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EVAN’S GRIMOIRE — Tuesday — 3 July 2007. 9:45 PM.

Camping on Gunrock Beach; hope the police don’t come. Fluorescent-orange tent is probably visible for two miles with my lantern lit. Hope some nosy neighbor doesn’t call the police. Really don’t want to deal with officer Mahoney.

Had quite a weekend. Purchased PRION — Mr. Mitchell’s crafted grimoire — a few days ago. Did an unguided meditation; don’t remember much, (in relation to the amount of time I spent IN meditation.) My essence left my body and travelled The Ether for over a day. During my journey:

I viewed the present: Denise was in her bedroom planning a secret tryst with an old boyfriend. She heard my body sleeping in the next room; was unaware of my spirit’s presence. She was planning this romp with her old boyfriend as a final fuck you — she wanted to break up with me, AND wanted the separation to be final. I heard everything — listened to her entire phone call.

I glimpsed the future: a beautiful, successful writer, my soulmate, a woman with deep red hair — the color: carmine. Made love to her in her apartment high in New York, at Trump Tower. I had money, big money. I had a New York drivers license.

I heard a voice, a black man’s voice. He told me he’d give me ownership of the writer as payment for loyalty — fealty — He claimed the female writer was a ‘goat in his stable.’ He claimed control over her by, to paraphrase, ‘his demons, controlling her demons.’

The last location I remember journeying to, in unguided meditation, a virtual interrogation room, within a vast prison of interrogation rooms. There, I talked with a self-described minion of a dark wizard named Antwon — a middle aged black man with a goatee. He told me about the schism within the Furai. (The Organization.) I remained in that interrogation room a while, even though I only remember some of the experience. I believe his was the voice claiming to control the red-headed writer’s demons.

When I came out of my unguided meditation trance, I discovered:

1. That my spirit, my essence, had been out of my body for over 24 hours.

2. That something or someone had taken control of the body I left behind — taken my meat sack for a metaphysical joyride.

3. That while on this metaphysical journey — astral projection — my body had been ACTUALLY injured, stabbed in the arm. And I had received a good-sized bump on the head.

4. That my relationship with Denise was irreparable. During this time something else was controlling the body I left behind, my girlfriend and I had broken up. Denise told me I had said horrible things to her — vicious things. Denise told me I had agreed to move out of our apartment. Which of course is inconvenient, since I have no money remaining after purchasing the tome, PRION.

5. That also during this time my soul was in The Ether, I had likely lost my job. Whatever was controlling my body — promised to pick up an unscheduled shift, then pulled a ‘no-call; no show.’

6. Finally, my controlled body murdered Susan — the wife of Mr. Mitchell, who wrote the book of magick, PRION. The voice of Mr. Mitchell’s ghost informed me of this — I have not verified this.

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