Kevin unlocks his safe, grabs his latest-journal — grimoire — begins to write:

I’m feeling so melancholy. Resentment is building-up inside me for my wife, my kids, my life. I feel like I’m going through the motions. I feel unappreciated. Maybe she knows she doesn’t turn-me-on any more? Maybe I don’t turn her on anymore? She doesn’t look like the women I jerk-off to, if it’s bad now, how bad will it be when I’m 45?

I never wanted this life!

I wanted to be retired by now, in a mansion, surrounded by beautiful women. My own jet, a car collection. Instead — I work my ass off. I’m exhausted all the time. No matter how much I earn, it just seems like the household keeps spending all of it. I feel like I’m never getting ahead.

Kevin puts his journal away —Time for ritual. Locks his man-cave door, lays out his pentagram ritual-mat; candles lit; incense burns; bangs a gong, clears the air; consecrates the room. He’s seated Indian-style inside the pentagram, mechanistically calls the elements, like so many times before —

Begins speaking incantation — Enochian keys, spoken carefully in order — Exclaims passionately aloud: “I want the life I envisioned! The life I desire! Give it to me! I seize it now!” He imagines his desires, vividly. Mansion, car collection, fat bank account, private jet. He’s single now, no kids, no wife, no responsibilities — While meditating, he feels his right arm going numb — I feel dizzy. Gonna lie-down just a minute just so, I can visualize properly.

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