the new bag up,

Drew: “Yes sir.”

Richie Rich: “Ray,
we need to go upstairs.
Doctor Peterson’s here.”

Ray: “OK.”


Ray: “How do you know the doctor is here?”

Chris: “Your dad’s connected with God,
He picks things up with his Ether-antenna.”

Ray to his dad: “What’s Chris talking about?”

Richie Rich: “I’ll tell you later;
I promise.”

Ray’s confused and amazed.
He wants to learn,
what his father has to teach;
can’t wait to start.


The Doctor resets Ray’s jaw with a more-sophisticated appliance.
Ray can now talk normally;
has 80% mobility with his mouth.

Ray asks the doctor: “Two weeks instead of five weeks,
and more mobility;
how come?”

Doctor: “Nutrition’s the main reason.
You’re going to be on a special diet,
allowing you to absorb and process calcium,
This is more expensive.
That’s probably why Doctor Reid didn’t mention it,
to you and your mom.
It’s far less-expensive,
to set a jaw by wiring it shut.
Much more expensive designing,
a custom appliance;
just the fractured-portion of your jaw.”

Ray: “Thank you Doctor.
This makes me very happy.”

Doctor: “I know Ray;
you’re welcome.”

At that moment,
Richie Rich shows up.
Richie Rich: “Thanks Doctor.”

Doctor: “An honor to have been here,

The doctor leaves.

Poker Lesson

Richie Rich: “The guys have gone home.
What do you think Ray?”

Ray: “I’m happy and thankful.
Had a lot of fun tonight.
Looking forward to learning!

Richie Rich: “Know why you lost your money so quickly at poker?”

Ray: “Been thinking about that for the last two hours.”

Richie Rich: “Figured you were.”

Ray: “I think the biggest reason is:
I don’t know the odds.
I think it’s foolish to start playing,
without having the odds memorized,
in every scenario.”

Richie Rich: “Anything else?”

Ray: “I think,
I got dealt a few bad-hands.”

Richie Rich: “OK.
Anything else?”

Ray: “Others got a run of good hands.”

Richie Rich: “OK.
Anything else.”

Ray: “Can’t think of anything.”

Richie Rich: “You were right about all three of those things:
they are facts.
Poker is so much more than odds and luck.
Poker is about:
intuition and instinct;

Poker is dualistic.
You must be two or more people,
at different times,
in different scenarios.

In a game with eight people,
how often,
will you have the best hand?”

Ray: “One out of eight hands.”

Richie Rich: “Correct.”

– Pause –

Richie Rich: “How often have you played poker with those guys?”

Ray: “None.”

Richie Rich: “Correct.”


Richie Rich: “The first thing you must learn about poker:
hands are random;
opponents’ reactions to their hands are not.
All people react when they see their hands.
On the obvious level,
a good hand will lead to:
A bad hand will lead to:
Most accomplished-players will be pretty good at hiding these things,
none will be perfect.
They’ll show you how they feel,
about their hands in subtle ways,
with subtle clues.

These subtle clues are called tells.
It may take a while to discover these tells.
This is why it’s important,
when playing,
especially with a table-of-people-you-don’t-know,
who know each other,
take it slow;
learn your opponent’s tells.
Think of this learning process as paying for intelligence.
Intelligence costs money!
Be willing to spend it!
Be willing to purposely lose blind-antes,
to gain knowledge.
once you learn their tells:
exploit them.

when you start-out at an unknown-table,
a group of strangers who all know each other,)
act with humility.
Fold every mediocre-hand,
even if it’s 20 hands in a row,
Don’t even pay to see the flop.
Study everyone at the table,
take mental note of how they react to:
good hands,
bad hands,
mediocre hands,
Study them.
Guess the power of their hands;
then watch to see if you’re right.

When you get your first,
decent hand,
make a good-size bet:
enough to scare-away all cowards.
If it’s early in the game,
play as long as you can on that hand,
try to win it.
after you make the first bet,
you flop-the-nuts,
be willing to go-in heavier.
If not,
be willing to fold;
if you get heavy-resistance.”

The Bluff

Richie Rich: “Everyone knows what a bluff is;
here’s how to execute the main ones.

Two types of bluffs I’ll teach you:
The attack bluff and the defense bluff,
or bear trap.
you’ve figured out how to read your opponent’s tells,
after you’ve successfully won a good pot,
by betting-aggressively on a good hand:
this is the time to execute your first bluff.

Steps for attack bluff:
Read all the hands on the table;
when no one has a good hand:
imagine yourself with a pair of aces.
Vivid imagination is the key to making this work.
Many great poker-players have the ability to read minds,
at some level.
If you believe with all your heart:
you truly have a pair of aces,
so will they.
Don’t even look at your hand!
Pretend to look,
then try to disguise your joy from your pair of aces.
(A bluff within a bluff.)

Play the hand through till the end.
Don’t fold unless someone is overly aggressive,
and you believe them.
Be willing to bet,
an acceptable percentage of your cash,
to follow this through.

you have a pair of aces;
you can’t lose!
If you execute this properly,
everyone else will fold.

An attack bluff:
Pretend to be strong;
when you’re weak.

Steps for the defense bluff,
or the bear trap.
This is when you have a great hand,
a smokin’ hand,
a nuts hand,
an unbeatable hand,
you sense an opponent has a good hand.

Place no bets.
Make calls,
let others bet into you;
then take them down.

A defense bluff,
Pretend to be weak;
when you’re strong.

Whenever you have the-nuts,
(an unbeatable hand;)
go all in.
This doesn’t happen often.
Do an aggressive bet before the flop;
keep doubling your bet every chance you get.
be careful;
use all your senses to read for danger.”


Richie Rich: Random-number generator,
is a strategy I use often.
When I play poker,
I play with different personalities.
Switch them at random intervals.
For example:
when I see four hearts:
I change my heart.
Cards dealt provide a random sequence of numbers.
When a particular random-sequence comes up,
I do the opposite of what I would normally do.
I then select a random sequence,
in advance,
to switch back to normal.

if you’re usually aggressive,
and your sequence comes-up,
play passive;
then switch back to aggressive,
when your new chosen-sequence comes up.
You can be anyone you choose to be,
at any given time.
When you switch to someone completely-different;
it’ll throw your opponents off.

Odds can be studied;
you should memorize them.
if you’re dealt a pair of kings;
you know what your odds are.
You can find the odds of each hand online.”

Ray: “I’ll memorize all of them.”

Richie Rich: “That’s a good idea.
before you go to bed,
go to my library and grab:
Doyle Brunson’s Super System
A Course in Power Poker.
We’ll play again next week.”


Richie Rich: “What would happen to a lion raised by sheep?
If a lion could be convinced:
eating meat,
and having sex,
with many lioness-females is evil.
The lion’s behavior perverted to that of a sheep.
A lion:
eating grass;
not training to hunt,
from birth-
What would happen to that lion;
the day he decides:
to leave the sheep’s herd;
become a lion?”


Richie Rich: “He would not be a good hunter.
He’d not have the skills lions learn as children.
He’d be physically weak,
from a poor,

He’d be alone,
sheep don’t want to be around a growing lion,
even a weak one.
Sheep wouldn’t understand how the lion thinks,
why he thinks that way.

to capture game,
or attract a mate;
the lion would eventually lose his confidence;
hide from all predators,
not just other lions,
canines as well.

This is what happened to you in gym.
The lion in you wanted to win,
the game of dodgeball,
Not because dodgeball matters.
Because you saw a lioness you desired.
your chance to impress her.
The problem:
by trying to impress her,
you challenged another carnivore,
of superior strength.

Daley responded the way he was raised to:
like a wolf.
An adult wolf vs a child lion.
Daley is not better than you,
in any way.
he’s physically stronger.
He has more knowledge of combat.
he’s just a wolf.
You’re a lion;
a young lion raised by sheep.
Do you want to become the lion?

Ray: “More than anything in this world.”

Richie Rich: “Good.”
Time for bed,
Ray’s head hits the pillow,
he falls asleep.

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