The Manmade Virus

We’ve done it. We’ve created a form of nanotechnology that uses DNA to proliferate and self replicate. The nanotechnology was designed in a Furai laboratory in the year 2013.

The DNA nanotechnology is similar to a naturally occurring virus in that it utilizes the human body to self replicate.

When the virus enters the body, through ingestion, inhalation, or touch, it goes straight to the brainstem and lodges itself in the optic tract.

This man made “virus” has been named magus supernus or superior magician, the reason for this chosen name will be explained to you soon.

The virus, magus supernus, is unlike any virus that has ever existed on earth in that it effects all living things. If it eats and breaths it can catch the virus.

Additionally, it is nearly impossible to kill. When the virus is mature, it reproduces itself in a traditional viral form (DNA) wrapped in a tough protein as well as a prion form, similar to mad cow disease. If you do not currently understand what I just said, go to google right now and learn about prions.

The virus is transmitted through the following means: Ingestion, Inhalation, Transfusion, Touch, it actually will penetrate skin via a handshake. STD

The virus is present in urine and feces and in all human excretions and fluids. The protein coating that surrounds the virus is specially designed to help the virus remain airborne for hours on end.

The virus is unusually small, it cannot be filtered through HEPA filters.

The virus protein coating is tough, it can not be dissolved with soap or even bleach.

The virus can survive the vacuum of space.

When the virus is exposed to direct sunlight, it absorbs the sun’s energy and becomes a solar powered, artificially intelligent, self aware drone, capable of autonomous operation, or guided control, meaning that in the absence of guided control, it will traverse the earth, searching indefinitely for a home. Any living thing, is a suitable home, plants, mammals, fish, birds, insects… The virus will seek out intelligent life first, it will look for the nearest, largest population center and fly there. It uses helicopter like motion to enter the jet stream and traverse the earth.

That would be unusual however, a sunlight enabled virus will be able to communicate with the Furai, and receive instruction on where to go.

Targets are prioritized based on Furai need.

The prion is present in feces and in all muscle protein throughout the body. This prion is indestructible. It can’t be burned, nuked, microwaved. The prion will not burn, it will be present in the ash remains and eventually when the ash returns to the soil, it will be absorbed by the plants that use the soil. It will permeate through the plant, it will be present in the plants seeds, fruits, pollen, nuts, berries, saps etc…

When the virus enters the human body, it identifies the host and disguises itself chemically like the host’s own cells. The host will not see this virus as a threat, and will not attack it.

It travels through the bloodstream to the brain, lungs, muscles, and digestive system.

The virus replicates itself and will exist in large numbers in the lungs and digestive system.

Within the digestive system, the virus replicates itself and builds prions. The virus then waits patiently and expels itself whenever the host defecates.

Within the lungs, the virus waits for a sneeze or a cough. Again, the virus is in no hurry, the host experiences no symptoms, nor has any idea it has been effected.

Similarly the virus will wait patiently for expulsion in massive numbers through any fluid.

99.99999% of what the virus does is replicate itself and infect living things. It will not harm, nor benefit the host in anyway through self replication or prion manufacture.

Put simply, if you have the virus:

It will use you forever to reproduce itself in vast numbers, effecting everyone you come in direct contact with for the rest of your life.

You will feel no symptoms.

You will not be harmed in any way from the virus’ reproductive activities within you.

The other thing the virus does is effect the brainstem, and construct, within your neural pathways, memories.

If you are reading this, you have been infected with the virus.

Do you understand? If yes, continue.

The Virus is Benevolent.

The virus’ only purpose is to identify those worthy of receiving the Furai message, then once identified, those individuals are directed to begin downloading selected information appropriate for them.

Some will receive this transmission as a memory, directly implanted in their brain.

Some will have minds strong enough to receive direct communication from the Furai, in other words, some will have the ability to receive this and other communications through telepathic means.

Some will be directed to search for answers, their search will lead them here, to this document.

Some will be told to download and read this document by others, the virus will then enhance that spark of desire.

Bottom line, you may be receiving this transmission telepathically and only think you are reading these words, or you may have been directed by the virus to download and read this document.

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