VIDEO — Amazing Times — North Korean Press is MORE Honest Than American Press


A war that has been going on for generations.  No peace treaty — technically the Korean War never ended. The importance of this handshake, smiling Kim, and Donald Trump visiting North Korea, being broadcast to the North Korean people cannot be exaggerated. It’s a big fucking deal.

Our country is led, temporarily, by a temporary president. Some Americans like him. Some Americans hate him.  In many ways, because of our constitution, the president of the U.S. is a hamstrung executive branch.  The congress and the courts have the ability to slow down everything he wants to do. This is how our founding fathers envisioned it working, and it does.

North Korea is led by a ruling family of gods. Yes, North Koreans believe their leaders to be gods.  This deification is deep, ingrained in every North Korean since birth. It’s on their TV, it’s in their schools, it’s engrained in their laws.  Another core belief of the weird North Korean religion is that America is evil, that Americans are savage and evil. This is a core belief that they are infused with since birth.

A photo op? Yes. Definitely. A photo op that destroyed a religious belief system.  What would happen to the Christian religion if the devil and Jesus were seen shaking hands, smiling, the devil visiting heaven — and talk of an end to the war between God and the devil?

North Koreans have two ways to reconcile these images — these events:

1. Our leader is not a God. The U.S. is still the devil. We must rebel against our god.


2. God says Americans are no longer our enemies, and we have a great future.  God is infallible.

Donald Trump has destroyed a core belief in the evil North Korean religion in a single day.  He is The Martial Artist. Either the Kim dynasty is over, or The Korean War  is.

Meanwhile, back in America, our press continues to lie.  Saying it was just a photo op. No, it was deicide.

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