Commuter Rail to Boston

Caught the train in the burbs… on my way to “civilization”. My thoughts turn to the future of America. Red states. Blue states. Open borders. Capitalism. Socialism. Globalism. Nationalism. The schisms that divide us are deep. Does America even exist anymore?

Can we continue to coexist with those who desire our enslavement? What compromise can be reached when wolves and sheep are voting on dinner?

All in favor of socialism raise your hands — they do.

All opposed — we do. We won in 2016, barely. So they opened the borders to change the vote count. If they win in 2020, will we accept it?

We speak the same language — for the most part. We enjoy the same movies. Dress the same. Believe in the same God. But they want to STEAL my shit.

If someone came to your house and demanded a percentage of your income– for their own use–how would you feel about them?

Is it any less odious that they vote on this in secret? And when they lose, they add to their numbers. How many illegals until socialism and genocide is a reality?

I hear two people speaking Spanish over my headphones– should I smile to be polite? Would they smile at me if I was wearing my Trump hat?

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