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Kevin asks Laura, with deep lust in his voice, “Where are the kids?”

Laura smiles, conveying she’s received Kevin’s implied offer of sex; ruffles her brow as if to say, bad boy!  Thinks, No nookie before you take me out on the town.  She answers Kevin’s direct question, “Staying at the Doyle’s house.”

Kevin reaffirms with lust, and a playful touch of I-wanna-fuck-you-sweetly, “Just us tonight?”

Laura smiles, her clitoral hood tingles from his directed chi energy. She could take him up on his offer now, but she stands her ground. The decision’s made. Firmly she says, “The whole weekend. Annie Doyle’s having a birthday-party tomorrow. They’re all going to The Cape, the Doyle’s have some property there.”

Knowing Laura’s decision has been made, and the discussion’s over, meekly Kevin says, “What do you wanna do tonight?”

Laura asks flirtatiously, “Dinner and a movie?” It’s not a question — why did I inflect a question? And we’re not in college. You will fully pre-lubricate me with a full courtship ritual.

Kevin, expressing subtle disappointment in his voice that he’s going to have to work a little for sex, “Sounds great.”

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