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An Unexpected Sifu

The next morning,
Ray does his expanded Morning-Regiment upon awakening;
listens to some comedy,
is feeling great.

10:26 A.M.
Ray enters the dojo,
he’s surprised who’s waiting for him.

Cynthia: “Good morning Ray.
I’ll be your sifu today.”
perfect in form,
beautiful brunette,
large enhanced-breasts,
a real knock-out.

Ray has talked with Cynthia;
eaten dinner with her;
swam naked in the pool with her-
Ray thinks to himself:
Now Cynthia’s going to teach me martial arts?

Ray tries to hide his disappointment:
Was expecting to see his father;
expecting a martial-arts master.

Cynthia: “There a problem?”

Ray: “No, sifu.”

Cynthia: “Telling me the truth?”

Ray: “No,
I was expecting to see my father today.”


Ray: “Expecting to learn how to break bricks or something.”


Ray: “Yesterday my father sent me a salesman,
which was fun;
I learned a lot.
Woke up this morning feeling great,
I mean:

Cynthia: “Stop!
Why’d you feel so powerful coming into class today?”

Ray: “Because of the training I received yesterday,

Cynthia: “You feel:
full of energy-
Tony’s a master at that.
I know you’re ready to fight Daley.
99% of winning a fight is confidence.

In order to beat a man:
break his will to fight.
If two people are evenly matched,
the confident man’s the one who’ll win.
I promise,
master these lessons we teach you:
you’ll never lose a fight;
beyond that,
you’ll be able to dominate your universe.
There are things far more-powerful than breaking bricks!

What if I show you something even cooler than smashing a heavy bag?
Without breaking anything?
What if I demonstrate an even greater display of chi-energy?”

Ray tries to hide his disbelief,
he can’t help it.
He doesn’t believe anything can be cooler,
than smashing a brick,
or a heavy-bag.
Ray doesn’t believe this little woman can generate more power,
than his dad generated the other night.

Cynthia: “Don’t believe me?”

Ray: “Sifu,
it’s hard to accept.”

Cynthia: “Remember when your father smashed the heavy bag?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Cynthia: “How’d he do it?”

Ray: “With chi,

Cynthia: “And what is your understanding of chi?”

Ray: “Chi is the energy within a person,
from The Universe,
that can be channeled through a person.

Cynthia: “Does chi require physical strength?”

Ray: “I don’t know sifu.”

Cynthia: “Is Drew physically stronger than your father?”

Ray: “I don’t know sifu.
Drew looks stronger;
Drew couldn’t smash through the heavy-bag,

Cynthia: “The answer is:
Drew is much stronger than your father,
(as you would normally measure strength,)
the ability to move something heavy.
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s very strong.
Can he throw a fastball as fast as Roger Clemens?”

Ray: “No sifu.”

Cynthia: “Why not?”

Ray: “Physics sifu.
Roger Clemens puts his whole body into a pitch,

Cynthia: “Good answer.
What’s a human-being made of?”

Ray: “Cells,

Cynthia: “What are cells made of?”

Ray: “Molecules,

Cynthia: “What’s everything in the universe made of,
down at the lowest level?”

Ray: “Atoms,

Cynthia: “Atoms are composed of energy.
Everything you’ve ever seen,
or touched,
is composed of energy.
Your body is a massive power-plant.
Einstein proved one,
tiny atom contains:
a massive amount of energy.

Is it possible:
Chi has zero to do with strength?
Is it possible:
This small woman,
you see before you,
can generate even more chi,
than your father did the other night?”

Ray looks embarrassed;
looks down at his knees.
Ray: “Yes sifu,
that’s definitely possible.”

Cynthia: “Is it also possible your father’s having me teach this lesson,
not because he’s too-busy,
because I’m abundantly qualified?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Cynthia: “Let me ask you a question,
does your father desire the very best for you?”

Ray: “That’s what I believe;
he wants the best for me,


Ray: “I apologize for my lack of faith;
it won’t happen again,

Cynthia smiles.
Cynthia: “Good.
Today we are going to talk about:
chi and The Ether;
Master these things:
you’ll be unstoppable in any fight.”

The Ether

Cynthia: “The Ether is a transmission-medium covering:
the planet,
the solar system,
the universe.
It’s everywhere;
connects every thing.
Think about someone,
they call on the phone:
that’s The Ether.
Desire something;
pray for it,
the prayer comes true:
that’s The Ether.
Higher majik,
mentioned by Tony yesterday,
is the study of Ether manipulation.

Focus on your right hand;
what do you feel?”

Ray: “Nothing sifu.
I feel my right-hand getting warm;
no hot!
It’s burning sifu!
It’s burning!
Make it stop sifu!”

Cynthia: “That burning you just felt,
the result of my mind tricking your mind into believing:
your hand was being burned,
by a powerful heat-lamp.
I could make you feel,
like your whole-body is being burned,
consumed by acid,
or frozen,
if I wished,
focus on one small-area like your finger-tip,
creating a sharp focussed-agony.
An example of me connecting to your mind,
using chi,
through The Ether,
causing pain by nerve-induction.
I could make you feel:
or cold;
or depressed;
or fearful-
I could drain,
fill you with energy.
I could also generate massive-chi and actually burn you,
set fire to an object.

A person who can manipulate his chi,
The Ether can do many things:
mind control,
mind reading,
see the future,
dream control,
astral projection,
image projection,
walk through walls,
control the weather-
I can plant thoughts,
or emotions into your head,
you’d feel fear or anger-
Possibilities only limited,
by imagination.
Through Ether manipulation,
Furai can attract whatever they wish to themselves.
A Furai can walk into any casino and win,
manipulate the direction of the stock market,
cause a quarterback to throw an interception,
get sacked-
The Ether is the ultimate power in the universe!
A person who masters these things can:
heal or kill,
with concentrated thought.

You’ve heard the term Furai before,

Ray: “Yes, sifu.
Johanna mentioned it;
Tony talked about it.”

Cynthia: “She told you your father is The Furai,

Ray: “Yes sifu.
What’s a Furai?”

Cynthia: “A Furai is a person who uses all his mind,
all his power,
to achieve personal freedom.
Your father is The Furai.
People who’ve learned this technology are called Furai.
The word Furai is singular and plural:
one Furai,
many Furai.
Furai means Freedom samURAI.
The word ‘Furai’ is a kenning,
a word of majikal power,
connecting two-words together.
Freedom corresponding to iron;
samurai corresponding to carbon.
the kenning ‘Furai’ means,
you’re more powerful as a mixture between:
freedom and discipline;
carbon and iron;
flexibility and rigidness-

Furai wield great power.
Furai control their:
to create maximum chi.
Furai use their chi to benefit:
those they love;
the Furai organization;
ultimately all mankind.”

Ray: “Can Furai do evil with their manipulation of The Ether,

Cynthia: “Good and evil are constructs,
having different meanings to a Furai.
By Furai definition of good and evil:
it’s impossible for a true Furai to manipulate The Ether to do evil.
The Furai definition of good is:
anything benefiting the Furai is good;
anything harming the Furai is Evil.
Evil would be to knowingly harm yourself,
our organization.
A true Furai would never do this.

You’re a Level-One Furai.
At this stage it’s very important we,
your sifus,
not teach you too-much,
The results could be disastrous for you,
as well as everyone around you.
Great power requires great responsibility.
Let’s walk over to the heavy-bag shall we?”

Ray: “OK sifu.”

Cynthia: “I’m going to hit the bag using focus and energy.”
Cynthia hits the bag.

Pretty good hit.
Perfect form!
Perfect body!
What a beauty!

Cynthia interrupts Ray’s thoughts.
Cynthia: “Now,
I’m going to hit the bag with:
and emotion.”

This time,
when Cynthia hits the heavy-bag,
she lets out a strong exhale.
Her eyes and face communicate intense passion.
The heavy bag snaps with her blow,
moves further than when Drew and Bruce hit it!

Ray smiles.
Ray: “Quite a punch sifu!”

Cynthia: “Thank you.
I want to show you something cool.
Hold the bag in place with just your hands;
do not attempt to brace the bag with your body;
keep your chest a few inches from it.”
on the other-side of the heavy-bag now,
(as instructed,)
firmly grasps each side;
concentrates on holding the bag fixed,
with just his hands.

Cynthia: “Ready?”

Ray fearfully: “Yes sifu.
I know I can’t hold it,
if you wallop it sifu.”

Cynthia: “That’s OK.
Do your best.
No matter what you see,
or feel:
don’t move;
don’t let go or be afraid.

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

While Ray’s bracing for the hit,
concentrating on the bag:
The vinyl heavy-bag appears to transform in luster.

Cynthia: “What do you see Ray?”

Ray: “The bag was shinier a moment ago;
it has a dull,
flat appearance,

Cynthia: “Good Ray.
Keep studying the bag.
You’ll see something strange.
Don’t be alarmed;
don’t move;
don’t flinch;
don’t release the bag.”

Ray continues focussing on the heavy bag;
ripples begin forming.
The bag appears composed entirely of fluid,
except where Ray’s hands grasp.
Cynthia’s fist penetrates the bag,
her small-fist passing through a thick,
viscous black-liquid.
A ripple emanates out from where her fist exits the bag.
Cynthia’s fist continues moving slowly;
through the bag;
until she connects with Ray’s sternum:
firmly but gently.

Ray wants to release the bag:
he’s terrified.
Feels her fist on his chest,
his life’s continuation,
merely a decision for her to make.

Like having a loaded .45 pressed against my temple.

Ray holds the bag faithfully though.
While her fist rests on his chest,
Ray holds his breath.
He focuses on her four knuckles,
Now he focuses on her two main-knuckles,
closest to her thumb.
He can feel the warmth of her body-heat penetrate his gi;
feels her heart thumping,
with purpose,
through their connection.
Ray hears her thoughts loudly within his mind:

“Fear not!
I love you like you’re my-own son.
No harm will come to you;
you’re the chosen one.”

Ray exhales;
he’s no longer frightened.


The connection breaks,
he feels her fist’s-pressure ease;
watches Cynthia’s tiny-fist retreat back through the viscous-black vinyl,
as slowly as it emerged.
Her fist,
now enveloped by the vinyl;
ripples continue a moment;
the vinyl gets shiny again;
appears solid,

Cynthia: “Release the bag now.
Good job.”

Ray: “How is this possible sifu?”

Cynthia: “What are the normal states of matter?”

Ray: “Solid,

Cynthia: “Ray,
what happens at the atomic level when an ice-cube melts?”

Ray: “The water atoms begin moving more-rapidly,
as they heat up.
This movement makes the substance appear to be liquid,

Cynthia: “Good.
The water didn’t change:
it’s still water.
Water’s appearance changes when heated,
because water molecules begin moving faster,
as they absorb heat energy.
That’s what happened with the bag a moment ago.
The molecules in the bag,
began to move freely:
they became like a liquid,
for my fist to go through.”

Ray: “Why didn’t my hands,
go through the bag when I was holding it?
Why didn’t the bag feel hot?
I know vinyl only melts at high temperatures sifu.”

Cynthia: “Because,
I didn’t melt the vinyl Ray.
I demanded the vinyl molecules yield to my will.
the molecules began to move for me,
allowing my fist to pass through them.
If I had melted the bag,
it would’ve been a real mess,
and you’re right:
the bag would have gotten hot.
Not to mention,
the bag’s full of sand,
which if melted,
would’ve become molten glass.”

Ray: “That’s why your fist moved slowly;
you had to pass through the sand slowly,

Cynthia: “Precisely.
Have a seat.”


Cynthia: “We live in a universe composed of energy.
Everything is pure energy:
the floor,
the ceiling,
the air,
the heavy bag,
you and I-
That’s the first and most-important concept to understand,
from what I’ve shown you.

All energy is connected:
this connection is called The Ether.
Furai believe this connection,
is related to Quantum Entanglement,
what Einstein called,
‘spooky action at a distance.’
Quantum Entanglement:
When two particles are entangled,
affect one,
affect the other.
Separate these particles,
as far as you wish,
from one end of the universe to the other,
affect one,
affect the other,
faster-than-light speed.
If every particle was once entangled,
(like before the Big Bang,)
The Universe is entangled.

The final concept:
(crucial to understand,)
you create the universe you desire;
the universe yields to your will.
A Furai can command a heavy bag,
or a mountain,
‘yield to my will!’
If he does not doubt,
(and has the appropriate amount of chi-energy,)
the universe will obey him;
the universe must obey him.
Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu,
I understand the concept.
When will I be able to perform such feats?”

Cynthia: “Maybe never Ray.
Such feats are accomplished with:
and emotion.
Focus on what you desire;
imagine it vividly in your mind;
keep that image in your mind,
without distraction.
Massive energy
a product of many factors:
how much rest you get;
how healthy you are;
what you eat;
how you exercise;
your frame of mind;
your confidence;
and many other factors-
The last element,
and most important:
Do you believe the universe will yield for you?
Do you demand it?
Do you demand it with authority?
Do you demand it with intensity?
Do you exercise your God-given right to dominion over the universe?
Do you have faith?
Do you know the universe can and must yield to your intention?
Who’s fucking universe is it!?”

Ray’s terrified by the look in Cynthia’s eyes.
Knows she could kill any man walking Earth,
the focus she possesses;
the energy she contains;
the emotion she’s capable of generating.

Cynthia: “Few can ever perform what I’ve shown you Ray,
no matter how much they ‘learn’.
So many variables;
so many subtleties,
Do not worry about if or when you can visibly wield higher-majik at this level;
focus on what you can control:
Pay attention;
take notes;
study your notes;
do your homework;
push yourself to be great;
believe in yourself,
and your teachings;
You’re a smart kid;
surrounded by dedicated sifus,
who’ll give you the finest education.
It is up to you to master,
not merely learn.”

Ray: “Sifu,
how long did it take you to master?”

Cynthia: “I can’t tell you Ray,
at least not yet.
If I tell you it was a short amount of time,
this might discourage you,
if results come slower for you.
If I tell you it was a long amount of time,
you may give up,
thinking it’s too-much work.
The only thing I know:
Desire this power,
more than anything:
it’ll happen.
God created you in his image.
God created the whole-universe by exclaiming,
‘Let there be light!’
Accept these two great-truths,
reject them.
Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Cynthia: The process of:
bending the universe;
manipulating The Ether to your desires-
is called CONCUSSION.
A CONCUSSION is the product of:
laser-like detailed focus,
multiplied by,
high energy,
multiplied by,


Cynthia: “What’s a thought?”

Ray: “A thought is an electrical-impulse in the brain,
fired between your neural-network,

Cynthia: “A purely Newtonian definition,
very good.
Newtonian-Mechanics expresses a set of laws governing the universe,
breaks the universe down into a bunch of machines;
being just another machine.
believed in God;
believed in a much vaster universe than his laws defined.
Newton studied alchemy:
the ability to transform base-metals into gold.
Newton went from an unknown eccentric,
to being transformed into one of the world’s most-famous scientists.
Did Newton discover the secret to alchemy?”

Cynthia smiles.

Cynthia: “Last century,
man discovered the quantum universe,
a universe of light-speed,
of vast energy at the subatomic level.
Science has discovered:
Newtonian-mechanics fails at speeds approaching the speed-of-light.
Newtonian-mechanics also fails with particles at the subatomic-level.
This led to a new science called Quantum-Mechanics,
giving new formulas for calculation of tiny things,
and fast things.
According to Newton:
Force = Mass times Velocity squared.
Useful for calculating where a cannon ball will land,
landing a space probe on Mars.
Einstein came up with a different formula:
This formula useful for speed-of-light calculations,
for calculating energy generated by nuclear-fusion.
Man is not a machine;
man is energy.
The universe is not a machine;
The Universe is energy.
Thoughts are pure energy.
all thoughts,
extend beyond your mind,
beyond your neural network.
All thoughts affect The Universe.
All thoughts affect your health.
All thoughts affect others.
When you think positive-things,
positive things tend to occur;
when you think negative,
the opposite happens.
Whether you believe your thoughts create reality,
doesn’t matter.
They do.
A fact as real:
as gravity;
as the energy leaving your cell-phone.
You can’t:
see it,
taste it,
touch it,
feel it,
but it’s there.

Ray:“I understand sifu.”

Cynthia: “Good.
Attempt to control your thoughts at all times.
Force yourself to think positively at all times.
If someone is saying negative things,
rebuke them,
try to swing them to positivity.
If you can’t:
ignore them;
get away from them;
avoid them.
If they want to destroy themselves with negativity,
so be it.
Try to teach them otherwise,
you can’t save everyone.”

Rip Open the Universe

Cynthia: “Imagine a small pond,
on a day with no wind.
Picture it in your mind now.”

Ray: “OK sifu.”

Cynthia: “Now,
imagine dropping a tiny pebble into the pond.
Describe what you see.”

Ray: “The water ripples for a moment,
after the pebble hits the pond.
Ripples continue for a-while,
then stop,

Cynthia: Excellent.
imagine what would happen,
you picked up a heavy cinderblock over your head,
cast it into this same small-pond with ALL your force.”

Ray: “The cinder block creates a huge splash,
followed by a wave sifu;
the entire pond is affected.”

Cynthia: Perfect.
Your universe:
the pond.
A normal thought:
a pebble dropped.
a cinderblock CAST with ALL your might.
CONCUSSION a thought-form,
cast with:
such emotion,
such energy,
such focus:
it rips open the universe;
creates supernatural-change.
A CONCUSSION is created through:
concentrated focus,
massive energy,
and high emotion.
The more precise the focus,
the greater the energy possessed,
the higher-intensity of emotion generated:
the more-powerful the CONCUSSION.

The process for creating a CONCUSSION:
decide what you desire.
Focus on your desire and it alone,
pour all your energy into your desire;
explode with great emotion,
great faith.
It is finished!”

Generating a CONCUSSION

Cynthia: “Now we’re going to generate a CONCUSSION.
what do you want?
more than anything?”

Ray: “I’m embarrassed to tell you sifu.”

Cynthia: “You want Kristen.
In fact,
you offered to ‘sell your soul to the devil for her.’

Ray: “Sifu,
I never told anyone that!”

Cynthia: “You look so surprised.
Haven’t you been paying attention?
When you thought that,
weeks ago:
I heard it!
Your father heard it!
You’ve already generated CONCUSSIONS Ray,
a thought cast,
with focus,
and emotion.
I guarantee you affected her with that CONCUSSION;
perhaps that’s why Daley broke your jaw?
You’re safe now Ray.
Do you still want her?”

Ray: “More than anything in the universe,

Cynthia: “Because you’re young and inexperienced,
I’m going to allow this.
it’s not advisable,
to use the power of CONCUSSION in this way:
nothing good ever comes of it.
Using your chi to change someone else;
you’re not thinking about her and her needs:
you’re thinking only about yourself.
I don’t believe you’ll harm anything with this,
I’ll allow it.
CONCUSSION should normally only be used to make yourself better,
to make your life better;
to directly-affect someone-else’s free-will,
exclusively for your own-selfish-needs.
After today:
I’ll try to convince you:
this is proper,
in your best-interest.”

Ray: “Why sifu?”

Cynthia: “So many reasons Ray.
It would take us down too-many tangents,
to truly answer your question.
It’s what Furai consider black majik:
the use of energy not to improve yourself,
to affect another’s will;
higher-level teachings.”

Ray: “Is it evil sifu?”

Cynthia: “Yes,
not for why you think.
It’s evil because it hurts you,
Anything you do,
that hurts yourself,
is evil.”

Ray: “Then I don’t want to do it,

Cynthia: “Good answer.
this is a rare occasion.
your ultimate desire as a young person;
I know you could cast a successful CONCUSSION today;
believe nothing evil will come of it.
This first intentional CONCUSSION could be a:
valuable lesson and motivational tool,
reinforcing your faith in your sifu’s teachings.
This CONCUSSION will benefit your growth,
it will be for good purpose.
As a Furai,
a sifu,
I am qualified to decide when black majik is acceptable;
I take full responsibility in the outcome of this CONCUSSION.

Kristen lives an hour away from here;
she has a boyfriend.
It’s unlikely,
you will harm her,
that she will harm you.
Do this;
when you see results:
tell me.

Ray smiles.
Ray: “OK sifu.”

Cynthia: “Close your eyes.
imagine Kristen.
Picture her in your mind:
the way she looks;
the way she sounds;
the way she smells.
imagine her calling you on the phone.”


Cynthia: “OK.
open your eyes;
focus on the heavy-bag in front of you.
If you hit the bag hard enough,
saying the words,
‘Kristen call Ray today!’
Say it:
with intensity,
know it will happen,
with all your mind.
Hit the bag,
with every ounce of strength you have.
I promise:
she’ll call you today.”

doesn’t hesitate.
Hits the bag,
over and over again yelling aloud,
“Kristen call Ray today!”
With every punch:
the bag moves further and further.

Cynthia: “Stop!
You did it!
I’m sure of it!
The faith of a child!
have a seat.”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Cynthia is smiling,
conveying admiration.
Cynthia: “Ray,
remember the lesson about steel?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Cynthia: “Explain how steel pertains to a Furai.
Use iron and carbon in your answer.”

Ray: “A steel-sword is superior to a sword made of iron or carbon.
A sword containing too-much:
will be brittle and shatter;
too-hard for use.
will lose its edge;
too-soft for use.
A Furai,
a man of steel,
is superior to an iron or a carbon man.
A man that’s too:
the carbon man,
will be shattered.
the iron man,
will be beaten and abused.
A man of steel is perfection.
It’s up to us,
as individuals,
to determine the right mixture of carbon and iron,
for ourselves,
using our best judgement,

Cynthia: “Excellent!
You’re a smart kid Ray,
smarter than many adults,
you already know that.
The Furai organization is like steel also.
Some Furai have more iron,
some more carbon.
In general,
iron corresponds to the feminine,
carbon the masculine.
You can see by your dad’s advisors which side he leans.
Richie Rich is surrounded by carbon,
and Anne,
even though she’s a woman,
has an over-abundance of carbon.
Anne has probably more carbon than just about anyone,
except maybe her husband Antwon.

I am Furai.
I have carbon in me:
I lead a structured,
regimented life.
I have strong opinions,
will fight to defend them.
I have more iron than most Furai.
You could think of me as the feminine side of your father.

An organization needs a healthy mixture of hard and soft as well,
it’s not a steel organization:
it is iron or carbon fit for nothing.”

Ray: “You saying you’re concerned,
about my father’s choice of advisors sifu?”

Cynthia: “Not at all Ray.
I’m saying:
you will have many mentors,
some harder,
some softer.
Listen to all of them,
respect their hardness and softness;
love them for what they are;
realize the Furai are stronger with our diversity.
decide what works for you!
As far as your father and his hard-edged-advisors:
it makes sense the leadership of the Furai organization is hard.
A leader must have a hard edge,
an organization must have hard leadership,
it’s good to have a mixture of opinions and ideas.
Do you understand Ray?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

The Thunder Punch Explained

Ray: “How do you throw a Thunder Punch,

Cynthia smiles.
Cynthia: “This is a Wizard-level topic,
I’ll tell you what I know.
When you become a Wizard,
your father will teach you.

A Thunder Punch requires the same skills as a CONCUSSION:
and emotion.
I have the energy,
the chi,
I don’t have the ability to generate pure rage.
I can’t throw a Thunder Punch:
I don’t have the capacity to generate that level of destructive energy,
on another person.
a Thunder Punch requires a traumatic event to trigger this ability?
A Thunder Punch may require a focal point,
incites so much fury and rage:
massive negative-chi is released.
I have the iron;
lack the carbon.

Antwon has the rage,
the fury,
does not have the ability to generate enough chi-energy.
When you’re mostly negative,
this limits your chi-production.
Antwon has the carbon;
lacks the iron.

Your father is the only Furai,
currently living,
with the balance to generate a Thunder Punch.
He’s mostly positive,
don’t make your father angry:
Your father’s a powder keg,
of great destructive and constructive power.
Richie Rich has the balance of carbon and iron.”

Ray: “Can a Thunder Punch be generated with just love?
With positive chi?”

Cynthia: “Could America have won World War Two with just love?
Could you kill a man with pure love?
Without Pearl Harbor,
there would have been no atomic bombs.
The A-bomb was the result of iron-men enraged.
A poll taken in 1945,
a majority of Americans favored:
killing every last Japanese,
that’s rage!
When men of peace suffer perceived great injustice:
the petri-dish of the Thunder Punch.”

The Grizzly Bear

Cynthia: “What do you know of other dimensions Ray?”

Ray: “Just what I’ve learned in geometry sifu.”

Cynthia: “And what’s that?”

Ray: “There are three dimensions sifu:
and height.”

Cynthia: “What would a fourth dimension look like?”

Ray: “I don’t know sifu;
can’t imagine it.”

Cynthia: “A Furai,
or the Furai (plural),
exist in a universe greater than three dimensions.
This gives the Furai an edge over any enemy.
The world is like a river filled with salmon.
Salmon normally can swim:
forward and backwards,
up and down,
left and right.
Three dimensions.

A Furai is like a mighty grizzly-bear outside the river.
Higher dimensions.
The grizzly bear sees the river,
upstream and downstream,
where all the salmon are contained.
Within the river:
the grizzly bear’s dinner is contained.

The mighty grizzly-bear walks to a shallow point in the river,
where the salmon are heading.
At this shallow point,
the salmon are most helpless.
At this shallow point,
the salmon exist in only two-dimensions.
Salmon can normally move:
right and left,
up and down,
forward and back,
at the shallow point,
the salmon can no longer move up and down:
the water’s not deep enough.
The grizzly bear looks down at the salmon below her,
in the shallow water;
the salmon now helpless beneath her.
The salmon see the grizzly bear’s outline,
by the time they see the grizzly bear,
their fate is sealed.
They’re at the grizzly bear’s mercy.

The grizzly bear waits patiently,
for a school to swim through the shallow portion;
when a school swims through:
this three-dimensional creature,
the salmon,
is now forced into a one-dimensional space.
No longer can an individual salmon move forward,
or back,
there’s a salmon in front,
a salmon in back,
a salmon to the right,
a salmon to the left.
The salmon can’t move up and down either,
since the water’s so shallow.
A salmon can’t even change speeds:
salmon behind him are pushing him forward;
salmon in front are preventing his acceleration.
The individual salmon is totally helpless from the grizzly-bear’s mouth,
plunges into the shallow water;
grabs the salmon;
impales him;
then eats him.

If you have more dimensions than your opponent,
your opponent is helpless.
The salmon don’t understand the nature of the beast attacking.
The grizzly bear can see the salmon’s future,
and the past,
(upstream and downstream.)
The salmon,
if they could analyze the situation,
would not be able to come up with a defense,
even if the salmon were more-intelligent than the bear.
No matter how smart you are,
if you fight against opponents wielding other dimensions:
you’re helpless.

The salmon thinks it has free will.
Every spring the salmon go up the river to breed,
to the salmon this seems like free will.
To a creature,
living outside the river,
the salmon seems very predictable and stupid.
Salmon can normally move in three dimensions.
Salmon can normally swim faster and slower.
Salmon don’t realize,
his moves are predictable,
to a creature outside the river,
(and the salmon has limited discernment:
there is an outside-the-river world,
or how vast it is.)
A salmon would perceive a grizzly bear as:
a godlike apparition;
a demon butcher straight from hell.
An omniscient,

see me before you;
have no idea what I’m going to do next.
What I’m going to say,
what I plan on doing tomorrow,
What if I had access to other-dimensions unknown to you?
For example,
what if I had the ability to read minds?
Not imprecise emotions or feelings like sifu Tony discussed:
your actual thoughts in complete detail.
you become highly predictable to me:
you’re salmon to me.
I would know what you’re thinking;
what you’re thinking about saying;
how you feel about me,
about the topics we discuss.
If you were to contemplate attacking me:
I’d know about it hours,
maybe days in advance.
I could then monitor your plans from inception:
foil them.
Then whenever you attacked,
if you attacked;
no matter:
how well orchestrated,
how sophisticated,
how much intelligence you gather,
how much detail in your planning,
how advanced your weaponry-
your attack would fail.

Never be the predictable salmon,
living in three,
one dimension.
Be the grizzly!
Exist in the fourth,
even higher-dimensions than your opponent.”


Cynthia: “For your homework:
1. Research Newtonian mechanics.
2. Research Quantum mechanics.
3. Research String Theory.
4. Define Quantum Entanglement.
5. Research the double-slit experiment and the observer-effect.
6. Read The Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Write down all passages pertaining to the lesson we had today.
This will take several days;
work on it at least 30 minutes a day.

To your Morning Regiment:
Add hitting the heavy-bag with intensity,
for five minutes.
When you hit the heavy bag,
say with intensity what you say with your pushups,
I can accomplish anything!
Got it?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”
Ray bows to his sifu;
bows to the dojo as he leaves.
Ray goes downstairs;
then begins his homework.


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