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Be Here; Now.

Ray unexpectedly sighs.
Ray’s thinking about:
going back to school;
fighting Daley,
kicking his ass;
unfinished homework-assignments,
he still has yet to complete-
Chris feels Ray’s expression and physiology change.
Chris: “I know you got a ton on your mind.
You’re learnin’ so much;
jaw’s broken;
got homework assignments,
a crush,
a bully,
it’s important you:
be here;
Right now,
this moment is all that matters.
Enjoy every second of it.
You’ll never have the opportunity,
to be in this moment again.

Ray: “But Chris,
sifu told me yesterday,
if I direct all my:
and emotion on achieving my goals;
I’ll achieve them.
I want to reach my goals so bad!”

Chris: “I know lil prince,
everything sifu told you is true.
By focusing on:
your friends,
the nude-dancers,
the conversations-
Seems like wastin’ time and energy,
on things unrelated to your goals;
Everyone at this table’s Furai.
We all have:
we’re here to have fun,
teach you things.
Three lessons to teach you,
I know you’re a little buzzed,
but they’ll only take a moment.
You game?”

Ray: “Sure.”

Chris: “Excuse me?”

Ray: “Sorry.
Yes sifu.”

Chris smiles.
Chris: “Not all Furai-lessons occur in the dojo”

Know Your Reason

Chris: “The first lesson:
know your reason.
Three ways to go on vacation:
and tight
An unrestrained vacation:
to not go anywhere,
get up everyday,
do whatever you feel-like doing.
A loose vacation:
a tentative itinerary,
can change without notice;
without regrets.
A tight vacation:
a list of sites you must see,
activities you must do,
in a certain amount of time.
Which is the best vacation?

Ray: “A tight vacation,
because the most gets accomplished.”

Chris smiles.
Chris: “Wrong.
The best vacation:
the vacation that achieves the primary reason,
which should always be:
to have as much-fun as possible,
to achieve desired goals,
and enjoy time spent,
with loved ones around you.
the loose format’s the best format for this.

I was married,
a long time ago,
to someone who learned the tight format,
from her father.
When we went to Paris,
she had a long list of tasks,
she wanted to cram into two-weeks-time.
The tight format is useful,
in that,
you get to see a-lot in a short period of time.
Thirty-days worth-of-shit in two weeks.
The problem with the tight format:
you miss so-many details around you.
In a tight vacation you:
wake up with an alarm clock;
rush to sight-number-one,
eating a quick breakfast on the way.
Guess what?
There’s a fuckin’ line;
sight-number-one lasts too-long.
While in the long line,
you’re annoyed.
with the people in front of you.
with the rain coming down.
After sight-number-one’s finished,
it’s much later than you thought it would be.
you rush lunch,
before headin’ off to sight-number-two.
This process continues the whole-fuckin’-vacation;
as a result,
at the end of this ‘vacation’,
you ‘missed out’ on seeing five sights,
because you ran out of time.
Disappointed in the weather.
Disappointed in the employees you tried to rush.
Disappointed and annoyed with all the tourists ‘in your way’-
In an unrestrained vacation,
you never even leave the house.
Spend your days watchin’ TV;
ordering pizza.
At the end of this vacation;
you’re disappointed,
because you accomplished little.
A loose vacation is the best.
A loose vacation still has goals,
still has an itinerary,
but the itinerary is not the reason.
The itinerary,
(your written goals,)
is a guideline to help maintain some focus,
not a rulebook,
not set in stone.
With a loose vacation you:
fly to Paris;
sleep without an alarm clock;
wake-up refreshed;
eat a good meal,
and drink some great-coffee at a quaint cafe.
go for long walks;
have great conversations;
still see a few planned-sights,
take them in slowly:
enjoying the company of loved ones;
enjoying the cooling rain;
enjoying long lines,
meeting interesting tourists from different places.
You go home feeling:
The Louvre is not going to make you happy!
Sometimes the perfect day in Paris:
remain in your hotel room while it’s rainin’,
have great conversations,
play cards,
order room-service.
This is being in-the-moment;
focusing on your reason,
rather than a thing or a task.
If your reason,
for going to Paris is to see a ton of stuff,
in a short amount of time,
you may accomplish this with the tight-format,
yet have little fun.
If your primary reason is to:
enjoy yourself,
love and cherish those you’re with.
You will accomplish this,
and your goals;
I guarantee it.
Goals are a means to an end;
not an end.
Goals exist to make your life better;
they are not your life.

When I do anything,
I always have a reason in mind.
When WE came here today,
my reason:
show you a good time;
teach you stuff.
Not everything I know,
just a few-useful-things that can benefit you.
When I go to a friend’s house,
my reason is not to ‘hang out’.
My reason is to:
have fun,
make him or her laugh,
make my friend feel appreciated.
When you surround yourself with good people;
they’ll focus on you.
You can be a leach:
suck them dry of their attention;
you can give back:
try and make them laugh;
try to help them enjoy themselves.
If all parties are focussed on their friend’s needs,
instead of just their own,
and their reason is,
to make each-other laugh,
and feel appreciated,
I can guarantee a good time will be had.
Live your life somewhat loose.
tasks you must do-
be flexible as well:
allow unexpected surprises to enhance your life.
They’re not a distraction,
(unless you view them that way;)
they’re your reason.

It’s OK to say, ‘no.’
You could’ve chosen to spend all-day doing your homework,
(told me and Drew you were too-busy to see titties.)
the moment you decided to leave your homework behind,
and come here with us:
do that;
enjoy this moment;
be here,
Know your reason,
for being here:
to have fun and learn.
No regrets;
no guilt.
Your reason,
for coming here,
was not to worry about your current challenges and goals.
It’s OK to choose the tight-format vacation;
It’s OK to choose to be pure carbon.
The loose format corresponds to a steel mixture.
If you’re not accomplishing all you wish,
when you wish,
consider tightening up.
If you’re too run-down or stressed,
consider loosening up.
There’s no one-right-answer for everyone,
choose what makes sense for you.
What will make you happy,
enable you to attain your desires.
You understand this lesson?

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Energy Exchange

Chris: “The second lesson:
energy exchange.
In all encounters with others,
energy’s exchanged between them.
There are three basic-types of communications,
between people of equal status:
I clash with you,
you clash with me:
process continues till we’re both exhausted.
I complain,
you build me up:
process continues till I suck all your energy out.
I build-you-up or make you laugh,
you build-me-up or make me laugh:
process can continue indefinitely,
giving us both more energy,
making us both feel better,
than when the exchange started.
Do not be abrasive or parasitic,
nor allow others,
to be that way with you.
symbiotic exchanges;
symbiotic people,
be mindful of your every word.
Try to build others up,
only hang with those who try and build you up.
You understand this lesson?

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Enjoy the Run

Chris: “The third lesson:
enjoy the run.
A few-years ago I decided to start jogging.
I’d been neglecting my body a long time;
out of shape.
Never jogged in my life.
My house overlooks the ocean.
one morning I:
got up;
put on some shorts;
went out for a run on the beach.
I’d walked the beach for years prior;
knew the distances to certain landmarks;
to run a mile on my first day.
Started running;
early morning;
waves crashing;
sun shining bright in the sky.
With reverential respect,
focussed my senses on the:
warmth of the sun,
coolness of the breezes,
smell of the ocean spray,
sounds of the waves and the gulls-
Praising God,
Creator of the universe for this experience.

After about a mile,
started feeling thirsty.
First impulse:
turn around and go home.
I’d reached my one-mile goal.
I remembered:
on the boardwalk,
(the public beach,)
drinking fountains.
The boardwalk:
two-miles away;
a long run-
I could make it.
Made getting to the drinking fountain:
my goal;
focussed all my energy on that.
I ran,
and ran,
body got tired;
kept running.
Focussed on:
how good the cool water would taste;
how I’d feel when I made it all-the-way there,
on my first day.
I’d never run before,
three miles was beyond my comfort-zone,
I knew I could do it.

Shortly after reaching the two-mile mark,
felt exhaustion kicking in.
Breathing heavy;
kept focussing on my goal.
Determined to make it to that fuckin’ fountain!
Mouth so dry;
couldn’t wait to taste cold water.
Last hundred yards or so:
wanted to quit,
but I didn’t.
Kicked-it into high-gear;
began to sprint.
Image of the fountain:
firmly fixed in my mind.
faster and faster.
When I reached the fountain,
no energy left;
spent it all.

Grabbed the water-fountain knob;
turned it;
to my surprise:
the water had been shut off!
someone from the city goes out,
every night,
and shuts the water off.
Every morning someone turns it back on.
Pretty early still;
had no idea when they would turn the water-fountain back on.
Yelled to myself:
Reached my goal;
did everything in my power to do that,
what I failed to do:
enjoy the last two-thirds of my run.
So focussed on reaching my goal:
missed all the beauty along the way.

It’s good to:
have goals;
focus massive-energy on achieving goals.
It’s also important to:
enjoy every second you’re alive;
drink in the beauty all around;
be thankful for your many blessings.
not every goal will be as rewarding as you imagine.
You may reach the end;
the fountain’s dry.
A better run would’ve been:
keep enjoying the sights;
still keep running.

It’s good for a Furai to unwind and enjoy himself.
A Furai is earning his freedom:
working hard,
focussing massive-energy.
By having fun and enjoying himself,
a Furai is actually able to produce more,
and achieve his goals,
Too-much fun;
work suffers.
Too-little fun;
fall into malaise.
This is a steel argument:
Fun is like iron,
makes you softer,
but it’s needed.
leisure time:
help the mind to unwind.
This gives you a reason to exist,
and work hard,
otherwise you could gain the whole-world,
and not enjoy it.
Enjoy the run;
not just the goal at the end.
You understand this lesson?

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

How the Furai Spread

Ray asks Tommy again:
“Why are there police that are Furai?”

Tommy: “The Furai teach anyone,
who wants to learn.
We train:
business leaders;
many people,
all walks of life-
Some people WE teach,
only learn a few things,
how to be healthy,
how to be wealthy,
how to gain whatever-
A few Furai-Seekers will master the teachings.
These individuals become powerful;
they train their friends:
through mentorship,
the chain keeps moving.
When you learn how to change the universe,
learn the value of doing this;
it will make you richer,
vastly richer,
to spread your knowledge to others.
A Furai can go anywhere and change his environment.
A Furai can be accused of a crime,
instead of fighting incarceration,
choose to go into prison for awhile,
to train others.
No prison on Earth can hold a Furai involuntarily:
in a week he’ll have the top-bunk;
in a month he’ll have disciples;
in a year he’ll control the whole-prison:
from the warden on down.

The world needs good police-officers.
Police officers:
who aren’t pissed-off at the world;
who love people;
who seek to help people.
A good police-officer’s like a holy man,
or a priest.
They’re out in the world,
protecting citizens from evil,
All organizations are becoming Furai.
There isn’t an organization we don’t touch at some level.”

Ray: “Why are taxes so-high then?
Why so much crime,
and poverty in the world still?”

Tommy: “The masses are still not ready to be free.
the best WE can do:
proliferate the Furai message to those most-likely to receive it;
operate in secret.
If OUR presence was revealed;
OUR true-power known:
WE might encounter violent opposition.
It may seem cruel,
WE don’t use Our considerable-muscle,
to overthrow the whole thing.
such an action would lead to massive bloodshed,
and civil war.
The better approach:
slow and steady;
progress not perfection.
A marathon,
not a sprint.
the third world,
the inner cities,
of course these things matter to all of US.
consider what happened in this country,
when the North elected Lincoln?
The South wasn’t ready for this,
they fought tooth and nail to stop it.
One out of thirty Americans ended up dying;
never again!

In current America:
liberals and conservatives.
As a Furai,
realize these arguments are phony.
rigged and for show.
Individual Furai keep-out of national politics.
As an individual:
we don’t vote;
we don’t follow,
or argue politics;
WE don’t waste OUR time,
Some day we’ll have the numbers to change it all,
without bloodshed;
till then:
make the world a better place,
from the inside out.
Make the world a better place,
by making yourself better first,
when you are whole,
when you are free,
financial and otherwise,
only then,
seek to help others close to you.
a current regime sends someone against US;
an opportunity to convert them.
That’s what happened with these police-officers.
They wanted to lash out,
at what they didn’t understand.
After a conversation,
a few beers and lap dances;
they joined us.
What’s more powerful?
The chief of police,
or the individual cops?
The tax laws,
or the individual IRS-agents?
The President,
or his bodyguards?
A general,
or his soldiers?”

Ray: “I get it.”

Chris: “When a man behind a desk,
sends someone against US:
WE convert them;
erase the file.
WE transfer:
the pencil-pushing bureaucrat,
behind the desk giving the orders,
somewhere else.
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Send a motherfucker making $55,000 a year to arrest me?
I could pay him $500,000 to kill you.
What do you think he will do?”

pretty buzzed.
Thinking about the implications of this-
It matters not:
who’s in charge;
what form of government;
who’s giving the orders.
All that matters:
unleash your energy;
benefit yourself;
make unlimited-amounts of money;
then mentor and teach others to do the same;
gaining more:
if an enemy comes,
no matter how powerful;
find this enemy’s weakest-link;
exploit it.
While contemplating this,
Ray starts feeling a little queasy.
Ray excuses himself;
goes to the bathroom;


Chris: “Ready to go home lil prince?”

Ray: “Think so.”

They say goodbye to everyone.
Tommy unlocks the front double-doors;
cracks them open;
peers out.
Police cars everywhere.
Tommy: “Hold on.”

Tommy pulls Chris and Drew to the side.
Tommy to Chris: “What do you know about this?”

Chris: “Was afraid this might happen;
talked to the police-captain yesterday.
A new sergeant just transferred to this precinct,
a real straight-arrow;
might be a federal-plant.
He’s untouchable;
at least he thinks so.

Drew: “How many are out there?”

Chris: “I count nine officers,
six cruisers.

Drew: “Can Our captain pull ‘em?”

Chris: “Our captain could of course pull ’em,
but like I said,
if this ass-clown sergeant is a fed-mole,
this might open a can of worms.”

Tommy: “What are our options?
What do we know?”

Chris: “We know this new police-sergeant would be difficult to leverage,
especially on short notice.
We know going over his head,
to the Captain,
is an option,
(although doing this might accelerate a federal investigation,
and jeopardize OUR police-captain.”)

Drew’s eyes flare with rage.
Drew: “Nine fuckin’ cops?
We have the firepower and manpower to eliminate them;
break out the fucking body-bags;
I don’t see another option.”

Tommy: “Nine?
Are you fucking crazy?”

Drew: “Jam their signals,
put snipers on the roof;
vanish all ‘untouchables;’
nip-it in the bud.
We got the kid here,
what choice do we have?
for all we know,
this sergeant might be all alone out there;
we might only need to vanish him,
leverage the rest.”

Tommy: “There’s got to be a better way.”

Ray interrupts: “Why are they here?”

Chris: “We don’t know for sure.
They’re either waiting for a search warrant or arrest warrants,
they’re here on petty bullshit.”

Ray: “What do you think?”

Chris: “Furai tentacles are vast.
I think he’s not a fed,
if this sergeant was a fed,
I think I’d know before he transferred.
My gut tells me he’s just trying to prove his usefulness to his new precinct,
that this new-sergeant has no-idea who he’s fucking with.

Ray:  “How hard is it to find out?”

Tommy smiles.
Tommy to Ray: “You remind me of your old-man.”


Beneath Tommy’s gentlemen’s club,
down a narrow wooden-staircase,
underneath many full-kegs of beer,
sitting atop black-rubber-drainage-mats:
a secret room.
and five of his professional-killers,
rapidly enter the secret room;
exit fully-armed:
M4 carbines,
(fully automatic;)
sniper scopes;
grenade launchers;
(smoke and fragmentation;)
loaded magazines-
Ray rapidly follows Drew and his killers to the roof,
carrying a strange electronic-device:
The Box.

The Box,
manufactured by The Furai Skunkworks,
a metal cabinet with a single red-button labeled:
lights out.  

Drew: “Careful with that,
don’t drop it;
cost more than your father’s house to build;
it’s a prototype.”

The Box weighs about 40 pounds;
plugs into a standard 110-volt electrical-outlet.
Ray plugs the device in;
a low-pitched heavy-base hum,
a piercing ultra-high frequency-beeping,
simultaneously sound,
as the device boots-up.
skillfully and speedily,
pieces together a sniper-rifle,
without looking at his assembly,
looking eye-to-eye at Ray-
Memorized every part;
muscle memory.

Drew: “The Red button will illuminate when The Box is armed,
the metal casing will get real-hot in a minute;
don’t touch it.”

Ray: “What’s it do?”

Drew smiles.
Drew: “It’s Furai classified,
I’m not supposed to tell anyone,
since you’re going to be the one to actually push the button,
if needed;
you have a right to know.
When fully-charged and the red-button’s pushed;
The Box will do two things:
It will fry all electronic-equipment for a radius of 150 yards,
it will jam all radio-broadcasts for about the same distance.
It’s an EMP device and a jamming device.
When you hit that button,
all electronics,
and all vehicles in the blast-radius will stop running;
just in-case any devices survive the EMP pulse,
no signals will be able to travel in or out:
or cell-phone.
When you hit the button,
all those cops down there will be trapped:
unable to retreat,
and unable to call for reinforcements.”

Ray: “And you’re going to kill them all?”

Drew: “If need be.
The six of us up-here will create a killing field,
a turkey shoot;
everyone below will be dead within 30 seconds of you pushing that button.”
Is this a test?
Is he fucking serious?

Drew: “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Ray: “Anything that hurts the Furai is evil.”

Drew smiles;
weapon’s ready;
gets in position.
The roof’s flat,
white-rock surfaced.
From the angle of the parking lot,
all anyone below can see:
Large illuminated-letters,
several-feet high,
Each letter has a purpose beyond advertising;
each letter:
a camouflaged sniper’s-nest;
each letter:
one-way glass.
When the signal’s given:
Ray will push the red-button;
lights out.
When the signal’s given:
six head-shots,
followed by three-more head-shots within a second.
If it gets messy,
if any resistance after the first volley,
then it will rain grenades:
smoke and fragmentation.
When the signals given:
flip the switch;
nine vanished police-officers.
Drew’s focussed on the sergeant,
rifle-barrel following every step,
every pause.

Drew: “At this range,
we can’t miss;
at this range,
we don’t even have to account for wind,
they’ll be dead before they hear the report.
Down below,
three officers are talking with one another;
couple of them writing down license-plate numbers.
This is not a serious operation;
those cops are too-relaxed.
One cop’s on his cell-phone talking with his wife:
just out of the hospital,
a newborn baby-girl,
their first.
A parabolic-microphone intercepts their private-conversation,
relayed into Drew’s ear-piece,
(loud enough for Ray to hear.)
All police conversations are being Furai monitored,
The police sergeant’s uneasy,
doesn’t know why.
Pacing back and forth like he senses something.
Drew’s rifle follows him,
like a judge at a tennis match,
back and forth.
The Box’s shrill high-pitched whirring stops,
as does the low-base rumble.
The Box is energized;
red button’s illuminated.
Without looking away,
the police-sergeant’s in Drew’s crosshairs;
Drew’s finger loosely on the trigger:
Drew asks Ray:
“Ready to Rock?
Ready to flip the switch?”


In Tommy’s office,
and the Furai police-officers are gathered,
trying to figure out a way to avoid a bloodbath.
to the Furai police-officers: “OK.
You need to know,
WE have a contingency-plan in place,
in case you fail to persuade your colleagues outside;
stakes are high.
There are three phases to this plan:
During the carrot phase,
we’ll attempt to ascertain what their purpose is;
then try to change their minds.
If unsuccessful,
we’ll move to the stick phase,
an attempt at leverage.
If still unsuccessful,
we move to the sledge-hammer phase:
snipers on the roof;
in the twinkling of an eye,
they’re all vanished.”

Jeff the Furai-cop: “Jesus.”

Chris: “I know.
The young prince is here;
we have no choice.
The Furai will take no chances with his son’s life.”

Jeff the Furai-cop: “What does the stick phase look like?”

Chris: “It’s not pretty.
Right now teams are in position at the police-sergeant’s home,
and his kid’s school.
If WE attempt leverage,
his wife and child will be snagged;
the sergeant will receive a phone-call from his wife demanding him to back-off.
The good news,
it appears the police sergeant’s not a fed;
in researching his family,
WE’VE discovered their prior-residences,
credit history,
and bank accounts-
He’s not on an official federal-payroll.”

Jeff the Furai-cop: “Well that’s good.”

Chris: “Could be.
He could also be agency with a deep-cover.”

Jeff the Furai-cop: “Shit.”

Chris: “I know, right?
Give it your best shot,
stakes are high;
be persuasive,
for the police-sergeant’s sake.


The two Furai-cops go outside;
Jeff advances to the sergeant.
Jeff the Furai-cop asks the sergeant,
“Why are you here?”

The sergeant:
“Heard there might be a party here.
We’re here to make DUI arrests.”

Jeff laughs out-loud.

The sergeant looking annoyed: “What’s so funny?”

Jeff the Furai-cop: “Sorry for laughing,
I just got this vision of a dog chasing a speeding car,
barking and running.
The dog has no fucking idea what he’s chasing,
or what he’ll earn if he catches it.
It’s not fun biting a moving car-bumper”

Jeff sighs with relief;
signals the door.
Everything’s OK.
Drew signals his team;
they begin breaking-down their weapons;
The Box is switched off.

Jeff the Furai-cop: “I’ve got a better idea.
Yo Tommy,
come here.”

Tommy introduces himself to the sergeant.

Jeff the Furai-cop: “Tommy will purchase a ride home for everyone here,
if the police provide a free breathalyzer-test,
to all wanting to drive home.”

The sergeant: “This is not a negotiation.”

Jeff the Furai-cop,
using chi-pursuasion: “You’re right,
it’s not.
This is you getting what you want:
no drunks on the road;
and US getting what WE want:
to be left alone.
A win/win.
I strongly suggest you accept this;
it’s in your best interest.”

The sergeant: “But-”

Jeff the Furai-cop: “Look,
you’re new here.
New town,
want to make a name for yourself,
bag a few drunks;
I get it.
You’re about to step on some big toes,
Toes that might not appreciate being stepped on.
What do you want to do?”

The sergeant: “The right thing.”

Jeff the Furai-cop: “There’s no crime being committed;
you’ve protected the public from drunk drivers;
‘the right thing’ is to move forward,
choose your battles.
Tommy’s a very good-friend to have.”

with respect and empathy,
to the police-sergeant: “Do me this solid;
I won’t forget it.”
Good cop, (Tommy.)
Bad cop, (Jeff.)
A concession:
Nice touch;
the deal’s closed.


Everyone lines up;
those failing the breathalyzer,
give their keys to Tommy.
Within 10 minutes:
50 limos,
taking those who fail the breathalyzer,
wherever they want to go.
Drew blows legal;
drives Chris and Ray home.
Ray passes-out in the car on the way.
Wakes up when he gets home,
drinks a quart of Gatorade;
goes to bed early.

Chris: “Your body’s dehydrated,
you’ve lost electrolytes and water.
You must re-hydrate after heavy-drinking lil prince,
otherwise you’ll be hung-over tomorrow.
Trust me,
a hangover’s not something you ever want to experience.
To function at one-hundred-percent,
you must replenish.”


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