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The Caveman

Ray’s about to head-down to the dojo,
he receives a text-message:
Drew: “Sifu 2day: Drew.
Put on street clothes.
Meet out front.

Ray: “K sifu.”

Ray steps outside his father’s mansion;
Drew’s standing beside,
a 1970 mint-condition Chevelle SS:
454 cubic-inch engine.
Windows tinted dark,
chrome dual-exhaust;
black rims.
Ray feels the rumble,
huge V8,
concussion of exhaust-pipes hitting him in the chest.

A fuckin’ beast.

Drew referring to his car: “She kinda makes your dick hard;
doesn’t she?”

Ray smiles,
as if to say: “Yup.”

Drew: “You’re gonna be hangin’ with uncle-Drew today.
No strip-clubs today though;
we’re goin’ to my place.”

Ray: “Cool sifu.”

Ray gets in the passenger seat.
Alpine cassette-player:
Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir halfway through.
Drew: “I’m here to teach you everything I know,
about how-to think base;
instinct-level survival-thought.
When trouble hits,
base-thinking allows you to push-through anything.
Basethinking provides clarity,
when confronted with tough decisions.
Base-thinking cuts through many layers of bullshit.

There are higher thinkers than me;
bigger brains and what not.
They’ll teach you ‘higher levels’ of thought.
I’m here to teach you:
the nitty-gritty,
the grunge,
the ‘lower levels’.
I’ve studied all the higher-level stuff,
some of it’s too-fancy for me.

Was once a Level-One Furai,
just like you.
Became Furai many-years ago;
took me a little-longer to earn my freedom than most,
I’m free.”

Drew says to himself,
looking in the Chevelle’s rearview-mirror:
“What the fuck are you tryin’ to say, Drew?”
Drew: “So,
I guess what I’m here to communicate is:
I am Furai.
Even though:
my home,
my car,
my relationships etc.
-very different than your dad.
I’ve got all the money I need.
Work whenever the fuck I feel like it.
whatever the fuck I want;
whenever I want;
whoever I want;
however much I want.
I may not speak classy,
I know how to get to the next levels.
I’ve fuckin’ done it.
My home’s paid for,
my cars are paid for.
I’m rich;
have a lot of fun,
I don’t give a fuck!”
When Drew says,
‘I don’t give a fuck!’
He sings it.
The word ‘fuck‘ becomes:
two syllables, ‘fuh uck!’

Ray laughs.

Drew: “You’re gonna notice me driving pretty-fuckin’ fast.
That’s ‘cause I’m in charge of your security today,
‘cause we’re gonna be on the road,
for a little-bit.
I want to get to my crib,
fast as fuckin’ possible.
Like to go fast?”

Ray: “Never really gone fast,

Drew: “Shit man,
that’s no-way to live.
Today we’re gonna drive fast,
fasten your seat-belt.


They exit the mansion’s long-driveway,
past the guardhouse,
through the double-gates;
drive down the tree-lined street-
After about a block,
Drew punches the gas:
Holley four-barrel kicks in;
tires squeal;
engine roars:
Back-end of Chevelle a little-squirrelly:
Drew quickly regains control of her.
Ray reaches over to turn the music up.
Drew spots Ray’s hand moving towards the stereo;
slaps it.
Drew: “Never,
touch another-man’s radio,
or property without permission.”

Ray: “OK sifu.”

Drew: “This is caveman 101.
Keep forgetting you don’t know this shit.
I’m gonna start at the beginin’;
might as well start now.
You may have heard some of this shit before,
I’m just gonna teach you:
as if you know nothin’,

Ray: “OK sifu.”

Drew: “Open up the glove box.
I’ve got some ah-
Got a piece-a-paper in there,
with some-shit written down.”

opens up the glove box;
sees a large-caliber pistol.
Holy shit.
Wonder how many men he’s killed?
A .45.
Big fuckin’ gun.
Bet it kicks like a fuckin’ cannon.
Wonder if he’ll teach me how to shoot?
I’ve only seen guns on TV and in video games;
never in person,
except yesterday and today-
Drew interrupts Ray’s flurry of thoughts:
Drew: “Don’t let that pistola scare you kid.
It’s just a fucking piece of metal.
I’ll teach you how-to shoot;
but not today.”

He’s answering my thoughts.
Ray sees a napkin with handwriting on it.
Drew: “Give it here kid.
better yet,
just read me the topics on it.”

Ray: “Sifu,
the napkin says:
‘Life vs. Death.
Good and Evil.
Animal Philosophy.

Life vs. Death

Drew: “Alright,
life vs. death.
Life vs. death;
two very-different ways of thinking.
Only men,
of all creatures on this planet,
can actually have the luxury of a death philosophy.
For example,
an extreme death-philosophy:
a drunk or a heroine addict.
When someone abuses substance,
they declare to the world:
I refuse to pull my weight;
I refuse to contribute;
I desire death.

Substance abusers are only possible in civilization.
A person,
alone in a vast-forrest,
foraging for survival,
would be dead in a week,
if they were drinking heavily,
or shooting up.
Because civilization has provided the necessities of life:
It’s possible for civilized-man to abuse substance,
because civilization has made survival a given.
A dog wants to live.
A cat wants to live.
An ameba wants to live.
desire life.

Death philosophy-
any belief system that:
or limits your personal-growth.

Life philosophy helps you:
attain your freedom;
your goals.
Helps you not just to live,
live the life you choose,
on your terms.”

Good and Evil

“Furai definitions of good and evil are simple:
Anything working against you becoming Furai,
or hurting our organization,
is evil.
Anything assisting you in becoming Furai,
or helping our organization,
is good.

The rules for a Level-One Furai are different than for a higher-level Furai.
You’re a Level-One Furai right now;
I’m a Furai.
Beyond that:
you’re a kid;
I’m an adult.
You wouldn’t let a kid play with a .45,
without supervision,
without training.
it would be destructive and dangerous for you,
as a Level-One Furai,
to follow the rules of conduct of a Furai.

For example,
you see me speeding:
one-hundred miles an hour,
forty-mile-an-hour zone.
Furai are permitted to do this;
Level-One Furai are not.
My time’s very-valuable to our organization.
As a member of the inner circle,
I’m allowed ‘safe passage’ while on official business from city to city.
I can speed without gettin’ pulled over.
When your father orders me,
‘Get to Lowell as fast as possible.’
I do it.
When your father cautions me,
‘Don’t stop for anything.’
I do that too.”
Just then,
a police-car pulls out behind them.
Drew: See why you have to be careful with your thoughts?
A Furai creates Concussions easily;
sometimes by accident.

Ray laughs.

The police-car in-pursuit quickly accelerates,
trying to catch up to Drew’s speeding-Chevelle-SS.
The police-car’s still a ways back,
but is gaining fast;
flashers on.
Drew: “Hit me with my cell-phone,

Ray complies.


Chris asks,
on speaker phone:
“What do you want?”

Drew: “Got some bacon behind me!
Coming in fast!
Thought you took care of my passage?
You on Colored-People Time or what?
Sleep in today Casanova?”

Chris: “Hold on;
tracking you now.
I’ve got the police-vehicle-number.
I should let him catch you!”

Drew: “Get this guy off-me man!
The Man has given me orders not to pull-over;
I won’t.
I don’t wanna kill a motherfuckin’-innocent-cop today;
I like cops.
If you don’t clean this-shit-up now;
you’ll have a real mess to clean-up in a few minutes.”

Chris: “Alright,
got this.
You can hang-up now.
Say hi to the lil prince for me.”

Ray: “Aren’t you gonna slow-down,

Drew: “Not today kid.
Primarily for your protection.
This is a heavily-armored vehicle Ray,
and I got a-lot of pedal left.
One police-car has no-chance against us.”


After a few miles the police-car:
shuts its lights off;
slows down;
bangs a U-turn.
Ray: “How’d you do that sifu?”

Drew: “I didn’t do it.
Chris did it.”

Ray: “How’d Chris do that sifu?”

Drew: “Don’t really know for sure.
Not my AOR,
Area Of Responsibility.
there are a number of ways,
to get a police-car to stop followin’ you.
If the Furai control the individual-officer drivin’ a police-car:
we send him a direct text-message:
‘Break off pursuit;
Furai vehicle;
Official business.’
If Furai control dispatch:
we get the police-car rerouted.
If Furai control the cop’s boss:
usually the police-captain,
we have his boss call him.
If we have no influence,
at an individual police-department:
we have a Furai in the area,
call in a false-alarm:
an armed robbery,
or some other priority-disturbance.
Any police-car is gonna stop pursuin’ someone that’s speedin’,
to take care of a life-threatening situation.”

Ray: “What if the police-officer runs your plates,
and comes-by to get you later sifu?”

Drew smiles.
Drew: “If my plates get run,
into the police computer-database,
Furai access the police-database,
through a number of different means;
then simply erase the police-report.
the officer making the report,
will never remember a license-plate-number,
when his report vanishes.
This car isn’t attached to me anyways.
The car’s registered to a man that doesn’t exist,
at an address that doesn’t exist.
I’m invisible;
this car’s invisible;
the plates are invisible.
It doesn’t matter what they try.
Furai control enough of the police and state agencies,
to make a speeding-Chevelle vanish down the memory-hole.
With computers men become very ‘forgetful’.
only pursue who the computer tells them to pursue;
who the computer tells them to investigate.

This speedin’ event you’ve just witnessed,
an excellent-example,
of what’s good for me is not necessarily good for you.
If you were a few-years older,
and the Furai had to bail-you-out;
we would be pissed-off at you.
Furai resources,
are for Furai official-business.
Level-One Furai do not have access to these resources,
unless it serves the Furai;
it rarely would.
Level-One Furai are under orders NOT to break the law.
Speedin’ for a Level-One Furai is self-destructive:
Speedin’ tickets,
higher insurance etc-
Self-destruction is death philosophy,
that would displease any mentor.
Speedin’ for a Level-One Furai would be Evil,
by Furai definition.
Speedin’ for me,
a Furai at this time,
is Good,
by Furai definition.
Same activity,
done by two-different people.
When I speed under Furai orders:
I’m benefittin’ myself and the organization.
When a Level-One speeds without Furai orders:
he’s hurtin’ himself and the organization.
You got Life vs. Death philosophy down?”

Ray: “Crystal clear sifu.”

Drew: “You got Good and Evil down?”

Ray nods.

Drew: “OK.
That brings us to Animal Philosophy.”

Animal Philosophy

Drew:Every creature in the universe,
has a set of rules guiding its behavior.
Men can learn a lot;
studyin’ philosophies of less-intelligent creatures.
In general,
the lower the creature,
the easier and more-powerful the philosophy.
All livin’ things,
(except most men,)
no matter how simple the creature,
have a Life philosophy.
by learning the philosophy of the simplest creatures;
you’ll be far better-off,
than most of the human race,
who choose to follow a Death philosophy.


Drew: “The first of the animal philosophies:
Fire ain’t even alive,
but it’s close.
the lowest-level living-thing on the planet.
No intelligence,
not even a cell;
preservation and growth instinct.
Fire’s much more alive,
than most of the dead-motherfuckers walkin’ the earth.
So many people are walkin’ dead.
get up,
go to work,
come home and watch TV.
Live their shitty lives,
in a haze of prozac and alcohol.
Get divorced,
pay their taxes,
and fuckin’ die.
A life of complete slavery.
Before they die;
they breed.
this death-cycle repeats itself,
over and over again.
As a Furai,
it’s not just life,
it’s life in abundance that defines life.
A lifetime of slavery is worse than death.
There’s nothing shameful about bein’ born a slave.
It’s only shameful,
or Evil,
to choose to remain a slave.
You have the right,
and the obligation to earn your freedom:
by any means necessary.
If you choose:
to remain in debt;
to waste your life watching:
Wheel of Fortune,
the NFL,
and American Idol;
to spend all your money on worthless shit;
that would be Evil.
By Furai definition:
that would be choosing:
Death over Life.”


Drew: What does fire do?
as far as it can go;
gets as large and as powerful as it can.
Feels no remorse,
or pity,
or doubt,
or worry-
Fire just burns.
The first lesson of Fireism:
Become as powerful as you can;
earn as much-money as you can;
create something great.
Don’t ask ‘why?’
just fuckin’ burn.
Fire does this and it has no brain;
yet many men don’t have the brains to do this.
Anyone living like a slave,
or living a life of self-destruction,
is a fire smoldering out:
by personal-choice.”


Drew: The second-lesson of Fireism:
find the path of least resistance.
Fire targets and consumes the easy-material first.
For a Furai this means do what you:
love to do,
have a talent for,
have a passion for,
have the resources and skill to do.

I aint a fuckin’ genius.
I’m street smart;
got good instincts.
I’m large,
I’m not overly sentimental;
if you know what I mean.”
A ruthless killer,
without hesitation or remorse.

Drew: “When I was in kindergarten,
I was the biggest kid in my class.
Not the smartest:
the biggest.
I also had:
older brothers,
a father,
and a grandfather,
(God rest his soul,)
that were all boxers.
Was hittin’ a heavy-bag as soon as I could stand.
My first week in kindergarten,
I’ll never forget,
this second-grader callin’ me:
‘Baby Huey.’
Ever seen the cartoon?“

Ray: “No sifu.”

Drew: “Youtube it.
Baby Huey’s a huge,
dumb as fuck,
baby duck.
The other kid-ducks are mean to him:
Baby Huey’s too-stupid to realize it.
I didn’t like being called Baby Huey.
I walked right up to this second-grader on the playground,
(in the middle of kickball,)
and punched this kid in the throat.
He started crying.
No one ever bothered me at school after that.
after that moment,
no one’s messed with me my whole-life.
Until you have a moment like that,
when you declare to the world:
‘I’m not the one to fuck with!’,
you’ll continue getting fucked with.

Most men have this look about them:
the look of a target.
Once you walk up to an enemy,
and hit him,
the look in your eyes changes,
It’s like the whole-world now knows:
you’ve declared:
don’t mess with me,
I don’t fuck around.

As I got older boxin’ seemed to me:
the path of least resistance;
I took it.
I was good at boxin’.
I had access to resources:
a boxin’ gym owned by an uncle.
I trained to be a fighter,
Won a lot,
a lot of trophies,
even ranked as a pro.
This is the path of least resistance,
finding somethin’ you love,
you have the skill,
and the resources to pursue.

Let’s say I wanted to be a doctor,
‘cause my daddy wanted a doctor in the family.
If I’d pursued that,
another man’s dream;
something I had no passion for;
something I did not have the resources,
nor the aptitude for:
I probably would’ve failed.
Even if I made it;
I wouldn’t have been happy.
I mean,
I can’t stand fuckin’ sick people.
Fat-ass women with rotting,
stinking vaginas.”
Drew grimaces,
as if smelling something nasty,
like garbage covered with maggots.

Drew then smiles.
in a mock-female falsetto:
“Is there an ointment you can recommend,
for my yeast-infection Doctor Drew?
My twat’s awfully stinky today.”
in a male voice now:
“How ‘bout you bake me some bread?
Leave me the-fuck-alone with that stinky pussy.”

Ray smiles.

Drew: “I mean shit,
I love vaginas;
don’t want to deal with sick,
nasty ones.
at its base:
as raw as it gets.
Just be;
just burn;
just consume;
pursue the easiest and quickest path.
What makes you happy?
What are you good at?
What resources do you have access to?
If it pays well:
If it doesn’t:
less important.
Show me any job in the world,
no matter how lowly.
If you love it;
have a little-bit of drive;
a little-bit of skill;
a little-bit of ambition;
the money will be there-
if you want it.”

Ray: “What if I loved to clean toilets?
Aint no money in cleaning,

Drew: “You fuckin’ serious Ray?
Every office buildin’,
every toilet,
all are cleaned by someone.
Billions are spent every year on cleanin’.
Cleaning’s a huge business.
And cleanin’ isn’t just physical.
Maybe it isn’t cleanin’ you love?
Maybe it’s cleanin’ up other-people’s messes you love?
Just physical cleaning’s what you currently know.
most of these highly-paid types,
spend every day cleanin’ up:
other-people’s messes.

Take Chris for example.
I’m gonna tell you some shit,
you can’t repeat.

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Drew: “Chris was a smart kid,
grew up poor;
dirt poor.
Loved his mama;
his mama was no good,
Drug addict;
crack whore.
When women get hooked on that hard shit;
and they’re poor;
they end up as prostitutes.
Chris lived in a shithole project.
His school was a mess;
his home a pigsty of filth.
One day Chris decides to clean up his home,
he’s only 8 at the time.
He scrubs it down:
His mother gets home,
after being gone for three days;
the home’s spotless.
You could eat off the fuckin’ floor.

She cries her-eyes-out kid.
She promises to quit the drugs and get help,
and she does.
I’m not gonna lie to you and say she was cured that day;
because she did mess-up occasionally,
for years after that.
I’m gonna say it made a difference,
and Chris got joy out of cleanin’;
out of helpin’ someone he loved,
clean up their mess.

Chris never made it through high school.
Went to work as a janitor,
for this guy that was friends with Antwon.
One day Antwon was in a bind;
needed a mess cleaned up,
(a big-fuckin’ mess of bodies.)
Called on Chris,
Chris became Antwon’s cleaner.
Chris is the Furai cleaner of sorts.
He’s the guy that cleans all kinds of messes.
Need to disappear? Call Chris.
Need free cable? Call Chris.
Need a new identity? Call Chris-

The path of least resistance,
with your desire to grow can lead anywhere.
Look at Michael-Fuckin’-Jordan.
What’s he?
A guy that smiles a lot;
can jump high,
and put a ball in a fuckin’ hoop.
You know how-many-guys could’ve been Michael Jordan,
but aren’t?
They love basketball;
were good at it.
the genes,
the height,
the speed,
the coordination,
the mind.
Had access to:
instead of burning down the NBA path,
for all it was worth;
they burned in a different direction:
teen pregnancy,
child support,
gang violence,
Instead of becoming a college star,
a first-round-draft pick;
then workin’ his ass off to become the best in the NBA.
in the pen,
or workin’ in a dead-end job.
Most self-made billionaires,
and successful-men on the planet,
can trace all their wealth to the lesson of Fire.
Learn from fire:
find your path and burn!”


Drew: “Ants are more-evolved than fire.
What you can learn from Antism,
two lessons:
live to work,
overwork leads to less production.
Work as hard as you can,
every day.
Live to work,
find joy in work.
Work gives you:
self confidence,
self respect.
Men love to work,
real men anyway.
Productive work:
the perfect drug,
and you can take-it in very-large doses,
without harming yourself.”

Ray: “Is it possible to overwork, sifu?”

Drew: “Ya,
but not how you might think.
Overwork is when you work so hard,
and so-many hours,
you lose your edge.
Better to work at 100% of your capabilities for thirty-five hours;
than at a run-down state at 50% capacity,
for an extra 8-hours a week.
if you work so-many hours,
your productivity decreases:
force yourself to work less.
Your dad aint overworking you is he?
You aint walkin’ around tired all-day are you?”

Ray: “No sifu.”

Drew: “When you go back to school,
that’s when the challenge will begin.
There will be:
things you want to learn;
books you want to read;
your homework;
time you spend in the school building;
old friends;
new friends;
after-school sports;
As a student,
you can overwork yourself,
just as easy as an adult.

Make it a priority,
to work as hard as you fuckin’ can,
every day you’re alive.
Love your work;
do it well;
be proud of it.
Set aside an amount of time for fun you require,
every week.
Divide that time among your friends,
and your girlfriend.
If something needs to be trimmed,
or culled:
if certain friends are bringing you down;
or a sport aint fun for you;
or if your girl is too-demandin’;
or if you fuckin’ just hate school,
whatever it is:
amend it.”

Ray: “You saying it’s OK to drop out of school?

Drew: “Shit at your age,
in this time,
probably not.
It’s illegal for one thing.
if you wanted to,
your dad could easily home-school you,
or send you to any private,
or military school,
you wanted to go to-
I’d say this,
if you hate school after you go back,
talk to your dad about it.
Many of the most-successful people,
in the last few decades,
dropped out of college:
Steve Jobs,
Bill Gates,
Michael Dell.
If Jobs had finished school, no Apple.
If Gates had finished school, no Microsoft.
If Dell had finished school, no Dell.
you’ll have to choose to edit an activity out of your life,
in order to create your life’s purpose.
Not editing an activity,
would lead to less production.

I know as smart as you are,
the school you go to,
is gonna be fuckin’ boring.
The knowledge and information does not come fast enough,
for a kid like you.
But there’s plenty you can learn in that school building,
those teachers don’t teach.
how to relate to your peers,
how to gain respect,
how to build a wolf pack:
Level-Two shit,
but you’ll be there soon enough.
There are kids your age,
studyin’ college-level shit right now.
What’s your favorite subject in school?”

Ray: “History,
I love history, sifu.”

Drew: “Then,
study history,
study war,
study theory.
Read what the great generals wrote,
about time periods,
about the great civilizations.
Fill your days with your passion,
whatever it is;
learn all you can.
These days will be over,
Your childhood’s already over;
your teenage-years are just beginning.
Before you know it you’ll be a man,
maybe sooner than you think.

the ant is superior to fire because:
the ant loves work,
it’s what he was born to do.
He accepts this,
The ant lives to work;
he doesn’t work to live.
If you hate work,
you aint a fuckin’ man,
shit you aint even a fuckin’ ant.
this doesn’t mean people who hate their jobs are worthless,
(although many of them are,)
it may mean they’re on the wrong path,
or haven’t found the right-path yet.
Those that hate their jobs,
because they’re on the wrong-path,
need to grow a-set of balls and get on the right-path.
The ant is also superior to fire,
because he knows he needs to rest:
not because he’s lazy,
but because in order to get more work done,
you need to rest to be at 100%.
Limit some activities to pursue what’s most-important;
unwind to work more.
A run-down ant is worthless;
overwork leads to less production.”


Drew: “Sharkism:
Keep moving forward;
fear nothing.
A shark can’t even see it’s own body:
it never sees itself;
it can’t see behind;
it can’t see its body;
it can’t see its mouth.
All a shark sees is what is in front;
all a shark sees is its next conquest.
A shark must-always move-forward just to breathe.
A fish has gills that work when they’re not moving,
not a shark.
A shark’s gills require forward-movement;
if a shark doesn’t move forward,
he dies.
A shark’s focus is always what’s coming,
never what’s passed.
Be like the shark:
always look forward,
always look to your next conquest,
your next goal,
never look back.
No regrets.
No guilt.
No remorse.
No I wish I:
There’s nothing worth lookin’ at behind you.
The past does not exist;
all that exists is the present.
What you do in the present creates the future;
this is what matters.
A shark’s whole-life is spent looking for his next conquest,
his next kill,
his next meal,
his next goal.
Propel yourself forward,
at all costs.
If you’re tired;
move forward.
If you’re:
or overwhelmed;
move forward.

Do not worry:
Am I going to win the fight?
Am I goin’ to get the girl?
Who cares?
That aint the fuckin’ point!
Moving forward:
Learnin’ to earn your freedom,
to accomplish any goal,
to create the universe of your desire,
have pride in this!
There will be feasts,
there will be meals that get away.
The act,
of always moving forward,
is bigger than any one-meal.
Take pride in moving forward;
take pride in all you accomplish;
don’t worry about the-one that got away,
spend no effort even rememberin’ such things.
Don’t worry about the past.
Fear nothing.
Nothing can harm the shark.
An eating-machine with no natural-predators.
Moves forward,
devours his prey;
then moves forward some more.
you’re the baddest-motherfucker on the planet.
You’re Furai,
the most-powerful organism in the universe.”


‘If you can’t fuck it,
or eat it,
you don’t need it;
piss on it.
Toys are for children,
childhood’s over.
You can choose to remain a child forever,
playing on the Xbox,
watching TV,
Ultimately toys you ‘own’,
end up owning you.
Toys are for kids,
not Furai.
As a Furai,
eliminate useless-distractions,
the time-sucks in your life.
This may seem like it’s limiting your ‘fun’,
but the more you focus on what’s real,
what’s necessary,
what brings growth,
the faster you’ll achieve your goals,
and your freedom.

This does not mean living with the bare-minimum.
I have clothes that help me look good:
leather jackets,
I don’t drive the bare-minimum,
no fuckin’ Honda Civics;
I drive muscle-cars.
Everything I buy though,
is not bought for ‘fun’,
it’s bought for image.
when I buy a muscle-car,
it’s to get laid or to project power.
I can fuck it and eat it.
Does that make sense?”

Ray: “You’re losing me sifu.”

Drew: “OK.
When I go out on business,
meet a new client or investor,
they see a confident,
powerful man.
That’s my image.
Lower class,
a different image than a salesman with a Cadillac,
or a real-estate agent with a Lexus,
but a real image that helps me transact more business.
More business equals more money.
by spending money on my image,
I help myself earn more money.
Building an image is important.
You know about F STAR?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Drew: “What a Furai chooses for his image,
is up to the individual Furai,
and based on his target market:
who he’s trying to sell.
When I pull up,
in a perfectly restored,
early 70s muscle-car,
worth $100000,
and gets nine-miles to the gallon.
It says to the world:
I can drive anything I want,
I drive this.
Fuck you;
that’s why.
I’m paid-in-full motherfucker,
and you’ll do business with me,
My $100000 70s-muscle-cars help me earn,
therefore they help me eat.
My car is food;
I can eat my car;
I can eat it,
I need it.

when I pick-up a date in my car,
wearing fifty-grand of gold bling.
Bring her home to a spartan,
yet decorated apartment,
real art,
a huge TV,
a bangin’ stereo;
the deal’s closed.
Her panties are wet,
before the bedroom.
everything I own to project image,
helps me get laid.
my car and my possessions,
I can fuck too.
I can fuck it,
I need it.

A jet-ski doesn’t help me get laid,
or close deals.
Neither does a boat,
or a private jet.
I could buy these things,
but for the women I want;
the deals I close:
they’d have no value.
They’d project a different image,
a waste of money.
Piss on it.

I’m giving you an abridged version,
of all the lessons on Animal Philosophy.
I encourage you to read all the Furai writings.
There are other topics in animal philosophy,
you’ll read in the future.


Drew: “Caveman could teach modern-man many lessons.
Caveman was a hunter,
not a sheep.
Man have eyes on the front of their heads;
all hunters in nature do.
Sheep have eyes on the sides of their heads;
all prey in nature do.
Caveman was never intended to be a sheep.
Any caveman living as a sheep,
will be unhappy.

Caveman encompasses:
and Dogism.
Man are:
an organism with a need for growth,
a worker that loves to work,
a carnivore needing targets,
a pack animal.
man have intelligent-offspring,
and form complex-massive-societies.
A man’s job is to earn,
work makes man happy.
When man have more than man needs,
women will show up.

* On male-female relationships:
Don’t show fear or weakness in front of your woman.
If woman is angry,
or bitchy,
throw her out.

Man’s job:
bring home the big-game.

* On male/male relationships:
Don’t fuck another man’s woman.
When meetin’ another man,
always show respect.

this is an abridged version of cavemanism,
read the rest when you’re able.”

Ray: “Sifu,
I don’t get it.
Cavemanism is not how I want to live.”

Drew: “Then you’ll have women problems,
money problems etc.
I’m not saying you have to be:
a caveman,
a dog,
a shark,
an ant,
or fire.
I’m sayin’ you must understand these things,
their basic truths;
if you want to evolve:
beyond slavery,
beyond Death Philosophy.

You’ve been taught to accept slavery,
from the moment you emerged from your mother.
Mister Rogers,
Sesame Street,
Entertainment Tonight-
When was the last time you watched TV,
and received a message to earn your freedom?
They want you to turn-off your mind,
accept the slave-programming:
go to school;
get in debt;
get married;
pay your taxes;
go to church;
get sick;
pay your medical-bills;
This is seen as normal;
it wasn’t always this way.

The men that founded this country,
came here to earn their freedom.
They built farms and businesses:
a nation of free-men,
sovereign citizens.
Now the vast majority have been programmed,
from infancy,
to be slaves.
You’re here with me today,
to witness a man who hasn’t evolved beyond caveman.
Not because your father wants you to be a caveman,
but so you see a caveman is:
a viable,
happy way to live,
far superior to Death Philosophy.
You’ll evolve beyond me,
that’s OK.

My goal,
like I said:
to give you a foundation,
a base.
Base thinking,
from the basest man.
You’ll embrace and extend,
you’ll know lower-thinking,
and add higher-thinking.”


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