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The Salesman

Ray wakes up the next day,
affirms to himself,
I can accomplish anything!
Plays his music loud,
repeats aloud,
I can accomplish anything!
while he:
does 22 pushups and writes it down;
makes his bed;
takes a shower and grooms.

kitchen table.
many women at the table,
in revealing lingerie and see-through clothing.
All eating different things,
mostly fruit.
All say, ‘good morning,’ to Ray;
many kisses and hugs.
Lots of plastic-enhanced boobs pressing against him;
small talk.

After breakfast,
Ray continues reading The Tao of Jeet Kune Do.
10:25 A.M.
Ray to the dojo;
dressed in black gi;
bows at the entrance.

Tony: “Hello Ray,
I’m Tony!”
Tony approaches Ray;
wide stupid-grin on his face.
Tony’s a big man,
in physical size.
Huge smile;
lots of white-teeth.

Ray instantly likes Tony.
Seems full of energy;
very confident.

Ray blurts out: “Hello sifu!”
Wide smile on Ray’s face,
mirroring Tony’s.

Ray shakes Tony’s hand excitedly.
Tony: “Ray,
I’m here to teach you about many things.
I’m what you might call:
a master salesman.
That’s what I do,
I sell.
Much of what I sell is myself,
I also sell products.”

Ray: “Does it pay well,

Tony: “Salesmen drive the world;
the highest-paid individuals on the planet.
Show me anything,
of significance,
that’s ever been created,
or proliferated;
investigate it,
you’ll find someone like me;
selling it.
Many people look at Steve Jobs,
founder of Apple;
they see a visionary,
a genius.
I see a salesman.
I see a young man with long hair and an idea for a computer,
convinces his friend Steve Wozniac,
into building him that computer,
without compensation.
I see this young man,
age 21,
without a penny to his name,
approach a stranger and borrow $250,000,
in exchange for 33% of a company,
that doesn’t exist yet.
That’s a salesman!
Every product,
merely an idea in someone’s head.
It takes a salesman to make it happen.
I work for your dad,
(who’s also a great salesman by the way,)
I’m his best salesman.

Ray: “I’m just a kid wanting to learn how to fight;
what do I need a salesman for sifu?”


Tony: “Part of what I teach is called:
state-of-mind management.
When I entered the dojo today,
you smiled at me,
which isn’t easy to do,
since you have a broken jaw.
Why did you smile at me?”

Ray: “Sifu,
you seemed genuine,
in a good mood;
seemed like you cared about me;
had a broad smile on your face;
seemed really confident.”

Tony: “All your observations are true,
but behind your perception,
I decided,
when I woke-up today:
I was going to be in a great mood.
today was going to be a great day.
I control my state of mind,
no matter what reality may be.
I choose to be confident,
as a habit.
You are 100% responsible for what you choose to focus on.
You are 100% responsible for your mood,
your state.”

Ray: “Sifu,
what if things are truly bad?”

Tony: “When you imagine a tree,
what color do you see?”

Ray: “Green,

Tony: “All trees have brown too,
yet you chose to focus on what’s green.
This is a metaphor.
At any given time,
you can focus on what’s good in your life:
the green;
or what’s shitty:
the brown.
Focus on the green:
you’ll be happier,
you’ll live better,
you’ll be far-more powerful.”


Tony: “I barely know you Ray,
when I shook your hand,
I loved you unconditionally.
I charmed you.
the salesman’s ultimate-weapon.
you can sell employing:
features and benefits;
even pity-
Tons of presentations;
modes of persuasion,
to throw around,
to manipulate and dominate people;
but charm is more-useful,
in more circumstances than anything else.
If someone likes you;
they’ll buy whatever you’re selling.
Charm is how to get extra cheese on your pizza for free.
Charm is how to win over women.
Charm has made me rich,
stinking rich.
Tony has a huge silly-grin on his face.

Ray laughs.

Tony: “Why’d you laugh?”

Ray: “It wasn’t so much what you said,
it was the expression on your face,

Tony: You laughed because I willed it.
It’s part of my charm.”

Magic Magick Majik

Tony: “I’m not going to teach you in-depth about charm and sales today,
Those are higher-level topics.
I’m here to introduce you to F-STAR MAJIK.
First the word magic.
Magic can be spelled three ways:
refers to:
performed by stage magicians.
(a spelling used by many occultists,)
refers to unexplainable power,
supernatural occurrences,
initiated by human beings.
is how Furai spell magick.
Furai choose to use a different spelling,
than other magicians.
Removing the -C- from M-A-G-I-C-K,
a statement:
pure majik,
nothing frivolous,
no ornamentation.
nothing superfluous.
The -C- in M-A-G-I-C-K is redundant,
therefore it’s edited.
F* (pronounced F-STAR,
is what Furai consider to be lower level or lowest base-majik.
F* Majik is studied by many people,
under various names.

F* is the study of many disciplines:
political science,
delphi mind-control,
business management,
self improvement-
Reading people:
F* is explainable through science.
Some Furai believe F* to be the only real majik.
Furai who do not believe in higher majik,
refer to F-STAR MAJIK as:
F* magic,
merely F*.
which you will study,
is not understood by man,
nor even discussed by most men.
Even though we do not know exactly how higher-majik works,
Furai use it.
One does not need to understand electricity,
to flip a light switch.”

Ray: “Sifu,
how can some Furai not believe in majik when they can clearly see its affects?”

Tony smiles.
Tony: “There are many world views,
many points of view.
Some people are atheists,
They have formed that worldview,
over many years.
They refuse to even look;
when they look,
they choose not to see.
is something each human needs to prove to his or herself.
Many religions take the perspective:
men need to believe a faith without proof.
The Furai philosophy accepts people from nearly all mystical,
(or anti-mystical,)
Furai suggest there may be forces beyond what man can understand.
Furai teach our organization everything we know about majik,
in all forms,
we do not require anyone to believe any certain way.
I don’t believe in majik;
don’t believe in God;
I know.
I’ll teach you all I know.
I could teach you about higher-majik as well,
that is not my strength.
My strength is F-STAR MAJIK.
At this stage in your training keep:
an open mind,
an open heart.
If you are inclined to experiment with higher majik,
you WILL know.
It will prove itself to you.”


Tony: “Never attempt to defend truth:
does not need defending;
defends itself.
Do not throw your pearls to pigs;
let pigs feast at their trough,
wallow in their own shit.
If they desire growth,
(they are men,
not pigs.)
Men will seek you:
teach them something.
If men learn what you teach them;
teach them something else.
If you’re inclined to be closed-minded about certain things,
that’s ok.
Furai teachings are not a religion,
not even really a philosophy;
they’re more just a compilation of universal truths,
a quest for truth,
leading to personal enlightenment.

Some Furai are dark,
some light.
Some selfish,
some borderline selfless.
Some are Christian,
some pagan,
some atheist,
some have pretty strange beliefs.
Furai are bound together,
by many core-beliefs transcending religious schism.”

Ray: “Sifu,
why not codify all Furai beliefs strictly?
If something is true,
why not boldly proclaim it?
Why not make statements of truth,
and if someone rejects the truth,
expel them?”

Tony looks at Ray,
attempts to hide his disappointment,
but cannot.
Ray feels Tony’s disappointment;
is unsure what he said wrong.


Tony: “Right now,
all over the world,
men are killing each-other over supposed ‘truth.’
Political truth;
national truth;
economic truth;
religious truth-
by its very nature is never complete;
like life:
a book about medicine written in the year 1805.
A council,
of the most-brilliant minds in the world,
vote this book as THE definitive source of medicine.
What value would that book have today?
In 1805 surgeons did not wash their hands or equipment,
hand-washing did not become commonplace until the work of Louis Pasteur,
60 years later.
scientific and spiritual,
if it is true,
it evolves,
if it doesn’t evolve,
it’s dead.
Think of truth as a massive Elephant,
men seeking truth,
as blind midgets in a field in attempted pursuit.
Every once in awhile,
a midget gets lucky and is allowed to approach The Elephant.
Sometimes The Elephant is sleeping,
the blind midget is touching a tree,
(thinks it’s touching The Elephant.)
The midget writes down what it feels,
then The Elephant moves.
Some midgets have described the tusks:
‘God is like a sharp spear,
look at my wounds!
Some midgets describe the trunk:
‘God is like a mighty arm,
able to lift a man into the air effortlessly!’
Some midgets describe the sounds they hear in pursuit:
‘God is like thunder,
his movement shakes the earth.’
Some midgets do not go into the field searching for The Elephant:
‘There is no Elephant!’
‘If The Elephant exists,
I’ve never seen it!’
‘If The Elephant exists,
may It strike me dead!’
‘The Elephant is dead!’

All these blind midgets are correct,
all seekers have come close to God;
all who have not searched,
have failed to find God;
(The Elephant.)
Wouldn’t it be a fuckin’ shame if they killed each other over their TRUTH?
I’m not saying there are no universal truths.
I’m not saying all religions are equal.
I’m not saying truths should not be debated.
I’m saying,
except in the case of self-preservation and defense,
men should be permitted to pursue truth freely,
without coercion,
without fear.
I’m also saying that no matter how much knowledge you have,
no matter what you accept as fact,
chances are,
in 500 years,
men will laugh at your ‘facts.’
They’ll joke with each other and say,
how could millennial-man have been so naive?
if you’re a believer,
should be pursued with the same vigor,
same skepticism scientists have,
using the same scientific method:
Ask a question.
Do background research.
Construct a hypothesis.
Test with experiment.
Analyze results.
If a hypothesis proves true:
report the results.
If hypothesis proves false,
partially true:
report the results;
construct a NEW hypothesis.
Reading a BOOK and accepting a ‘truth’,
based entirely on the words of someone-else is not scientific.
If something is true,
it will be testable and will prove true again and again.”

Unsharable Truth

Tony: “Some truths are not shareable with others,
and that’s OK.
That does not mean it’s not true,
that anyone believing in a particular truth is irrational,
or naive.
Always respect another’s beliefs,
no matter how irrational you find them to be.
It’s OK to question.
it’s OK to doubt.
it’s not OK to mock.

Imagine tomorrow I was abducted by a UFO,
taken to an alien planet,
spent a year there,
was returned a few seconds later on my timeline.
I could tell others of my mystical-other-worldly-experience,
I would not be able to prove it.
Some may believe me,
some may not:
that’s ok.
Just because something isn’t provable,
does not make it false.
I have no right to demand you believe me,
do you have any right to force me to reject my experience.
I can tell you my story,
you can believe me,
or not.
We are both still Furai,
we have more in common than what separates us;
we can still move forward with a common goal,
as partners,
even friends.
if I claimed my alien abductors commanded me to kill anyone who refused to believe my story,
at that point,
you have the right,
and the obligation,
to use whatever force necessary to defend yourself.
The core is coercion;
when someone initiates coercive force against you,
you have the right and obligation to defend yourself.”


Ray: “Sifu,
The other night when I met the Furai inner-circle,
I noticed tension between Antwon and my father.
What’s that all about?”

Tony smiles.
Tony: “What binds us together as Furai is,
in and of itself,
a higher-level teaching.
As a Level One Furai,
a Seeker,
it’s important you focus on tasks before you,
on things within your control.
Internal-Furai politics are outside this scope.
The Furai Organization is vast,
encompassing many individuals,
many philosophies,
many personalities.
All I will say about your question is,
you’re correct,
there is tension between your father and Antwon.
It’s not personal,
it’s political.”


Tony: “Focus,
the ability to focus on one task at a time is a unique talent.
So much time,
energy/chi is wasted by most individuals on items outside their sphere-of-influence.
Right now,
you could focus on many things.
The economy,
your bully Daley,
Furai politics-
These items matter,
they’re beyond your control,
beyond your ability to influence in any meaningful way.
The Furai organization is compartmentalized,
everyone has a job,
an area of responsibility.
As a Furai Seeker,
in order to be valuable,
to the Furai organization,
and yourself,
it’s important you be able to focus on what is within your ability to control,
and not worry about items outside that area.
A horse wearing blinders,
and unable to look back,
can plow a field far faster,
than a horse with free rein of his senses.
You’re in a unique position,
a Level-One with access to the inner circle;
you are correct in your assessment of an emerging schism,
between Antwon and your father,
and while it may be interesting,
it’s not something you should worry about.”

Ray: “But sifu,
I’m worried for my father’s safety;
I feel Antwon is dangerous.”

Tony: “I’m not challenging your perception;
will I validate it,
nor will I dismiss it and tell you not to be concerned.
I merely state that with your limited training and power,
you do not have the ability,
at this time,
to help your father in any meaningful way.
Learning about Furai internal-politics might be interesting,
but has as much value,
as a flea on a dog,
worrying about global warming.
It’s outside your ability to affect;
it may not even be reality,
even if it was.
I’m not telling you not to notice the world around you,
am I telling you not to care or ask questions.
Anyone telling you to turn-off your brain is not your ally.
I’m suggesting:
If you truly want to help your father,
help yourself,
and help the Furai organization:
focus the bulk of your energy on mastering your Seeker training.
Be here,
with me,
Learn this lesson;
finish your training.
you will be far-more powerful,
have access to far-more resources and information,
at that time,
concern yourself with Antwon and the schism between him and your father.
Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Higher and Lower

Tony: “Majik,
is a broad topic from the Furai perspective.
encompasses many forms of human knowledge,
and many different disciplines.
Furai majik is divided into two main groups:
higher majik;
lower majik.
Higher majik:
telekinetic thought,
Higher majik,
in essence,
is supernatural,
beyond current scientific understanding.
Lower majik,
what Furai refer to as F*,
is explainable,

When a woman desires a mate,
she writes down what he would look like,
imagines his attributes;
after much deliberation and concentrated thought:
she dreams about him;
then meets this man foreseen in her dreams;
this is higher majik:
the universe being bent to the will of a wizard,
through the concentration of powerful thought.
This same woman:
going on a diet,
working out every day,
putting on makeup,
using various techniques to help her feel confident;
this is lower majik.
Lower Majik,
The use of various techniques to affect:
a desired change in appearance;
a change in personal attitude,
or confidence;
on an advanced level,
to influence another’s will,
(such as advanced sales-techniques.)”

Ray: “What’s more powerful,
Higher or lower majik?”

Tony smiles,
thinking to himself:
Ray craves power;
Tony: “That’s debatable.
Remember when you first saw the movie Star Wars?
What was Darth Vader’s more-fearsome power?
The Force?
Or Vader’s appearance,
The moment you,
as a moviegoer,
experienced Vader:
his black outfit,
intimidating mask,
fearful sounds from his respirator,
deep imposing-voice;
you knew he was evil,
knew he was scary.
As he spoke,
he intimidated the audience,
commanded respect.
I’d argue:
his image is more powerful,
than his ability to choke enemies with his mind.
Imagine Vader:
wearing pink vs. black;
speaking in a high pitch,
instead of a deep modulated-voice;
standing 5-feet tall,
instead of a giant,
imposing figure-
a carefully-chosen image,
changes Vader’s ability to communicate.

Image is lower majik.
a powerful force in its own right.
Higher majik is mysterious,
when used in conjunction with lower majik,
the two together are unstoppable.
As a Furai,
do not worry about which is more powerful;
that’s like imagining what’s more powerful:
a hammer or a screwdriver?
They’re both tools,
you’re better off with a toolbox full of diverse tools,
and knowledge of their use.
Choose the appropriate tool for your desired outcome.”

F* Majik

Tony: F* majik,
for a Furai Seeker,
is the study of image.
Advanced F* majik,
(for advanced Furai levels,)
is the study of communications.
lower-level-image majik:
things you do for yourself,
making you more powerful,
when you walk in a room.
higher-level communications majik,
is your ability to influence others,
bend another to your will by communications.

Image majik:
When a beautiful,
confident-woman applies for a job,
F* gives her an edge,
over every less-attractive person applying for that same job.
F* image-majik:
Many things,
too-many to name.
Increase F* image by:
working out,
eating right,
choosing the right clothes,
sleeping right,
thinking positive,
speaking with the right accent,
using the right words-
many things,
too-many to name.
It’s how other people perceive you,
the benefits you get from controlling their perception.”


Tony: “The single most-important component of image F* is confidence.
When you know you’re:
speak differently,
smile more,
introduce yourself to strangers,
are far-more persuasive,
have intoxicating swagger-
You’re fun to be around.
When a person lacks confidence,
this shows also.
A confident ugly-man can leave a club with a different,
sexy-woman every night;
a handsome man with no self-esteem leaves alone.
Ever see a dog sniff another dog’s ass?”

Ray laughs.
Ray: “Sure sifu.”

Tony: “A dog’s sense-of-smell is profound.
Dogs can smell emotions,
all kinds of things-
When a person lacks confidence,
the world can ‘smell’ it.
A good-looking person with no confidence,
especially a man,
it works for both men and women,
will not be perceived as attractive.
Confidence is not just for sexual attraction,
sales either.
If a man lacks confidence,
he’s more likely to be picked-on,
by other men.
A confident man is left alone,
9 times out of 10.”

Ray: “Wait a minute sifu.
Don’t some people attack confident people out of jealousy?”

Tony: “Usually when you see that,
it’s because a potential-bully smells disingenuousness.
You know the difference between arrogant and confident?”

Ray: “No, sifu.”

Tony: A confident man knows:
he’s the-shit;
the world agrees.
An arrogant man thinks he’s the-shit;
the world thinks he’s wrong.
An arrogant man can be discouraged,
a confident man,
When a man is arrogant:
insult him;
hurt his feelings.
When a man is confident:
insult him;
he could reply causing everyone in the room,
to laugh at you,
or worse,
he could say or imply,
you’re not worth his time.
The world will agree.
You can’t hurt a confident man’s feelings through insults.”

Ray: “What if I think I’m acting confident,
but others believe me arrogant,

Tony: Know you’re the-shit,
don’t think it;
don’t act it;
know it!
The world will agree.
The world has no choice;
it must bend to your will.
Can a worm,
hurt an eagle’s self-confidence,
through words?”

Ray: “Fuck no,

Tony: “Exactly.
Know you’re an eagle among worms;
the worms will look up to you.

Ray: “Isn’t that arrogance,

Tony: “A worm pretending it’s an eagle,
when it knows for-a-fact it’s a worm,
will be discovered.
A worm can’t disguise itself as an eagle:
every worm can spot every other worm;
eagles are undeniable.
Don’t think you’re an eagle;
know you’re an eagle.
you’re a giant among ants,
a god among insects.
Know it.
You the smartest kid in your school?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Tony: “That’s a fact;
isn’t it?
This is something no one can deny;
no one can take away from you.
there are many things one can feel confident about:
the list goes on and on and on.
I know:
I’m the best salesman on the fucking planet.
I’m rich.
I’m good looking.
I can have any woman I want,
or any thing I want.
Do you know these things about yourself?”

Ray: “I’m not a salesman,

Tony: “Really?
I heard,
you were the smallest kid in your junior-high,
you convinced a gang of kids:
to throw a dodgeball at the toughest-kid-in-the-school’s balls.
I heard,
you organized a bunch of your friends to work for you,
below minimum wage,
and shovel a hundred driveways,
earning you over fifteen-hundred dollars,
in a few hours.
Only a salesman could do those things!
Only confidence could’ve pulled them off!
The trick is,
can you feel confident at all times;
in all situations?
7 days a week?
24 hours a day?
If you can always feel confident,
that’s the number-one-determining factor for gaining anything you desire.
Any Furai,
stripped of all possessions,
all wealth,
thrown into prison;
know what?
In a year they’d run the prison.
If thrown out on the street,
they’d have access to a million dollars within a month.
Confidence makes this a forgone conclusion!
A confident man can walk up to a millionaire,
a total stranger,
and borrow a million dollars,
for an idea.
Confidence is truth;
arrogance a lie.

The Elephant

Tony: “The most-important skill I,
or anyone else,
can teach you:
confidence at all times,
in all situations,
as a way of life,
as a habit.
Confidence at all times:
is not natural,
it’s not normal,
no one is born with it.
Confidence a gift,
usually from a person’s parents,
Confidence is also something that can be destroyed.
If you want to kill or injure someone:
destroy their confidence,
the rest will follow.
If you can destroy a man’s confidence:
you can enslave him,
bend him,
mold him into anything you wish;
he becomes your property.”

Ray: “I don’t understand,

Tony: “When an elephant is a baby,
its trainers tie it up,
a rope around its neck.
The baby elephant fights that rope,
with every ounce of its being.
The baby elephant pulls,
and pulls,
and pulls,
till its neck chafes and bleeds.
when the baby-elephant’s energy is exhausted,
when the more he pulls,
the more he hurts;
the baby-elephant loses confidence;
the baby-elephant’s will broken;
the baby-elephant gives up.
As an adult,
this broken-elephant could easily snap the rope;
it doesn’t even try,
believing it’s hopeless.
The elephant’s will:
completely broken.
A small man,
can lead this broken adult-elephant anywhere he chooses,
with this rope,
without any effort.
A giant,
physically-powerful elephant,
biggest and strongest of all land creatures on the planet,
the property of the tiny,
physically-weak man.”

Ray: “That’s sad sifu.”

Tony: “I agree,
but it happens to humans too,
and almost always,
at a young age.
How much more powerful is a man than an elephant?
Some men lose their confidence in their infant years;
some in childhood,
some in their teens,
some as adults.
the primary reason so much of humanity has been enslaved,
for so much of human history.
This is the path you were on.
Daley was breaking you,
a fucking-worm putting a rope,
around a baby-eagle’s neck.”

Ray: “I’m afraid of him,

Tony: “I know.
He gave you quite a beating;
before that,
he was terrorizing you for months.
He nearly slipped a rope completely around your neck.
There are many ways to control a man,
the threat of physical violence:
the least sophisticated.
it can be effective.”

Ray: “What other ways are there sifu?”

Tony: “Peer pressure,
the list is huge.
If I boldly proclaimed to a receptive crowd:
in a massive auditorium,
surrounded by everyone you know:
your mom and dad,
your teachers,
everyone you respect,
and thousands of strangers;
what would you do?”

Ray: “Probably nothing,
I’d be afraid to speak-up sifu.”

Tony: “If you spoke-up would you be:

Ray: “No sifu.
I’d be intimidated,
speaking in front of all those people.”

Tony: “So fear dominated you,
not fear of violence,
fear of embarrassment.
A confident man has no fear.
He might be silent too,
out of politeness,
a form of fear in this case:
fear of being perceived as rude.
let’s suppose you did have the courage to speak up,
and I mean everyone,
in the auditorium:
laughed at you,
ridiculed you,
called you an idiot-
What would you do then?

Don’t answer that,
it’s a rhetorical question.
If I wanted to control your mind,
I could do this to you.
Every day when you watch TV,
this is done to millions-upon-millions of individuals.
The TV’s a one-way communicator.
The TV proclaims:
all the time;
anyone who disagrees with the message is branded:
an extremist,
Fear of wanting to fit in,
be accepted by your peers,
is much more powerful than fear of violence.
many people have no fear of death,
public ridicule,
that’s total mind-control.
Now you know why things are so messed-up in the world.
Billions of people in the world:
a tiny,
tiny-percentage are police and soldiers.
The world’s not dominated by violence,
and guns.
The world is dominated by mind-control on the TV,
and peer pressure:
The TV announces:
many are too-stupid or uneducated to know it’s a lie,
the rest lack the confidence to speak-out against it.
Unplug the TV,
don’t feast at the pig trough.
Focus your energy on creating the universe you desire,
be grateful for your blessings.
Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Tony: Confidence is a state of mind.
Many want to put their rope around your neck,
do not accept any rope.
If you’re:
forced to go to prison,
seek to run the prison.
Forced to attend a public high-school,
seek to run the high school.”

Mind Reading

Tony: “Every man has the ability to read minds and emotions.
Through thousands upon thousands of interactions,
across millennia,
men have acquired excellent bullshit-detectors.
Most of this is through nonverbal communication,
there’s an element above this.
assume the person you are speaking with can read your mind,
then you will have an edge over them,
if you control your thoughts.

I remember when I was younger,
I sold cars.
I was very good at selling cars.
Grew up in a lily-white neighborhood;
when black folks came into my office,
when I greeted them,
my thoughts often betrayed me.
You see,
all the news-reports of crime in the ghettoes,
all the racist-talk I heard growing up,
all the crap of growing-up-white with white-friends-
showed up,
not in my words,
in my thoughts.
You see,
if you’re afraid someone might rob you,
steal from you.
If you believe someone inferior to you,
different from you,
you’ll behave differently.
It may-not-be evident in your words,
it will be revealed:
in your face,
in the tonality of your words,
in the movement of your eyes.
It wasn’t just me either.
When many black-folks transact business with a white-salesman,
they’re suspicious of us.
All the stories they may-have-heard,
all the mistreatment they may-have-experienced.
all the history-
This puts some of them on-edge;
makes some of them overly-sensitive:
to every little-nuance of your behavior.
children abused by their parents,
who grew up in an abusive or hostile environment:
they become masters of reading thoughts.
This is part of survival.

It’s likely Daley can read your mind,
at some level,
because of his upbringing,
because Daley is physically abused at home.
Imagine if you had a father who beat you,
with little warning,
every time he had a bad-day at work.
After a few beatings:
you’d know he was in a bad mood,
just by looking at him.
He wouldn’t have to say a word.
That extra twinge in his face,
the flash in his eyes-
Is it true mind-reading?
Does it matter?
The result’s the same,
whether they’re picking up on non-verbal communication,
or actual thoughts:
the result’s the same.
People know what you’re thinking;
people who’ve been abused.

Ray: “How do you get through that sifu?”

Tony: “First,
by acknowledging all people have the ability to read-minds,
some better than others.
Once you put this in your head as a key fact,
you become far more-powerful.
concentrate on thinking right!
Find something to love about who you’re talking to:
‘He reminds me of my cousin,’
instead of,
‘he’s a pothead.’
‘He’s funny like Jerry Seinfeld,’
instead of,
‘He’s a smart ass.’
Then love them!
Love them with your eyes!
Love them with all-your-heart!
Treat them with respect:
they’ll buy whatever you’re selling.

I’ve watched politicians talking,
to the other-guy’s demographic over the years;
I laugh.
I remember a white Republican addressing the NAACP.
I saw:
the fear,
the intimidation,
the contempt in his heart.
He said mostly the right things,
the audience read his heart.
He didn’t make any inroads with that audience that year.

By the end of the summer,
you’ll have access to the most-powerful people on the planet.
you learn what they teach,
and truly apply these teachings,
there’ll be nothing that can stand in your way.”


Tony: “During your Morning-Regiment,
for the rest of summer,
add the following:

1. Write down everything you’re thankful for,
as many things as possible,
in two minutes.
Small things,
big things,
things most people take for granted,
Being smart.
Being funny.
Being born in America.
Having a mother and father that love you.
Your eyesight.
Having food.
Being able to walk.
Try to come-up with some new-items every day,
write as fast as you can.
Two minutes every day.
2. After your Morning Regiment,
watch or listen to some comedy,
for at-least five minutes,
after you turn your music playlist off.
3. Force yourself,
(if need be,)
to smile,
all day long.
When you do this (forced) smile,
say to yourself,
I am confident.”
4. Try to make everyone you meet or greet,
for the rest of your life:
laugh or at-least smile within 60 seconds,
of the initial encounter.”

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