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Negative Chi

Ray: “Why’d you instruct Chris to wear protective clothing,
when disposing of the heavy-bag yesterday,

Richie Rich: “Men can generate different kinds of energy,
different kinds of chi.
Positive energy;
negative energy.
Energy that’s formed with:
Different from energy formed with:
In order to destroy the heavy-bag,
I chose to use negative forces:
dark energy.
Negative energy,
(negative chi,)
was directed into the heavy-bag;
it’s dangerous.
The heavy-bag absorbed some negative-energy,
became a cursed object.
Chi is very real,
both positive and negative.
Every man walking Earth,
can wield both types of chi.
Whether he believes in chi,
or not;
whether he’s educated in the use of chi or not.”

Accidental Release of Chi

Richie Rich: Chi is created by thought.
When you injure someone,
they wish you harm,
they’ve used negative chi against you.
The more energy they expel,
the more negative-energy they discharge at you.
if you do something nice for someone,
and they wish you well:
they’ve sent positive-chi your way.
You don’t have to be Furai to do this,
every man has this same power.
(When I say man,
I mean men and women,

Positive Chi

Richie Rich: “I primarily use positive-chi;
rarely use negative-chi.
Some Furai,
like Antwon for example,
are Black Magicians.
Antwon uses negative-chi nearly exclusively.
I use negative-chi,
with great restraint.
I’ve gotten people fired from their jobs,
Cursed people’s health and fortunes.
If you want to be blessed;
if you want to draw positive things to yourself,
on abundance,
on positive things,
on self improvement,
on your blessings and be grateful.

Let your abundance eat away at your enemies.
Nothing hurts an enemy more,
than to watch your success and be powerless to stop it.
Make a feast in the presence of your enemy!
Eat a feast (figuratively) in front of him!
Say kind things to your enemy;
this will be like dumping hot coals on this motherfucker’s head.

What do you think hurts an enemy worse?
Seeing you with the hottest-chick in school?
Seeing you get good grades?
Or your enemy getting kicked out of school?
A kid you get expelled with negative-chi,
may end up happy,
he doesn’t have to go to school.
let your enemy see:
how happy you are;
how successful you are;
all the blessings you have.
Your enemy,
after witnessing your blessings,
may quit school,
without you directing any chi at him.

Focus your energy on gaining your freedom,
on making yourself:
Let your enemies wallow in their own misery;
let them reap what they sow.
You don’t need to be the world’s policeman.
If someone’s mean to you,
they’re probably mean to others.
Let these others curse them with their chi.”


Richie Rich: “Sometimes others,
will hurt you:
you’ll want revenge.
The absolute best revenge:
enjoy your life;
direct zero energy towards your enemy;
eat a feast in front of your enemy,
laugh at your enemy’s jealousy of you.”

Impotent Enemies

Richie Rich: “A Furai has impotent enemies:
they’re gelatin;
you’re a titanium nail.
Enemies may:
surround you,
butt-up against you,
make noise.
They’re impotent to harm you.
The more they push against you,
the more they harm themselves.
A Furai is:
a lion among sheep;
a god among insects.
Your enemies,
like the foolish bird flying into a glass window,
pity them.
They don’t understand you;
you’re beyond their comprehension.
They only hurt themselves,
when they try to attack you.”

Loaded Gun

Richie Rich: “Even though you shouldn’t experiment wielding negative-chi,
until you’re fully trained,
negative-chi exists,
that way,
you can limit being a victim of it.
(Either intentionally or accidentally.)
Because negative-chi exists,
and even the ‘untrained,’
can wield it against you,
your best defense,
against it:
be cool to everyone;
make friends with everyone;
laugh a lot;
have a good time;
smile a lot;
try not to take offense too-easily.
View every man,
even the ‘weak,’
as having a loaded gun in their pocket.”


Richie Rich: “If you’re shitty to people;
you’ll be punished in this life;
not just the next.
If you drive your Cadillac into a McDonald’s,
you’re rude to the clerk taking your order:
besides getting a Big Mac with some very special-sauce;
you may also get into a car accident on the way home,
after the clerk wishes you harm.
It’s in your rational self-interest,
to respect and be cool to others.
Being cool to everyone,
will make you far more-powerful.
Instead of redirecting personal,
valuable resources into combatting other’s negative-chi now directed at you,
focus your chi on making your life better.
A negative person is his own worst enemy;
A negative person creates his own destruction.”

Finite Energy

Richie Rich: “It’s impossible to talk about chi without talking about energy.
The amount of chi you can wield,
is a result of how much energy you have,
at a particular time.
You have a finite amount of energy.
When you discharge your energy unwisely;
you’ll never get it back;
it’s gone forever.
The last time I conjured a powerful curse,
it worked well;
it also cost me some serious coin.
The easy deals that fall into my lap on a daily basis,
dried up for a few weeks!
That curse cost me a lot of money,
and hurt my job standing.
Learn from my experience,
a curse is possible,
it will be expensive.
You will pay for it.
If you use your energy to harm others;
you’ll limit the energy you retain,
to help yourself.”

Unintended Consequences of Using Negative Chi

Negative Chi Aura

Richie Rich: “Casting a curse,
will leave an aura around a Furai for a while.
This aura visible:
in the eyes;
on the face;
in the voice;
This aura can get a Furai in trouble with others;
who feel the negativity of this aura,
and react to it.
For example:
A Furai hates Bill.
He directs negative-chi to destroy Bill’s health.
An hour later,
after conjuring a curse through ritual,
this Furai goes into work;
his boss asks him,
‘Did you take care of the TPS report?’

This Furai wizard replies,
‘I’m working on it.’

The boss feels this aura,
this negativity,
and believes,
it’s directed at him.
This dark aura is so pervasive,
even though Bill said ‘I’m working on it.’
The boss heard,
‘I’m working on it,
The word ‘asshole’ was not spoken verbally,
it was communicated nonverbally:
a smirk,
a head shake,
eyes rolling-
The boss then responds with anger,
‘Make sure you get the report to me today!’
this Furai is on the verge of a fight with his boss,
over a curse,
he cast on Bill!

Better to let some things slide,
than to destroy an adversary with chi.
Better to build your fortune,
than attempt to harm another’s.
It requires massive energy to destroy something.”

Collateral Damage

Richie Rich: “Destroying an enemy?
Well, guess what?
He has friends,
family etc.
When you throw grenades,
there’ll be innocents you may care about,
that are harmed.”

Negative Objects

Richie Rich: “It’s important you’re careful,
with the objects you surround yourself with.
Inanimate objects can absorb chi.
Do not buy used items from unknown sources.
Used cars,
clothing etc.
Objects owned by negative individuals,
can transmit that negative energy to you.
The longer the object lasts,
the more energy it absorbs.
Move into the home of a divorced family,
you’re more likely to be divorced.
Move into the home of a sick person,
even worse.”

Ray: “How can you avoid such cursed-objects sifu?”

Richie Rich: “Always buy new,
do not accept hand-me-downs.
If you must buy used:
touch the object,
get a feel for it.
Do this with your eyes closed;
trust your gut.
Objects with strong energy will ‘tell you’ what orientation they are.
Sometimes you can find powerful positive-objects as well;
this is rare;
but it happens.
I can pour positive-chi into a ring,
a piece of jewelry;
give it to someone;
they’ll be blessed.
This is why I had you come here,
without your old-possessions.
Most of the things you owned,
prior to coming here,
have absorbed the energy of your prior life.
When Daley beat you,
he didn’t just beat you;
he created negative-chi engulfing you.
This negative-chi has been absorbed,
by all your old-possessions.
When you go back to Weymouth:
burn all your old-possessions.
They’re cursed objects,
absorbed negative energy.
they’ll trigger old responses,
old memories,
of a life that no longer exists.
We’ll talk more about triggers later.”

Ray: “Can a negative object be turned?
Can an ‘in tune’ individual bless a negative object,
and turn it positive, sifu?”

Richie Rich: ”Definitely,
this can require a lot of energy.
Imagine a home that’s a hundred-fifty-years old:
started out a little-bit negative.
The first owner has money problems,
declares bankruptcy;
has numerous family-fights;
commits suicide.
Subsequent owners move in,
absorb the home’s negative-energy,
(perhaps they were drawn to the home,
by this same negative-energy,
because these new owners were negative people.)
Subsequent owners have negative experiences as well,
over the years.
All that negative chi,
150 years worth:
absorbed by the home’s wood,
the walls,
the floors,
the joists-
In order to exorcise that amount of negative energy,
(one-hundred-fifty-years worth,)
would require an equal amount of positive energy.
Even a powerful Furai,
would have trouble generating that much counteractive positive-energy,
in five or ten years.
It would be far cheaper to:
bulldoze the cursed house;
start again.

Money is easy to manifest;
I create unlimited wealth.
Do not waste time or energy fighting negative,
inanimate objects.
It’s usually easier to start again.”

Negative People

Ray: “Can people absorb negative energy,

Richie Rich: “Absolutely!
Even more so.
surrounded by negative individuals will become:
or all three,
or worse.
TV emits primarily negative-energy:
TV shows illustrating how rotten the world is,
the so-called news,
drug commercials-
You must be very careful with your chi.
Protect yourself from negative chi,
by avoiding other’s negativity.
living things are far-more-resilient than inanimate objects.
Your cells purge all the toxins out of your body,
every day;
as long as you:
eat right,
breathe right,
get adequate rest,
and think positive-thoughts.
Even the most damaged,
wickedly evil individual,
can completely rebuild themselves in just a few days.
Some forced smiles,
a few kind words to yourself and to others,
turning off the TV,
listening to positive music,
being thankful for blessings,
forgiving other’s transgressions-
All disease is 99.9999% mental.
Do not speak about negative things,
or outcomes,
let anyone speak about them around you.

I have not been to a doctor in 25 years,
disease flees from me.
Only good things come to me:
God’s wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance;
I live in bliss.
These thoughts;
these words:
manifest real change in my mind,
and my body.
My cells heal rapidly;
I create my own reality.
Practice generating positive-chi;
you’ll master it.

Ray: “Why would you ever generate negative-chi?
Why did you destroy the heavy-bag with negativity?
Isn’t that dangerous,

Richie Rich: “Great questions.
it’s dangerous to generate negative-chi.
Negative-chi can be destructive to an individual who generates it,
and everyone,
or everything around him.
Don’t try to generate negative-energy,
until you become a master.
Negative-chi can eat-you-up,
and destroy you.

Positive-chi never hurts anyone;
it benefits everyone,
even your enemies.
I’m a master.
I generate massive energy;
I can also expel energy precisely.

When I generated the blow,
smashing that heavy-bag;
some of that generated energy was transmitted into the bag.
of the negative energy,
was directed at one of my enemies,
An inexperienced Furai,
can experience adverse,
personal results,
by even attempting a blow like that.
If an inexperienced Furai generates massive negative-chi,
but fails to release all of it:
his own body will absorb the excess.
This can lead to:
personal sickness,
bad luck,
not to mention irritability,
and an irrational and disagreeable emotional-state,

Negative-chi is like working with dynamite,
or plutonium.
You can do good with it,
or evil.
You can be constructive,
or destructive,
if you’re not careful,
you can seriously injure yourself,
and those you love.

Using Negative Chi

Ray: “You lost me sifu.
How can you do good using negative forces?”

Richie Rich: “Negative-chi,
in the hands of someone good and responsible,
is a tool,
nothing more.
There are evil people in the world:
they need to be stopped by good people.
evil men need to be:
Imperial Japan needed to be nuked;
Nazi Germany needed to be bombed.
evil men are so well-protected,
so well-guarded,
the best way to deal with them is through negative-chi.”

Ray: “Why do you allow any evil in the world,

Richie Rich: “It takes time my son.
Furai are working on changing the world,
but this is a process.
Remember that hundred-fifty-year-old house I mentioned?
Filled with negative energy?
I told you the best thing to do:
bulldoze the house;
start again?
What if instead of a cursed house,
a single apartment-unit,
in an immense skyscraper?
Destroying a single apartment-unit,
and rebuilding a single-unit is impossible.
Destroying a huge building,
because of a few bad-units is undesirable.
There’s always collateral-damage when a man’s destroyed,
through negative-chi;
power-vacuums always occur afterwards.
if I wanted to harm a man with negative-chi,
I’m harming:
his wife,
his kids,
his parents,
his friends,
his employees-
Similar to chemotherapy,
killing all it touches,
not just the cancer.
if you’re planning to assassinate a Hitler,
make sure:
a Goering,
a Goebbels,
and a Himmler are not waiting-in-the-wings.
I’m not saying I wouldn’t have eliminated Hitler.
I’m saying before I did,
I’d deeply study the whole situation;
make sure when I acted:
it would make things better,
not worse.
It’s hard to imagine worse than Hitler,
after studying World War Two,
I’d say this:
Nazi Germany had a good shot at winning that war.
If Hitler did not screw-up invading Russia;
going far-beyond his supply lines.
If the Japanese had focussed on conquering Asia,
instead of attacking Pearl Harbor.
The U.S. might have lost World War Two.
Killing Hitler in 1941,
or 39,
or whenever,
may have made things worse,
not better.
Nazi Germany was going to try to take over the world;
Hitler was not the only evil Nazi.
If Hitler had died early,
after conquering France,
but before invading Russia:
a more-capable Nazi may have taken the war slowly.
jet aircraft;
crossed the English channel,
defeated England.
Infiltrated American politics;
kept America out of the war etc.
Who knows?

Even though Furai have a lot of power,
if we’re not careful with it;
striking out at evil-men indiscriminately;
Furai could make things worse.
Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Richie Rich: “Let’s not think about negative-chi anymore today.
you must learn to crawl before walking.
I trust that:
you’ll learn fast;
you’ll be responsible;
you’ll only practice what you’re taught,
when you’re ready,

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

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