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When I was 12-years-old, I decided to become a dark wizard. It wasn’t an easy decision, I fought it. Most normal people like to think of themselves as “good” – even the shitty ones; very few have the balls to declare, “I am evil.” At 12-years old, I embraced: who I was, what I was, why I was, and where I was going.

I remember my sifu’s words to me, “If your destiny is to become a dark wizard, I’ll make sure you become the darkest wizard ever.” The sifu who spoke these words to me was my father; he died over six years ago. Effectively, I signed his death warrant with my decision to become dark, and who I chose to call master.

At age 12 after I completed my Furai training, during my graduation ceremony, I kneeled before my master, pledged fealty, kissed his ring – my father’s fate was sealed.

My father loved me; I loved him. He was a powerful wizard in his own right. He was The Furai for many years, the leader of a secret society of warrior wizards who’s history goes back many generations. But, for me to rise, for me to assume the reigns of leadership – he had to die, (and, he had to die in front of me.) I had to witness my father’s execution, to see him torn to pieces, to feel his chi exit his flailing body, like the warm blood that sprays me when they chop his head off, under my approving eyes.

A few commonly-held myths about wizards. The first myth is that we do not exist, that magick is not real. This myth follows a simplistic, mechanistic view of the universe based on Newtonian Mechanics. Wizards believe the universe most men perceive with their limited five senses is merely the tip of the iceberg. Infrared, ultraviolet, ultra-high-pitched frequency noise, radio waves, microwaves – all – imperceivable to men – yet all very real, measurable, quantifiable etc – Only a fool would make the argument that just because man’s limited-5 senses can’t perceive something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Dogs can smell cancer, for example – cats and bees can see ultraviolet-spectrum colors – bats can see with their ears – my cell-phone works – I am not suggesting you believe in magick – I don’t believe; I know. I know, if you do not believe in magick you are a fool.

Another myth, when many people think of wizards, (if they think of us at all, especially male wizards,) they imagine bookish nerds with no athletic ability; soft men with glasses and no muscle tone. Sure, there are some wizards like that; in fact, there are many like that. They carry around their books, wear pentagrams, play guitar, write poetry, tattoos, piercings – whatever. Most male wizards are not like this.

The myths about female wizards are just as unflattering. Overweight bon-bon eating witches, gathering in semi-lesbian, man-hating circles, calling out spirits, worshipping mother earth- etc- Wiccans like this do exist as well. Most female wizards are not like this.

Truth: all powerful wizards are successful in their chosen field – most are athletic, strong, and in optimal health. Magick, the ability to bend the universe supernaturally in your favor, requires energy. Energy requires: diet, rest, and exercise. Can a wizard be overweight? Sure. Can an athlete? Can a boxer? Can an actor? Can a business-person? Definitely. Optimal health yields more energy, energy drives magick. Low energy limits a wizard’s potency.

Another myth about wizards, (both male and female,) is they’re easy to spot. A true wizard, (a Furai wizard) would never let you know he or she was a wizard, (unless it suited his or her purpose.)

The last myth I want to dispel is the myth about complexity. It requires no tools to become a wizard. Candles, pentagrams, swords, capes, gongs, wands, none of these items are needed to unleash magick – Although with some individuals props may be helpful, but that’s another topic for another time.

Magick is very real, it’s the reason you’re here now reading my dark words. These words are magick, an incantation in their own right, designed/crafted/conjured to gather those, to this place and time, who have a predisposition: to seek unlimited wealth and power; embrace my teachings; dominate their enemies; seize the universe; control their destiny – I am evil, by traditional standards, yet so are you. At 12-years old I embraced my darkness, are you ready to do the same?

“Is it possible to learn this power?”

“Not from a Jedi.”

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