Establishing Alpha in a Political Party VIOLENTLY Purged of Testosterone

I didn’t watch either night of the Democrat debates — didn’t seem worth my time. None of the Democrat candidates — so far — has a chance against President Donald Trump, and they have no idea why. I’m gonna tell you.

Last night Kamala Harris ripped Joe Biden’s old, plastic-enhanced face off by bragging about her alleged victim status as a little girl. Perhaps it happened — perhaps not. Perhaps Kamala Harris was a victim, who lived a life of deprivation — one of the unfortunate black Americans who grew up rich, in the wealthiest country in the history of the universe. Forced, as a little girl, to suffer the subhuman conditions of attending a Beverly-Hills-90210-California white high school. If white America is so evil, why does every person want to come to America and live in a white neighborhood? That’s another topic — forget I mentioned it.

I don’t care what your politics are — they don’t matter. In the 1960s many Americans wanted to improve the lives of black people living here. So, we taxed. We shifted money. We poured trillions of dollars into a war on poverty — but it didn’t work. America out spends every other nation on earth — by far — on public education. America outspends every other nation on earth — by far — on social programs to ‘help’ the poor. America FORCES preferential treatment in college admissions, employment, scholarships — etc — based on skin pigment and Y-chromosome status. Doesn’t matter. Black pigmented people and women are victims.

Kamala Harris took advantage of these opportunities. She’s a rich, mocha-skinned woman who rose to the top because white males — who may have been more qualified — were not allowed to compete with her. What is the cumulative result when millions of less-qualified people are gifted with preferential treatment, and given jobs that more qualified people are not allowed to compete for — based solely on skin-tone and/or vaginal status? That’s another topic — forget I mentioned it.

Here is the heated exchange on June 27, 2019 in case you missed it:

To summarize the Kamala Harris attack: “I was a victim. Bad people like you — Joe Biden — victimized people like me.”

What’s wrong with this attack? Why won’t it work against President Trump? Why won’t it make Kamala Harris president?

biden harris wof submission

This picture explains everything — do you see it? Take a moment and study the photo — feel it. It’s primal. Thousands of years of human evolution allow everyone reading my words to feel it. Do you? Allow it.

Alpha. Submission. The biggest, strongest, most cunning and ferocious wolf asserts his or her dominance — (and yes many wolf packs are dominated by an alpha bitch.) In the above picture we see wolf one, on the right, asserting dominance, and wolf two, on the left, showing submission. Right: A growl. Showing teeth. Left: Laying down. Showing belly. Look at Biden, submission. Do you feel it? You can deny it — but I know you feel it. Biden’s laying on his back showing his belly. This is primal. This is survival. Choosing a leader determines the destiny of the pack. We are part of a wolf pack, and these two are competing to lead it. Do you see what’s wrong? Do you feel it? Again, this is not about policy. This is not about politics. This is not about ideas. This is not about qualification or resume. Do you feel it?

Kamala’s argument: “I was a victim. Well not me personally. People who are darker than average in color — like me — were victimized by people like you.”

Biden did fight back, with his words — Biden did argue with every bit of fire his old, testosterone-free body could muster — but his whole body submitted. See the submission on Biden’s face? Do you feel it?

Here’s the problem. Kamala Harris used white guilt as a weapon. Kamala Harris used victim status as a qualification for leadership. Biden feels guilt. Biden has it in his nature to submit to his guilt. Have you ever witnessed President Donald Trump show submission? Have you ever seen Donald Trump feel guilty about anything?

Decades of affirmative action, and eight years of the affirmative-action Obama presidency have led to this moment in American history.

“I am most-qualified to be your leader, because I was a member of a victim class of people, and you sir were not.”

62% of white males voted for Donald Trump. 52% of white females voted for Donald Trump. Donald Trump won because he proved conclusively he was the baddest motherfucker in the room. He established alpha over the American wolf pack.

“But the alpha-dog is mean.”

That is not an argument that can win on a primal level. The wolf pack wants a leader who is mean to our adversaries.

“But the alpha-dog is a white male.”

That is not an argument that can win on a primal level. The wolf pack wants a leader — we do not care if the leader wields a large set of balls and has white skin.

For the Democrats to defeat Donald Trump, they will have to field an opponent in the ring that can assert alpha. Misandry won’t do it. White guilt won’t do it. Calling him mean won’t do it.

Alpha is something that needs to be seized — like a pussy.

Want to learn how to defeat Donald Trump? Here’s a crash course.

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