PRIONS AMAZON COVER.jpgPublished the book Prion a few months ago, another installment of The Furai Compilation series. Description: Evan purchases a black-magick grimoire from a mysterious witch — unknown to him, the tome comes with the soul of its dark author.

If you haven’t yet read Prion, check it out — it only costs 99 cents, and you can download it in seconds onto whatever device you’re reading these words on. PRIONS is the working title of the follow up book to be published soon — I’ll be releasing PRIONS snippets at daily at 3:33 AM Eastern time — check back soon.

Update — as of 7/1/2019 the following have been published of


INTRO — 1:11:21:31:41:5 — 1:61:7

Again — new PRIONS posts every night at 3:33 AM Eastern Time. (I can be persuaded to release more, faster with more likes and comments.)

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