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Been five-minutes since Drew and Ray last spoke.
Drew’s Black-Chevelle-SS speeds confidently towards Lowell,
confidently towards Drew’s home;
low-pitched vibration of its massive-V8,
nearly lulling Ray to sleep.
Drew got quiet.
Wonder why?
What’s he thinking about?

Drew turns his head towards Ray,
stripping-away Ray’s defenses,
downloading Ray’s complete-thoughts;
driving with peripheral-vision.
answering Ray’s thoughts:
Drew: “Remember when I told you,
not to call that girl back?
To tell her, ‘you’re busy.’?”

Ray: “Yes, sifu.”

Drew: “How’d that work out?

Ray: “Kristin texted-me four times;
still haven’t called her back.”

Drew smiles.
Drew: “You’re learning.
and its pursuit,
is a significant part of life.
For the next several-years,
until my-age and beyond,
how you handle yourself with women,
both in dating,
and in the bedroom,
will largely determine your quality-of-life.”

Ray: “You gonna teach me about the birds and the bees,

Drew smiles,
still not looking at the road.
Drew: “No.
You’re twelve,
and you aint from fucking-Kansas.
I guarantee you know all about the birds and the bees.
Probably seen more porn on-line,
than I did my first 25-years of life.
You know about sex,
how it works;
what a clitoris is,
how it works.
If you have any questions,
just ask,
You’ve got my number.
Or you can ask Chris,
your dad,
What I’m gonna attempt to communicate,
is more a set of guidelines for the pursuit of sex,
how to keep out-a-trouble.
Your father chose me,
because if you follow my rules,
you won’t get hurt.

Others will teach you about love,
and all that other happy-horse-shit.
I’m gonna teach you how to get so-much sex,
you don’t end-up dominated by it.
I’m gonna teach you how to not hurt yourself,
nor anyone else,
with sex.”


Ray: “Are these Furai-guidelines, sifu?”

Drew: “There are men and women Furai.
If you were a woman,
(you and I,)
wouldn’t be talking about this stuff.
Someone like Ann,
or perhaps Johanna,
might teach a girl the-ropes.
some men and women are predisposed,
to be abused by the opposite sex,
predisposed to be overly,
shall we say callous?
Your father chose me for this talk,
because he knows you are more-likely to be of the doormat variety,
without a little assistance.

I’ve known many men and women who are very smart,
but for whatever-reason,
they lose-it when they meet someone they want.
A little knowledge at your age,
might have prevented much anguish for them.
It’s funny,
one of my best friends is still struggling with this shit.
His life is a cycle:
focusses on work.
Gets ahead,
gets happy.
Meets the-one,
wraps his life around her.
She rips his heart out,
consumes it,
leaves him lying face-down,
stiletto-pump footprints on his back.
I want better for you.
I will teach you what I know,
the perspective of a callous-contract-hit-man;
as always,
what you choose to absorb is up to you.”


Drew: “Many women today are taught:
they don’t need men,
they should dominate their men,
men should conform to their woman’s needs.
A true-Furai does not need women;
he knows they’ll be there.
If you take-a-shit in the yard,
would you worry flies aren’t gonna show up?
when you’ve got money,
look decent,
drive a decent-car,
have a decent-home,
project a powerful,
confident image-
Add to these things:
the ability to control a room,
an air of power,
women will be there;
flies on shit.”

Ray: “I’m twelve,

Drew smiles.
Drew: “I know.
For a grown man,
material-possessions help define who we are.
For you,
no car,
or money;
girls your-age don’t care too-much about:
how-much money you have.
They care more about what your clothes look like,
the shoes you wear;
your personality;
than how-much-money you,
as a kid have.
Even grown-women view money as just a factor.
for most-women is below looks,
for example.
Nearly all women,
and girls,
are attracted to two-main-things:
power and confidence.”


Drew: “Sure a sense-of-humor is important too.
The ability to make a woman laugh is a form of power and confidence.
Women don’t want to be with a self-deprecating clown though.
Look at Woody Allen;
sure he has some gold-diggers pursuing him,
even with all his money and power in Hollywood;
he lacks confidence.
The confidence of being a fuckin’ man.
thinks it’s funny to be a wimp;
maybe it is.
there’s a difference between:
bein’ able to make a woman laugh,
and havin’ someone laugh at you.
No woman wants to fuck Woody Allen,
and if they ever did,
they probably wouldn’t want it twice.

Contrast Woody Allen with Lil Wayne:
Similar builds,
similar looks.
I’m guessin’ similar intelligence;
both are geniuses,
(even though I aint a fan of either.)
Don’t like rap,
nor do I like Woody Allen’s ‘pussy-fication of the western male’,
brand of comedy.
Both earned a-lot of money;
both are very-creative,
Lil Wayne looks tough though;
Woody does not.
That’s a choice,
a branding decision,
an image decision.
Woody forged a neurotic-nerd-image,
to earn his millions.
Lil Wayne chose a tough-guy-gangsta image:
drug dealing-
Lil Wayne can have any woman he wants,
even when he was broke.
Even as a rich-man Woody can still only bag:
weak women,
and gold-diggin’ whores.
Woody’s abused by his women;
Lil’ Wayne dominates.
You can choose many paths to riches,
never choose a path forcing you to be a wimp.
Women are not only attracted to money or looks;
they’re mostly attracted to power and confidence.


Drew and Ray arrive in Lowell;
drive past a row of tenements.
Drew hits a button,
a garage door opens;
drives in and parks.
Several muscle-cars in Drew’s garage:
all black;
all late-60s,
early-70s vintage.
They enter a door,
to the left.

Drew’s apartment’s small,
not a-lot to it.
Building’s old but well kept;
several-stories high.
Living room:
big screen TV,
Bose-surround-sound home-theater.
Weight room:
older weight-bench.
book case,
Meditation room:
trophy case;
framed press-clippings of his accomplishments,
as an amateur and pro-boxer-
Drew interrupts Ray’s mental-inventory:
Drew: “I’m not here to teach you about majik or energy,
as you can see,
the elements of a Furai-home are here.
I’ve got a shrine,
a dojo-
My home’s for me to rest,
project Concussions,
and close deals,
(get laid.)”

Ray nods,
showing he understands.

Half Naked

On the couch,
laid-out sleeping:
a half-naked,
petite brunette.
Drew approaches the couch;
his huge-frame casts a dark-shadow over her.
Drew: “What you still doin’ here?
Thought you were gonna clean the bathroom and go?”

She wakes up,
slightly disoriented.
half-naked brunette:
“I thought I’d make you dinner;
it’s in the fridge.
Made some lasagna.
Just needs to be popped in the oven.”

Drew: “Will it freeze?”

half-naked brunette:
but why you askin’?”

Drew: “ ‘cause I got company;
you can’t be here.
You gotta go.”

half-naked brunette:
When will you call me?”

Drew:When I wanna see you again.”

half-naked brunette:
“Care to be more specific?”

Drew: “No.
We’re done;
got shit to do;
time for you to go home.”

half-naked brunette:
“Why don’t you,
and your friend eat the lasagna-I-made tonight?”
She looks over at Ray to receive sympathy;
Ray looks down at his new-Nikes avoiding her gaze.

Drew: “Because,
I don’t want lasagna today;
will probly end-up eatin’ out.
May be goin’ to Vegas;
just don’t know right now,
what I’m gonna be doin’ this week.
you’re alright.
I’ll probly call you soon.
House looks good;
bathroom looks alright.”

half-naked brunette:
“That all I’m good for?”

Drew: “How do I know?
We just met.
I know this,
you’re gettin’ on my nerves right-now;
you really need to go.”
While speaking these words,
Drew’s eyes flare annoyance;
dark-chi is expelled,
causing her to sit-up,

half-naked brunette:
I’m sorry.
I just thought that after last-night-”

Drew: “Last-night was fine.
But I got business to attend to.
Right now I feel a-little crowded;
I need some space.”

half-naked brunette: “OK Drew.
I’ll leave.
Call me if you want;
hope you do.”

Drew smiles.
Drew: “Whatever;
you a pushy-lil-thing aint you?”

half-naked brunette:
“You didn’t seem to mind last-night.”

Drew: “I’ll call you a cab.”

Drew sends a text;
receives a text-reply in a few seconds.

Drew: “One of my guys’ll be here in a couple-minutes;
take you wherever you wanna go.
Don’t worry about payin’ him,
or tippin’;
it’s taken care of.”

half-naked brunette:
“Call me OK?”

Drew: “I might do that.”

The buzzer rings.

half-naked brunette:
“Thanks for a good time.”

Drew: “Bye.
Ride’s here.”

walks over to him,
seductively-buttoning her top;
plants a kiss on Drew’s pudgy-left-cheek.

half-naked brunette: “Well,
see you ‘round then.”

Drew: “You might.”

She starts to scoff,
then stops herself after looking in Drew’s eyes.
She smiles.
half-naked brunette: “OK.
Bye then.”

Drew: “Ya.
Leave already.”

She smiles,
then closes the door.


Ray: “She’s pretty-hot,

Drew: “Think so?
She’s alright.
Called her on a whim.
Was bangin’ her best-friend a few-weeks-ago.
Had a three-way;
her friend’s the jealous type.
Her friend started getting demandin’:
callin’ me every day;
sendin’ me texts;
showin’ up at my haunts.
After two days of that bullshit:
told her I wasn’t feelin’ it.

She raised her voice at me;
I said nothin’.
I didn’t yell.
Didn’t react in any way.
Just picked up my phone;
sent a text message,
to that chick you saw on my couch.
The text said:

Drew: “Wanna hang out tonight?
I’m free.”

A second later,
got a text back:

Chick: “Just us this time?”

Drew: “Ya”

Chick: “K”

Drew: “When you’ve mastered what I teach you,
women will be there.
The challenge aint:
how do I find someone new?
The challenge:
how do I deal with all these emotional-women,
who want my time?
I mean you saw.
She wanted:
a ‘thank you’;
a ‘I had a good time’;
a ‘I’ll call you tomorrow’.
I might call her tomorrow,
but I’ll make that decision tomorrow.
She won’t make that decision for me,
Hot-girls are not used-to being treated that way,
by any guy.
Usually men kiss the hot-girl’s asses.
Treatin’ them like they don’t matter much;
turns them on,
and makes them frustrated,
at the same time.
I’m not sayin’ be abusive.
I’m sayin’ keep your cool;
tell the truth.
Be a little-bossy when they come over.
Let them know,
after the sex:
they gotta go.
If they really want to stay,
make a deal with them:
you can stay,
if you clean the bathroom tomorrow.’”

Ray: “That works sifu?”

Drew: “Works for me,
100% of the time.
Wanna favor from me?
Better do a favor for me.
Wanna sleep in my bed?
Better be willin’ to do some cleanin’.”

Ray: “‘They ever get mad,

Drew: “Always a risk of that.
Once you make it clear to them,
you’re gonna treat ‘em nice;
but you’re not gonna lie and act like you care;
you aint gonna be controlled,
even a little-bit;
it can be frustratin’ for ‘em.
Some will allow that frustration to turn to anger,
or tears even.
When a woman doesn’t get her way,
she rarely responds with logic or persuasion.
It’s almost always with yellin’ or tears.”

Drew smiles.
Drew: “When I bring a woman home,
for the first time,
I make it clear:
I’ll never yell at her;
nor will I ever cry to try to get something from her;
if she ever does either with me;
she’ll never see me again.
they know the deal.
Some try it anyway;
doesn’t work.”

Victoria’s Secret

Drew: “Once had this negligee-model in my place.
Just as hot as the one you just saw,
but super-skinny,
and tall,
like 5’11 tall.
The most-perfect fake-tits,
I tells her she’s gonna have to clean the bathroom to stay the night;
she goes into my kitchen,
starts bangin’ around pots and pans.”

Drew laughs to himself;
shakes his head.
Drew: “If you notice,
I keep all glass-objects and sharp-objects locked-up in there.
Got this cabinet,
in the kitchen with a-lock on it.
Some of these bitches are really passionate.
They’ll break glass;
come at you with a knife.
So anyway,
she’s in the kitchen bangin’ pots and pans;
(because the glass and knives are locked-up,)
waking the fuckin’-dead,
it’s near midnight,
probably woke-up all my-tenants.”
Drew OWNS this huge-building?

Drew reads Ray’s thoughts,
“Yes Ray,
it’s my building.”

Drew continues telling his story without pausing further:
Drew: “So,
I text a buddy of mine who’s a cop.”

Cat Walk

Drew: “In five minutes,
the cop’s at my door.
she pushes me out of the way,
to talk to him first:
Victoria’s-Secret Model: ‘Officer,
I’m so glad you’re here!
Drew just hit me!’

My friend the cop goes:
‘Aren’t you that Victoria’s Secret Model?’

Victoria’s Secret Model: ‘Yes.’

Bitch is smiling,
as she cat-walk-poses for the cop.”

Drew laughs again to himself;
shakes his head in disbelief;
then continues.
Drew: “Cop: ‘You know it’s a crime,
to falsely accuse someone of battery.’

Victoria’s Secret Model: ‘He hit me!’

Cop: ‘Look,
You’re in Lowell Massachusetts.
My jail’s very dingy-‘

She tries to interrupt him.

Cop: ‘Shut your goddamn-mouth!
Another outburst;
I promise,
you’ll leave in handcuffs.’
Her demeanor changes;
her haughtiness exits.

Cop: ‘Listen very carefully.
Drew’s an upstanding-citizen in this community.
He gives generously,
both time and money to local charities.
He’s never hit anyone I know of,
outside the boxing ring.
Somethin’ you need to know:
every room in his place,
is equipped with a recording-device.
Whatever happened was recorded.
There’s no doubt,
in my mind,
you’re lying.
There’s no doubt,
in my mind,
you’re disturbing the peace.
There’s no doubt,
in my mind,
you’ve lost your fuckin’ mind.
Now you got two choices:
Choice number one:
get your things,
leave and never come back here or contact Drew.
Choice number two:
I arrest you;
charge you;
video-tape the arrest.
Drew sues you for making false-charges against him,
and all the-evidence is sold to the Enquirer.
What’s it gonna be?’

She walks out without saying a fuckin’ word.”


Ray: “How’d you get the idea to record the rooms,

Drew: “You may be too-young to remember the boxer:
Iron Mike Tyson.
Tyson was one of the best boxers to ever live.
Tyson was accused and convicted of rape;
did three years in prison;
claims to be innocent to this day.
Date rape is a ‘he said; she said’ crime;
always a woman’s word against a man’s word.
I’m not sayin’ the woman lied;
got no fuckin’ idea.
I’m sayin it’s possible,
after reviewing the evidence available to me;
she lied.
Tyson was convicted on weak circumstantial-evidence;
her word against his.
Convicted of rape,
did three years of a ten-year bid.
If Tyson was innocent,
fuckin’ shame.
Three years is a long time,
to be in the pen for something you didn’t do.

I decided right then:
if I’m gonna bang women by the dozens;
women I just met,
who may regret consensual-sex after the fact;
may want to punish me for not bowing-down to them.
I was gonna tape-record everything.
I installed sophisticated audio-surveillance equipment,
in every room.
It has gotten me out of a few jams.
So far,
I’ve never been accused of rape,
that one Victoria’s-Secret model did falsely accuse me of hitting her.”


Drew: “There are many Furai;
many different relationship models.
I have the caveman,
no-strings-attached model.
I choose superficial relationships with beautiful women.
Chris chooses the casanova-model:
many women he treats well,
buys shit for etc.
Power-marriages like Antwon and Anne.
Partnerships like Steve has.
The harem-model like your dad has.
The common thread,
in all Furai relationship-styles:
The man has relationships on his terms;
the women accept it.
A Furai chooses a relationship model that works for him,
makes him happy.”

Aretha Franklin

Drew: “Furai are not nihilists,
we don’t believe in:
“do as thou wilt”.
A fuckin’ gerbil does what he wants,
(I chose gerbils because they will literally starve-to-death for pleasure.)
An alcoholic does what he wants,
a drug-addict does what he wants.
A Furai does what he wants,
provided he earns his freedom,
does not allow anyone,
or anything to enslave him.
By far,
the biggest enslaver of males,
is not the government,
or drugs-
it’s women.”

Ray: “I’ve seen women enslaved by men too,

Drew: “Of course you have.
And if you were a woman,
and I was fucking Oprah or Dr. Phil,
I’d be preaching about how evil,
men are.
But you’re not a woman,
and I aint Oprah or Dr. Phil,
and this isn’t an hour of man-hating TV.
This is me warning you what to look out for,
and how to defend yourself.

When someone is abused,
or woman,
it’s for one main-reason:
they’ve lowered their personal-value,
lowered their expectations,
and allowed another to occupy a higher place,
allowed another to dominate them.
They’ve declared to the abuser:
I have no value;
you may continue with your abuse.
R E S P E C T.
Demand it.
If someone refuses to respect you,
especially a sex-mate;
treats you below what you deserve,
you must communicate what you will not tolerate,
if they violate those boundaries:
leave the relationship.
With me,
I have a low threshold for bullshit.”


Drew: “Many women are taught,
from a young age:
how to dominate men.
Our laws are geared toward this domination.
When a man and a woman get divorced,
it’s almost always the man that pays vagina-mony.
Vagina-mony = payment of current dollars,
for prior use of a vagina.
I know,
sounds foolish;
it is;
it’s the law.
As long as the law’s in women’s favor,
men must be very-careful in their relationships.

One of the stats you always hear:
50% of marriages fail;
fuckin’ lie.
75% of first-marriages end in divorce.
Of the remaining 25%,
90% of those,
a woman’s in complete control of the man.
let this burn in real good,
if you get married:
there’s a 75% chance you’ll get divorced,
a very-good chance you’ll pay vagina-mony.
If you don’t get a divorce,
if you’re one of the lucky 25% that stay married,
there’s a 90% chance a woman will control you,
Some men feel the need to be controlled;
some men need a woman to dominate them;
that’s how they’re built;
I aint built that way.
I’m not saying,
don’t get married.
I’m saying look at the odds;
look around at married men:
find a marriage you believe in,
a marriage you would want to be a part of;
they’re hard to find.
Look beyond the superficial.
In other words,
don’t assume:
because a man is married to a hot-woman;
he’s actually having sex with her.
Most married guys will tell you:
the sex dries up pretty quick.
A woman knows:
anytime she wants,
she can call a lawyer;
take half the wealth of the man,
for life.
If a woman decides she owns a man,
she loses respect for him,
he loses confidence in the relationship.
This leads in all kinds of nasty-directions:
She stops being sexually attracted to him;
her vagina dries up.
He stops getting erections for her.
They stop communicating;
start bickering.
She or he gains weight.
She or he begins having an affair.

Did you know:
get married in your twenties,
and divorced after ten years,
thirty-years later a woman can go after and seize:
pension and social-security benefits?”

Ray: “I’m twelve,

Drew: “Twelve is not too-young,
to be thinking about this stuff.”


Drew: “Decide:
what do you need from a woman?
Do you need their sex?
Do you need their cookin’?
Do you need their cleanin’?
Do you need their advice?
Do you need their decoratin’ skills?
Do you need someone to choose:
where you live?
Do you need someone to choose:
whether you stay at your job or not?
Do you need someone to determine:
how much sex you can have?
Do you need someone to determine:
your diet?
Most marriage is slavery,
for the man.
I need sex.
I need an occasional ornament with a vagina at a public-function.
that’s all I need.
Your father,
a teacher,
and he needs sex.
he chooses the harem.
Chris needs romance.
Women to not just chase him,
but love him,
The adventure of sneaking around,
not letting one woman find out about another.
He loves lying to them.
The Casanova model works for Chris.
Antwon needs a woman,
who’ll accept a man’s domination,
for life.
Anne needs a man to dominate her,
for life.
Anne and Antwon both need:
the conversations,
the strategy sessions,
and the companionship the other brings.

What do you need from a girl at age twelve?
I mean,
sex is probably not in your immediate future.
I didn’t have sex until fifteen,
some guys later,
some guys a little earlier.
Do you need a friend with tits?
Do you need to talk on the phone?
Does your manhood require a girlfriend to prove self-worth?
Do you need love?
Do you need connection?
Do you need an ornament with a vagina?
Do you need variety?
That’s a big one.
Wanna hear a joke?
Did you know,
they came out with a Special-Edition-Playboy-magazine-subscription for married men?
Pay half your earnings;
they mail you,
the same edition,
same model,
same centerfold:
after month,
after month,
until you die.”

Ray laughs.

Drew: “If it were really a true married-man’s edition,
the magazine would:
bitch at you;
remain closed,
(until you did what IT ordered.)
As the magazine’s centerfold-model steadily gains 18-pounds per year.”

Ray laughs.

Drew: “Decide what you want and need from a relationship,
before you’re in it.
Once you’re in a relationship,
it’s too-late.
At that point a woman has leverage,
a good piece-of-ass has been known to control many a man.”


Drew: “Kristen sounds like a nice girl,
but let’s be honest;
she’s been around-the-block a few times;
her choice of men,
she’s young,
she’s searching,
so I’ll give her a-break,
be careful.
She may have chosen Daley,
she’s a-little messed-up in the head.
Some women want to be controlled,
they can fight that control,
want to be abused,
It’s fucked up,
but it’s true.
So be careful,
even at twelve.
If you decide to go with her:
meet her parents;
talk to her friends.
If she’s fucked up,
learn how bad.
Learn what she needs,
no matter how depraved it is;
then decide if you’re the guy to give it to her.
If she needs to be physically-abused,

Ray: “Why would someone want to be abused,
especially physically,

Drew: “You’re beginning to tread outside my comfort-zone,
outside my AOR,
outside my expertise.
I know a-lot about women,
because I’ve met so many of them,
because I’ve studied them.
I’m not a shrink,
or a psychologist.
One does not need to understand electricity,
at the atomic level,
to wire a house;
nor to turn the lights on.
The human brain is a fragile thing,
a severe trauma,
such as a father who abuses a daughter physically,
can trigger a need for a daughter to find someone to treat her like daddy did.
Daddy loved me;
daddy hit me;
if you don’t hit me;
you don’t love me.
I’m being overly simplistic,
as some women demand attention,
even negative,
yet are attracted to men with violent tempers.
They may have never been abused growing up,
the danger of this foreign-rage excites them,
I don’t know why,
but you will see it again and again.”


Drew: “Let’s be honest here,
all relationships between men and women,
lead to sex.
You’re twelve,
not five.
Romeo and Juliet were thirteen.
I’m not here to advise you when to have sex,
what age is appropriate,
That’s ultimately your call,
aint no-one gonna stop you:
if the girl wants to.
I’m here to give you BASE-rules about sex.
First off,
my goo,
belongs to me.
she can have my dick,
but not without a condom.
I don’t give any woman:
the satisfaction of my goo.
No goo;
no babies.
And another thing,
I count days.
The day a woman gets her period,
that’s day 1.
Days 7-14,
are the days she’s most-likely to get pregnant on.
Those are the days you must be very careful on.
If she gets your goo on those days,
you’ll be paying child support until you’re 40.
For me it’s about pride;
You don’t get my goo,
I aint gonna-be your baby-daddy:
fuck you,
that’s why.
Guys that don’t have the balls to do this:
deserve what they get.”

Ray: “Doesn’t sex with a condom not feel good?

Drew: “Why don’t you jerk off with one?
Find out?
Sex with a quality condom feels great.
Vagina’s are stinky,
slimy things.
Like sticking your dick into rotting meat.
Full of bacteria,
and in some cases,
even at your age.
When you wear a condom,
you protect your dick from an open sewer.
Sex without a condom:
a female invention.
Women want the goo,
want to feel close to you,
You get the bag,
not my skin,
not my goo,

Ray laughs.

Drew: “I won’t even goo in their faces,
without a towel handy.
Women get crazy for the goo,
some women really want a baby.
sabotage a condom;
lie about being on the pill;
take a used condom out of a trash can,
or wipe the goo off their face;
to try to put the goo inside themselves.
I’ve seen all these behaviors.”


Drew: “You’re no longer a child,
you’re becoming an adult.
Part of being an adult:
exercising appropriate restraint,
on certain occasions.”

Unfair Advantage

Drew: “Statutory rape:
consensual sex between an older guy,
and a younger girl.
Usually between a guy 18 or older,
and a girl 14-16.
The law views post-pubescent girls,
under 18,
as incapable of making a sexual-consent decision.
The way my father explained it:
an 18-year-old man knows more ways,
to get into a young-girl’s pants;
than she knows how to keep them on.
The 18-year-old man,
has an unfair advantage due to experience.
I’ve met 15-year-old girls,
with far more experience,
than some 18-year-old men,
no matter.
Once you reach 18,
girls under 18 become absolutely off limits.
between 12 and 18,
you’ll meet many young-women.
As a Furai,
you’ll have an advantage over all of ‘em.
Great power requires great responsibility.
No one’s gonna force you to exercise restraint,
but you should,
for your own-sake.
If you’re considering having sex,
ask yourself a few questions:
How old’s this girl?
If she’s over 18,
slam dunk.
You can have sex,
you’re clear,
provided she’s not loaded or retarded.
(Don’t fuck a drunk or a retard.)
If she’s under 18,
you have to ask more questions:
Is she the same age or older than me?
If the answer is no;
pursue someone else.
Any girl younger than you is off limits;
this is the cost of being a Furai under 18.

Assuming you’re under 18,
and the girl is the same age or older,
but not yet 18;
some more questions requiring a yes answer:
Is she psychologically mature-enough to handle sex?
Some girls,
(indeed some women in their thirties,)
are too immature to handle sex.
Stay away from them,
if they’re under 18.
Has she had sex before?
A girl who’s sexually active,
is less-likely to be harmed,
psychologically by a consensual sex-act.
Special care must be exercised with virgin women.
Don’t have sex with a virgin,
unless you’re thinking seriously about marriage;
let someone-else deflower her.
You don’t need that headache,
and all the drama it may contain.
An old saying,
‘once you open the packaging,
you own it.
If you don’t want to own her,
walk away.
Ever feed a stray cat once?
They’re impossible to get rid of.
Does she want to have sex just for the act?
Does she have the same expectations as you,
as to what sex means,
to your future relationship?
Many women equate sex with commitment,
extra attention-
If she’s giving-up her sex,
to get more attention,
or commitment from you,
let her know,
that sex is just sex;
if it is for you.
Don’t tell her you love her if you don’t;
be honest.
You may lose out on an occasional lay;
doubt it;
I never have.
I’m honest with every woman I have sex with.
This avoids hurt feelings,
and damaged psyches.”

Drunk Girls and Retards

Drew: “A few years ago,
some 16-year-old boys,
football players,
were at a keg party;
a small town close to here.
As the party got going,
one of the young girls,
drank a little more than she should,
went into an available bed-room;
passed out on the bed.
One of these boys decided,
this was an opportunity to dip-his-wick.
He opened the door,
laid down next to her,
started fondling her.
Within 45 minutes a train of 5 guys lined up,
for their turn.
Shit like this happens all the time.
That girl,
who may have been willing at the time,
is going to regret this the next day.
All 5 of those boys claimed she wanted it.
The girl claimed it was forced,
either way it was rape.
Rape is a tragedy.

Since courts view girls under 18,
as not having the psychological capacity,
to consent to sex,
technically ALL sex,
between two consenting 16 year olds is illegal.
Add alcohol,
add multiple partners:
those football-players were screwed.
Even if sex was consensual;
they were going down.
They’re in prison right now;
the girl committed suicide.
You may find yourself in a situation like this.
Imagine your buddy Tom,
came out of a bedroom and asked you,
and a few others,
‘Who’s next?’
What would you do?
Do not allow a rape in your presence,
If a train is forming,
be willing to fight to stop it.
If a guy is pawing on a drunk passed-out girl:
tell him to stop;
tell her friends to get her out of there;
Make some noise.
One person in a crowded room,
who has the balls to say,
‘this is not right!’
is enough to stop a tragedy.
A female victim of a train,
may be suicidal;
the male participants may go to prison.
It’s tough to take a stand sometimes,
especially when you seem to be alone.
You’ll find,
as soon as you have the courage to stand up,
others will find the courage as well.

This is a little more difficult.
Let’s say,
you meet a girl at a party.
You’re laughing;
she’s laughing;
she gets hammered drunk,
and wants to fuck.
Many men would not hesitate,
for a second in this situation;
be above them.
Even though others,
(even the girl,)
may tease you,
about not taking advantage of this situation,
fuck it.
If a girl you don’t know,
or barely know,
is hammered drunk,
so drunk she won’t remember sex;
give her a gift she will remember:
refuse to have sex.
If she truly likes you,
she’ll like you the next day.
If she truly wants to fuck,
she’ll want to fuck the next day.
If she doesn’t want to fuck the next day,
be thankful you didn’t have sex with her,
when she was drunk.
Men have gone to prison over this.
Let me repeat that,
let it burn in good:
Men have gone to prison over this.
All she has to say:
you put something in her drink;
you’re gone,
just like Tyson.
When a girl is hammered drunk,
sex is no-longer consensual,
because of diminished judgement.
It’s like fucking a retard.
It’s different when you’re having regular sex with someone.
She’s drunk;
you’re drunk;
you both want to fuck;
you’ve fucked many times before.
I’m specifically talking about sex with someone you just met.
Don’t fuck a drunk girl,
unless she’s your drunk girl.

Blue Balls

Drew: “Women are physically weaker;
a fact of biology.
Because of this,
society has decreed,
and rightfully so:
a woman has exclusive rights,
to determine when sex is going to happen,
and when it’s not.
Sex is always a woman’s choice.
Even if she tells you:
let’s fuck.
Even if you’re both naked;
even if you’ve penetrated her;
the moment she says,
Sex is over.
This obviously would be frustrating:
having her initiate sex,
then change her mind after intercourse starts;
that’s life.
Put your clothes back on,
(Once you decide to do this,
and are serious about it,
she’ll probably stop you,
and demand you finish.)”


Drew: “The common thread here is:
sex should be a fun act for all parties,
and after the fact.
Neither party should ever be injured from sex.
Do everything in your power to do no harm,
to her or yourself with sex.
If the only way to get a girl’s sex is through:
or unfair advantage,
That’s sex you don’t need.
Sex will flow to you in abundance as a Furai.
With this power,
seek to do no harm.
Do not be a bulldozer,
plowing through china shops,
leaving a trail of destruction in your path.
remember the laws of Karma,
the laws of chi,
when you harm someone-else,
it’s harming yourself.
everyone you meet can wield negative-chi,
(some better than others.)
When you harm someone,
it can come back to you many times worse.”


Drew: “Celibacy is a valid choice.
Not the choice I made,
but a choice I respect.
all sex:
a drain of energy,
a drain of chi.
You’ll always be more powerful celibate,
(as long as you’re not burning with passion.)
If you can live a celibate life,
without burning with passion;
you’ll be more powerful,
than a sexually-active individual.
Sex is like video games,
or any other time-suck.
Using Xinfinity analysis,
if you don’t choose celibacy;
sex should be regimented.
Set limits on how-much time you spend:
having and pursuing sex.
If you choose the celibacy path,
no-one needs to know about it,
unless you want to tell them.
Any questions about the topics I covered?”

Ray: “No, sifu.”

Drew: “Cool.
Let’s get a pizza;
play put-put golf;
this lesson’s over.”

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