Where Am I Going With All This?

Chris Voss — former FBI negotiator — makes a speech about how to win ANY negotiation exchange. Step 1 — you have TEN SECONDS to answer the question: “How you gonna help me?”  When you begin your pitch — whatever it is, whatever you’re selling — in order to close the deal FOCUS on answering this question FAST.

If successful, your target will reply, “Tell me what you want me to do.”

The first question your target will ask themselves, “do you see what I see?”  Ronald Reagan, “Are you better off?”

The game changer — what you want people to say to themselves, “That’s Right.” If you can cause your target to say to themselves, “That’s right.” Then you have changed them biochemically — you have established rapport, created a bond — perhaps established alpha.

NOT: “you’re right.” (which might be them trying to shut you up.) “That’s right.”

In short, use EMPATHY as a weapon. (a theme in my book Concussion Magick.)

Where am I going with this?

A few years ago, I began a quest for knowledge. Majik. Hypnosis. Philosophy. Self-help. Exercise. Nutrition. Many disciplines, many books. I learned many things, above all, I learned how to alter the universe through various forms of majik.

I wanted to share that knowledge with the world, and I’ve been unable to (as of today anyway.)

Why? Why was it so important for me to share? Why did I spend so much energy writing/publishing/blogging/tweeting/vlogging/facebooking — (and NOTHING fucking worked.)

I guess when you begin digging into the question, “how does the universe work?” You learn a few things — perhaps things no man should know. I saw the destruction of America. I saw the destruction of humanity. I saw the enslavement of the human race. I saw the lies — the deception — the FAKE NEWS. I saw the evils of socialism, globalism, and of Islam. I saw the destruction of America’s factories, paid for with a few bribes to Democrats and Republicans alike. I saw no way out…

Then Trump came along — and I saw, for the first time, hope. Unfortunately, Trump is just one man, and his supporters are largely cowards. They are unwilling to support him in public — risking public ridicule by a few puny leftists. As of today, Trump has done NOTHING to stop the invasion of America by the peasants of South America. He did not build the wall. He did not deport the illegals. He did not stand up to circuit court judges usurping executive authority. Are we REALLY supposed to believe securing our border with the military is IMPOSSIBLE? BULLSHIT.

I love Trump, but this is unacceptable. A million illegals have invaded this year — a MILLION. They have been coached to claim asylum. They are being given drivers licenses, welfare, education, food stamps, social security, health care — they are bringing drugs, and crime. And yes, they WILL vote in 2020.

People are moving from California to Texas and Florida to escape the onslaught — turning those states BLUE. If Texas turns BLUE it’s GAME OVER. If Texas turns BLUE America becomes FULL socialist.

Where am I going with this?

I’ve studied history. I’ve studied economics. I’ve studied the law. I’ve studied political science — If the rats win in 2020 there will NEVER be another Republican president. They will FLOOD us with South American peasants and use them to pack our ballot boxes for a generation or more.

What if Trump is one of them? What if Trump was put here to create an economic BOOM (a MAGNET) and an open border as part of a SCHEME to displace the native votes? He made America Great, unfortunately if you make your house great, but leave the doors UNLOCKED…

Where am I going with this?

I’m going to play in the sand.

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