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A Perfect Punch

Richie Rich: “Let’s square off on the heavy bag.”
Richie Rich approaches the bag,
releases a flurry of vicious,
spinning back-fists-
He stops abruptly;
looks at Ray.

Richie Rich: “A perfect punch begins with distance.
Unless you practice,
you won’t know this distance.”

Ray: “I don’t understand sifu.”

Richie Rich: “When you hit a heavy and firm target,
like a body,
with a closed,
tight fist:
you won’t deliver a hard blow,
and may injure your wrist or knuckles.
you’ll miss the target completely,
or not have enough penetration,
to deliver full force.
(That doesn’t feel too-good,
on your joints either.)

Perfect distance allows your fist,
to contact the target,
one-to-three inches,
before your arm’s fully extended.
This distance is different for everyone,
and every target:
Hit a soft-man,
in soft-flesh,
three inches of give might be OK;
you have enough power.
Hit a hard-man,
in hard-flesh,
one inch is the desired distance after impact.
Your target just won’t have three inches of give.
A heavy-bag is like a hard-man with hard-flesh.
The perfect punch on this target,
is about one inch after impact.
A heavy bag will give one inch for you.
The only way to learn your personal fighting-distance is practice,
and observation.
It’s more difficult,
than it appears,
to hit a swinging bag,
with a hard punch.
Takes a lot of practice,
to learn how long your arms are,
and when to fire a punch,
to hit a moving target.
Deliver every punch,
with one inch of give,
from the moment of impact.
Your fist should sink into the heavy bag one inch.
Let’s practice that.”

Ray squares off against the bag;
hits it.

Richie Rich: “You’re too-close,
back up a little.”
Ray backs up a little bit,
hits the bag again.

Richie Rich: “Perfect.
Did you see how much the bag moved after impact?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Richie Rich: “Be mindful of your shoulders,
you don’t want them extended at all,
after executing a punch.”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Muscle Memory

Richie Rich: ”Muscle memory is a term,
used to describe the learning of a complicated motor-skill activity,
that becomes easier,
eventually trivial or automatic with practice.
For example:
Riding a bicycle;
playing a video game;
shooting a free-throw;
playing a musical instrument;
using a TV remote-control.
The first time you attempted any of these activities,
you had to concentrate.
After a while,
they could be accomplished mechanically,
without focussed thought involved.
It will take time to truly learn proper punching-distance;
just like it takes years to learn how to walk or run.
(Watch a toddler run sometime,
to remind you how difficult running was to learn.)
When you throw a punch now,
you have to think about it;
after practicing daily,
punching distance will become automatic:
muscle memory.
You’ll soon be able to deliver a perfect blow without thinking;
you’ll soon be able to adjust your distance,
and balance to deliver a hard punch from multiple angles;
just like you can now run without thinking;
punching requires daily commitment and practice.
By continuous dedicated-practice,
hard punching will be as easy as running.
In a short amount of time,
you’ll be able to punch harder than men much stronger than you,
because you’ve mastered punching mechanics,
engrained in muscle memory”

Kill Punch

Ray practices punching the bag for about 15 minutes;
as he begins gaining proficiency,
and some confidence,
his father interrupts him.
Richie Rich: “Good!
Now that you have a feel for proper fighting-distance;
we’ll work on delivering a more-powerful punch:
A kill punch.
It’s important I teach you the mechanics of a kill-punch now,
while you’re still green;
that way your whole body begins preparing for its use from the first day.
This is a process,
it will require evolving on many levels to achieve.
Within a few months you’ll be physically stronger,
your bones,
will be altered to deliver a kill punch,
from muscle memory,
as long as you practice every day.
Until you’re comfortable throwing a kill punch,
until you’re comfortable with proper fighting distance,
practice kill punches on a bag that isn’t in motion.
Do this for safety reasons.
Throwing a kill-punch,
from the wrong distance,
is a good way to break your wrist;
be careful,
take it slow,
progress not perfection.
Clear your thoughts;
nothing exists except you and your target.
A power punch,
a kill-punch,
begins loosely.
Imagine your whole-body,
including your fist,
is like water.
Your fist absorbs all the energy,
from every cell in your whole-body.
A kill-punch begins with a strong exhale.
As the punch travels from you,
towards your target:
your body is loose,
your arm is loose,
your fist is loose.
Focus all your energy,
into a one-inch square,
on the two main-knuckles,
closest to your thumb.
At the last moment,
right before impacting the bag;
your fist tightens,
a death-blow;
a kill-punch.
Try that.

Ray loosens up,
Ray imagines the blow,
beginning from his navel,
extending towards the bag.
At the moment before-impact,
his fist tightens,
delivering a fierce punch.
The bag flies back.

Richie Rich: “Perfect!
try using your leg muscles,
to get a little more out of it.”
Using every muscle in his body,
beginning with a strong exhale,
flowing through his fist,
tightening at the last moment,
impacting the heavy bag,
one inch,
before full-arm’s-length-extension-
Ray executes an even fiercer punch.

Richie Rich: “Feel that snap?
Hear that impact?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Richie Rich: “Execute punches like that for a few minutes.”

Ray: “OK sifu.”
He lets Ray hit the bag for a few minutes.

Pavlov’s Dog

Richie Rich: “The last topic for today is Pavlov’s dog.
Ivan Pavlov a Russian Physiologist,
made several major-discoveries around the year 1900.
His most-famous discovery:
the Pavlovian trigger.
Pavlov discovered:
ring a bell every time you feed a dog,
every time you ring a bell in the future,
the dog will anticipate food.
In other words:
a dog can be triggered to become hungry,
every time you ring a bell.
The dog associates food,
and hunger,
with the bell.
Ringing the bell makes the dog feel hungry.
Ringing the bell triggers hunger.
Humans are the same way.
If every time you eat;
I ring a bell;
you’ll experience hunger,
every time I ring a bell.
This discovery has significant importance for:
unleashing human potential,
the treatment of addictions.
I’m making you aware of it now;
you’ll learn more about pavlovian triggers later”


Richie Rich: “Here is your homework assignment,
you ready?”

Ray: “Yes Sifu.”

Richie Rich: “Today in this order:
1. Make your bed,
take a shower,
brush your teeth.
2. Create a playlist of powerful songs,
(songs that make you feel strong when you hear them,)
about 45 minutes long.
In my experience rap and heavy metal are the best for this.
Select your favorite powerful-song,
this is the song that goes first in the play list.
Buy whatever you wish on iTunes.
Choose 45 minutes of music,
you’ll only listen to once a day.
Choose songs that are hardly ever played on the radio.
3. Google Steve Jobs Bicycle,
and watch the video.
4. Write a one-page paper on:
how your iPad and iPhone are like the katana,
I showed you today.
5. Research and write a one-page paper on:
the meaning of Pavlov’s dog.
6. Research the social structure of lions.
Write a one-page paper on what a lion’s pride is.
7. Read The Tao of Jeet Kune Do.
(Does not need to be finished today,
finish as soon as possible.)
and every night before you go to bed:
shower and brush your teeth.
Go to bed tonight at 10:00 P.M.
Set your alarm for 9:00 A.M.

and every morning for the rest of the summer:
Morning Regiment.
At 9:05 A.M.
Say to yourself,
“I can accomplish anything.”
Turn your stereo up loud,
as loud as you wish;
let your playlist go,
same-order every morning,
same songs.
Repeat the phrase,
I can accomplish anything.
over and over again,
as you do the following:
Do as many pushups as you can,
before the first song in your playlist is over.
Write that number down.
Make your bed.
Take a shower,
comb your hair,
trim your nails,
and brush your teeth.
Work on homework until class starts.
this is important,
the songs in your morning playlist must be treated with reverence.
Don’t listen to them except from 9:05−9:50 every morning.
The period from 9:05-9:50 every day,
is your Morning Regiment.
When you’re done exercising and grooming,
turn your playlist off.
Do this Morning Regiment every day,
other sifus will add work to it.
Show up to the dojo at 10:30 A.M.
Can you handle this?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Richie Rich: “Do each homework assignment,
your Morning Regiment daily;
don’t cut corners.”

Ray exits the dojo;
goes upstairs;
makes his bed;
takes a shower;
gets started on his homework.
While working diligently,
the maid brings Ray a sandwich.


Ray eats lunch;
continues working.
2:00 P.M.
opens door;
peeks-in on him.
Johanna: “How’s your homework coming?”

Ray: “Going well.
Finished everything,
except reading The Tao of Jeet Kune Do.”

Johanna smiles warmly.
Johanna: “Excellent!
That’s the right answer!
Wanna go shopping?”

Ray: “Sifu told me I needed to finish this book.”

Johanna: “Talked to your dad.
He told me you don’t have to finish the whole book today.
You need to finish the book as soon as you can.
He said,
if you had completed the rest of your homework,
you could go shopping with me,
if you wanted.”

Ray: “OK,
let’s go!”


Johanna’s BMW:
Top down;
music loud;
ninety-five MPH.

Ray: “I can’t decide which shoe I like the best.”

Johanna laughs.
Johanna: “Why would you decide on a shoe?
Buy all you desire.
You’re Furai.
Furai don’t decide;
there are no limits.”

Ray’s eyes light up,
he smiles.
Ray: “How are we gonna carry all this stuff?”

Johanna: “We’re not gonna carry any of it,
security will carry it for us.
Choose what you want,
anything you might want to wear in the next year.”

Ray: “Security?”

Johanna: “You don’t see them,
but they’re all around us.
If you knew who they were,
so would everyone else.”

Ray: “Do you know who they are?”

Johanna: “Yes.
I am Furai.
I know who everyone is.”

Ray: “Everyone?”

Johanna: “Everyone.”

Ray: “You’ve seen them before?”

Johanna: “No.
I can tell from your question,
you think I meant:
I know who every member of Furai security is;
I meant,
I can tell you who everyone is,
in the mall;
you’ll be able to do the same.”

that’s impossible.
How could you know everyone in the mall?

Johanna smiles;

Ray: “How do you know then?”

Johanna: “When I was 12,
I used-to babysit my younger brother,
who was three at the time.
He asked if he could have a cookie;
I told him,
not until after lunch.
When I came out of the restroom,
he was still watching Sesame Street where I left him.
I raised my voice in minor anger:
‘I told you no cookies until after lunch;
you will be punished.’
My brother was terrified.
It was a mystery to him how I knew he’d snuck a cookie.
The chocolate on his face,
the crumbs on the kitchen floor,
the bag of Chips Ahoy not closed properly-
I didn’t tell him of the source of my majik-perceptual-powers of course;
it was better to let him believe I had real mystical-power,
that way,
I reasoned,
it might keep him from disobeying me in the future,
a three-year-old without boundaries can really hurt himself.
I know some of what you’re introduced to may seem to be:
or bullshit,
at least at first;
I’d caution you though,
right now you are the three-year-old under supervision.”

She quoted my exact thoughts.

Johanna: “There may be things others,
who are trained-to-see,
can perceive.
There may be things those,
who are untrained-to-see,
are blind to.
There may be things,
Furai withhold from you until the future,
for your own good.”

Can you read my thoughts?

Johanna does not react to Ray’s thoughts.

Are you not reacting to my thoughts because:
you’re not able to read minds?
because you don’t want me to know the extent of your power? 

Johanna again does not react to Ray’s thoughts.

Ray: “Can you read minds?”

Johanna smiles.
Johanna: “I know you have many questions;
they’ll be answered soon.”

That a yes?
Or a no?

Johanna again does not react to Ray’s thoughts.
Store after store;
they continue shopping;
waited-on like rock-stars;
left-behind for security to retrieve later.
no-limit credit card,
First United Republic American International Bank.
Magnetic strip swiped,
forces at light-speed,
flying-through the ether,
channeled down fiber-optic pipes.
Deep pockets,
no limits-
She buys him everything he wants:
multiple pairs of shoes,
ice-cream and a movie.
They laugh;
get along well.


Ray: “You and my dad married?”

Johanna laughs.
Johanna: “No.
Not by a long shot.
I love your dad very much.
I don’t sleep with anyone else,
your dad sleeps with many women.
You’ve seen his harem.”

Ray: “All those women at the pool?”

Johanna: “Yes;
many others too.”

Ray: “How do you feel about that?”

Johanna: “Your dad gives me anything I want,
including sex,
anytime I want.
I live like a queen.
I could leave anytime I wanted to;
take millions with me,
he treats me very well.
your father is The Furai,
a great master,
a great teacher.
Every day I’m with him,
I learn something new.”

Ray: “Isn’t monogamy important?
Don’t you get jealous?”

Johanna: “These are great questions.
I knew you’d ask them,
I talked in-depth,
with your father last night about what I should say.
We decided,
the best way to handle these questions:
treat you like an adult;
tell you the truth.
Remember when your father hit the heavy-bag last night?”

Ray: “Yes.”

Johanna: “How’d he do it?”

Ray: “By focussing all his chi,
in one instant in time.”

Johanna: “Exactly.
Well your dad can do the same thing with sex.
When your father has sex,
he does to me,
what he did to that heavy bag,
(but in a good way,
a very good way!)
Massive power.
of the universe,
course through us.
Any woman experiencing sex like that,
can only handle sex once a week,
The problem:
your father needs sex every day,
sometimes more.
To make him happy:
I invite other women to stay with us.
They come for a day;
some stay for years.
They can leave anytime they want,
many stay.
We’re honored and blessed to experience all he gives us.
If a woman leaves,
she’ll never experience sex like that again.
Not to mention the security of unlimited wealth,
and the privilege of his teachings.
Richie Rich cures all ailments.”

Ray: “What do you mean?”

Johanna: “All the women in our house can have anything they want.
Many of us have:
been addicted to substances;
been in abusive relationships;
been beaten-up by the world.
He gives us back our self-confidence;
gives us our freedom.”

Ray: “What about jealousy?
I mean,
you don’t ever get jealous?”

Johanna: “In order to be jealous,
someone has to possess something you want,
can’t have.
In order for that to happen,
you have to believe in limited quantities.
There are no limits on love.
A person can love many,
many people.
I love your father.
I love you.
I love every woman living in our house.
The more women,
the more unique-people I can share with on a daily basis;
the more lives and ideas,
I get to experience and enjoy.
When you live in such abundance:
jealousy’s a ridiculous concept.
Sometimes your father goes on business trips,
for weeks.
When he’s gone,
the girls and I have great dinners,
and girls’ nights.
We shop together;
always have friends to talk to.
I feel sorry for monogamous marriages,
how boring!
Two people,
one house:
How was work honey?
The same?
When your mate goes to bed,
you have to watch TV or eat by yourself.”

Ray: “Why didn’t I see any of those women today?
Why didn’t you bring any of them with us shopping?
Why didn’t they eat dinner with us last night,
or breakfast with us this morning?”

Johanna: “That was for your benefit.
Normally we:
eat together,
go out together,
relax together.
Your father and I were concerned,
it might be too-confusing for you,
when you got here yesterday;
we wanted you to be comfortable.
Coming from the Judeo-Christian world,
seeing a lion’s pride might be confusing.
We didn’t want to show you too-much,
Does that make sense?”

pride {prīd} noun 2 a group of lions forming a social unit.

Ray: “Yes.
Thank you for being honest.
I suspected they were more-than house-guests.
Do you find it unfair:
he can sleep with other women?
you can’t sleep with other men?”

Johanna: “When you purchased your pairs of Nikes today,
we dropped three-grand at Footlocker,
did you feel it was unfair they got so much of your money?”

Ray: “No.”

Johanna: “Why?”

Ray: “Because we got something we valued more,
in exchange for the money.”

Johanna: “Exactly.
You traded value for value.
No dishonesty,
no lies,
no theft,
no coercion,
no deception.
You got something you wanted;
they got something they wanted.
Every woman accepted by our household knows:
exactly what to expect.
Some women have not worked out.
If a woman causes problems for your father,
or for the other girls:
she’s kicked out,
or leaves voluntarily.
There’s never any hard feelings.
This has happened twice,
in the ten years I’ve been with your dad.
We audition new women all the time for your father.
It makes us,
(me and the girls,)
to see him happy.
This is one of the ways we show love to him.
If everyone agrees,
a new audition can stay;
if one person disagrees:
she goes.
After a woman moves in,
we work it out.
Your father’s talented at keeping-the-peace.
Every woman has her own:
huge room,
I’m the only woman with sexual rights to your father;
meaning if I’m horny,
we have sex that night.
All the other women compete for his sexual affection;
it’s all fun competition.
There’s plenty of your father to go around,
not to mention monthly cycles,
take several of us out of commission,
for a week every month.
Your father:
spends quality time with all of us;
takes us out independently;
makes us individually feel special.

One of the great truths in life:
focus more time on making others happy;
less time on your own needs.
Most of the time,
it comes back to you:
one-hundred fold.
I’m not saying don’t be selfish!
On the contrary,
I’m saying:
it’s in your own rational self-interest to:
give to others,
share with others,
be kind to others,
love others,
smile at others,
listen to others.
The more you do these;
the more others will do them,
for you.
Are there people that take advantage?
That suck the life out of you?
That take more than they give?
You bet.
Your father hates controlling people.
People who:
take and take and take.
people who focus on taking,
never have enough;
those who focus on giving,
have more than they need.
Important keys to this equation:
give without expecting anything in return;
be appreciative and truly grateful for everything you have;
forgive others when they wrong you;
love unconditionally both yourself,
and others;
avoid vampires.
A person can only take advantage of you,
only if you accept it.
Assume when you give,
you’ll get back one-hundred fold,
if someone consistently takes,
and doesn’t reciprocate,
stop being their friend.
Let them go.
Life’s too-short to be around,
or concern yourself with such people.”

The two drive home.
Ray goes to his room;
falls asleep on his couch.

“Dinner’s ready!”
Richie Rich’s voice booms down the hall.

Ray: “OK!”

At dinner,
the pride talk about:
their jobs;
their schools;
their problems;
their opportunities.
Lots of stories;
abundant laughter.

After dinner,
some women go to the game room,
others go to the pool,
some go watch TV.
Ray bounces back and forth between the different groups.
Ray has a lot of fun,
a 12-year-old,
by scantily-clad gorgeous women,
8:00 P.M.
Ray goes upstairs;
reads in bed;
his dad comes by at 9;
says good night.
One by one,
everyone in the house says,
’good night,’
to Ray.
Ray goes to bed:
happy and grateful.

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