Symbiotic Communication — Mentorship — ENERGY FLOW — WEALTH

Energy exchange between two people — I can build you up, you can build me up, the process can continue forever. Or, I could insult you, you can insult me, the process continues till we’re both exhausted. Or, I could complain, you could build me up, the process continues till I suck all of your energy out — this is what TV does — billions of people are having the energy sucked from them, making content creators rich, and the people poor. Or, a TV transmission can build you up, make the content creator wealthy, and enrich all who it touches — symbiotic relationships are far superior to parasitic ones, ultimately they benefit both parties more, and are infinitely sustainable.

A book that offends is parasitic. A TV commercial that offends is parasitic. Symbiotic relationships lead to wealth, abundance, happiness, prosperity — Parasitic relationships lead to poverty, lack, misery, starvation, destitution.

Jesus and the early Christian Church were symbiotic — Ayn Rand, Nietzsche, LaVey, Redbeard, the Catholic Church, L Ron — they failed to create wealth for all, just for the writers/Priests — therefore, for all intents and purposes, they are parasitic.

Show me any country in lack, or any person in lack, or any business in lack, and I will show you parasites.

Why is there so much prosperity in protestant nations/humanist nations? The key to this is information and knowledge proliferation. Protestant nations created the printing press and literacy in order to read the Bible, a tangent benefit was the free flow of information.

Muslim nations, all nations that attempt to suppress ideas, create a top funnel, where only the elites have access to knowledge. This is the main reason the world is in lack — anything that suppresses information, no matter how lofty the goal, leads to poverty.

Trade is the key to all wealth, all healthy trade is symbiotic.

Capitalism can be parasitic — when the wealthy focus only on their well being, instead of the well being of all — they create a cascading effect, leading to poverty for all. Assume every rich man in the world, took it upon himself to teach those that work for him the things he knows — this may lead to him losing employees, (for many would leave and start their own businesses,) however, when a man creates a business engaged in trade, they create wealth for all involved.

First, he will need investment. So he goes to his teacher and asks for a loan. The business owner looks at his pupil, and if he is worthy, loans the money. Now this individual creates something to sell making himself rich, and the investor rich, and the world richer. Now there are more people able to afford the businessman’s goods.

When a businessman keeps his knowledge to himself, pays the minimum, saves his money, builds up a hoard for himself, he is doing something wicked — not only is he making the universe poorer, but he is making himself poorer. Andrew Carnegie was a rich man at the turn of the 20th century, but he never experienced modern technology, nor the benefits of our tech. Would you wish to live in 1900 as Andrew Carnegie did? One of the richest men in the world, yet look at how SHITTY his life would’ve been. No TV. No music. No Internet. ETC–

The socialists see this, and their solution is to pry the wealth from the rich and give to the poor, but this has a negative effect. Physical money is not wealth — creation, invention, information, products, are wealth. So the poor man may feel richer, but the resulting inflation from all of his fellow serfs receiving a supplement, means everything gets more expensive, and technology slows down because the government, the bureaucrats are making decisions they are not qualified to make. So nothing positive happens.

In order to create a better world, the rich must see it in their best interests to create other rich people — this makes everyone rich. This must be voluntary! Any attempt to force a rich man to contribute his energy or his wealth, (which is another form of energy,) is evil.

Selfish capitalism — capitalism that leads to hoarding, that leads to flamboyant behavior is evil. Imagine a world filled with robot servants, eternal life, abundant free energy, abundant food, all men in mansions — this is the world we will create, the key to this is the voluntary change of heart of all on the earth.

The poor must desire, beyond anything else, to become wealthy.

The rich must choose to invest their time and money to worthy individuals to create products and inventions, this benefits everyone involved.

Take a look at the night sky — every star you see contains abundantly more energy than the earth, energy is wealth. If man focussed on conquering the universe, instead of making themselves rich, or instead of pure enjoyment and lower desires, the wealth that would be created would be so abundant that no one would want for anything.

The Furai is the richest man on the planet, and as far as we know the universe. It wasn’t always that way, he decided that he would spend his life making everyone he touched wealthy.

I was a poor man, poor in spirit, poor financially. When I met The Furai, he created the spark of desire within me, which lead to a desire for knowledge, which he gave liberally — once I learned that I could do anything and how to do anything, I created a business plan, I sold the plan to him and others. He and others loaned me the resources to create my product, I created it and sold it at a profit, with this profit I made him and my other investors wealthier, I employed individuals and paid them well, they bought cars, computers, homes etc — It could have ended there, but instead I took on disciples and my disciples repeated the process.

The key thing to remember is the universe contains far more wealth than we can imagine, the world is not a pie to be divided, the world is knowledge, knowledge is wealth, wealth is energy. Create an idea or invention and keep it to yourself, and you might become richer. When you sell that idea or invention to the world, you create wealth, energy for all mankind — wealth is created by human thought, anything that allows money and wealth to flow without coercion creates more wealth, anything that concentrates wealth or information in one place, leads to poverty and stagnation.

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