Tabitha asks, or should I say commands with purpose, “Remember the Bible story about the garden of Eden?”

Kevin replies with sarcasm, “The myth about the talking snake, and the man fooled into eating an apple?”

“It’s not a myth; it’s very real, it’s a literal story, translated into base components for primitive minds to understand.”

“A talking snake is real?”

“Have you ever communicated with an animal? A dog or a close pet?”


“Did the dog say words?”

“No.” Then reflectively, “But it could understand my emotions, and I could understand its intent.”

“When a fierce dog growls, you bet you can understand — By the way, in Genesis, it wasn’t a snake, it was a serpent; and it wasn’t an apple, it was the fruit of knowledge. Further, at the time, men had not yet developed spoken language, so Adam was able to communicate through emotions far better than a modern, so-called-civilized man can communicate with a dog.

As man has evolved, through the ages, we’ve become more and more dependent on language as a means of communication; less and less do we hear base emotions — primitive raw emotion IS communication, a universal language easily understood by all animals — but you know that already.

I do not want to spend any more time quibbling on whether or not Eden was a real place, or whether or not a serpent, representing The Devil can actually talk with words — it’s not important for you, at this time, to accept the literal story. If you prefer, call Genesis a divine metaphor to teach man profound spiritual Truth. Genesis is the word of God, translated into the words of man. It’s a story about man’s nature, and how to destroy man through deception. Why did you become a pig Kevin? What transformed you?”

“Those others did it. Those kids playing on the beach, they cast a spell on me.”

“So you were victimized?”

“Maybe I deserved it, but, yes, I was transformed by their majik.”

“No! They did not transform you Kevin — you transfigured yourself! They deceived you. Many have been deceived; many have fallen; many have been separated from the presence of God. Genesis is about man’s divine nature, and about the ultimate perversion of divine nature. A core lesson of Genesis — at its root — Genesis is a story of deicide, how to destroy a god — how to make a god into something he’s not. Man are gods from birth, only by deception can we become lower than this.

26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

27 So God created mankind in His Own Image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.

Tabitha booms with emotion, as if trying by sheer force of her will to implant — then cement — a message into Kevin’s head, “God made you in His image! You are A god! Not THE God — A god. You are divine by nature. You can do everything He can do. And what can God do? He can create the universe, then transform it to his wishes with a conceived idea and intensely focussed energy and emotion. Everything in the universe that currently exists was created by this divine Process: focus, energy, and emotion.

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

3 And God said, “Let there be light!” and there was light.

God said, ‘Let there be light!’ Four simple words uttered from God forged the universe, and all its laws as we know it. Did God have to speak these words aloud? Irrelevant. What is relevant is this is the power you have, it’s the power all men have. This is the highest plane of existence, men, connected with God as creators. You are a creator! All men create with just their thoughts.

The lie in Eden, the deception of the serpent was that man are NOT gods. That’s why Adam fell, he was fooled into believing he was NOT like god. Just like you were deceived into believing you were a pig. And the serpent said to the man, ‘do this and you’ll be like God.’ That’s a deception. We do not need to do anything to ‘be like God,’ that is how we were created! We were formed in God’s image, by definition WE are like God!

Question, what would happen to a god, who by it’s divine nature, could create an UNLIMITED amount of food, had an UNLIMITED stomach, yet could not control his ravenous hunger? What if a god could be convinced he was not a ‘man formed in God’s image,’ but rather a pig?”

“He’d gorge a never ending stream of vomit for eternity.”

“And where does the vomit come from?”

“The god transformed into a pig creates the vomit — he so enjoys eating — manifests the vomit from nothingness into reality by focus, energy, and emotion. A never ending stream of vomit.”

“Very good Kevin!” Tabitha smiles, then continues, “I have a nephew named Jeremy, smart kid, very smart. Always excelled in school growing up, people liked him. Had lots of friends, girls loved him. Then he tried crack-cocaine, a life changing experience. Why would anyone intelligent try crack-cocaine? What kind of deception would it take?

All the horror stories, all the death associated with the scourge of that substance in the 80s and early 90s — how was a smart kid deceived by others into trying it? What sexy woman deceived him into trying it? Was he trying to impress others? Was it an inability, as a people pleaser, for him to say no to anyone? Or, what kind of deception did Jeremy tell himself, the day he went looking for cocaine? Or, what message did the serpent whisper into Jeremy’s ear, perhaps for months, before he tried it? I’ll never know.

When Jeremy first tried crack he changed forever — his ‘eyes were opened’ to quote Genesis. This substance, this chemical was IT for him. Jeremy pursued his ‘panacea’ with all the enthusiasm of a swine pursuing vomit. He dropped out of high school, began stealing to obtain his drug — committed his life to pursuing this single desire. Then they caught him; he did a one year bid for burglary.

Jeremy came out of prison addiction free, then went right back to cocaine — then the cycle started. A condition of his parole was to remain substance free — they piss tested him regularly — eventually he was back in jail.

Jeremy’s appetite for the substance increased — he needed more and more to achieve the same euphoria. As a people person, he knew everyone, and so whenever he chose to indulge in his now $1000 a day cocaine habit — this high school drop out found a way to CREATE the substance! How many intelligent people do you know who earn $1000 a day? Jeremy, like all men are born gods — users of magick — manifestors of anything they desire.

Jeremy would get clean for a while, get a job, attend AA and NA meetings — get on the right path — then the substance would call to him.

Jeremy’s drug binges would start with a $50 cocaine purchase — he knew where to buy it — knew the right people — had the connections. With that $50 purchase from a distributor — who liked Jeremy and sold to him wholesale — Jeremy sold some at retail, doubled his money, used a little — then purchased bigger quantities, repeating the process. Thousands and thousands of dollars in cash transactions he closed, and more and more substance he consumed.

Jeremy never saw a need to build a business, he cared nothing for money — but Jeremy created a real cocaine-distribution business as an ancillary need. A god can always create as much as he needs — a driven addict IS a god, just like you and I — (a powerful, motivated-yet-twisted god who has become lower than any animal in higher purpose.) With Jeremy’s skill-set he could have been a billionaire — instead he’s lost.”

“Can’t you save him?”

“You listened to my voice for a thousand years before lifting your pig-snout from the vomit! I’m not sure I can save you. It remains to be seen whether you can be saved.”

“I’ve never been an addict; never did drugs in my life.”

“Not all addictions are drugs. Any habitual death-seeking behavior is an addiction. Any vice you can’t control is vomit. A wizard who seeks death is a danger to himself, and the entire human race. To convince a man — the image of God — a god — to destroy himself is really a simple process: 1. Convince the man he is NOT a creator of reality — not a god. Deceive the man — convince him he has a deficiency of some sort. 2. Convince the man that a destructive behavior will lead to a desired outcome, a better place.”

Kevin, in the process of working through Tabitha’s words in his mind, removes a glass bottle of Coke embedded in ice from his cooler; takes a long swig. “So what was I doing wrong when I attempted to work majik?”

“Kevin, there’s so much for you to learn! You can’t create majik the way you’re going about it, or, more precisely, your efforts will lead to your destruction — if, they even work at all.”

“How do you know?”

She looks at Kevin with astonishment, “Are you really —“

“Hello!” A man’s voice, booming from the sky, interrupts Tabitha mid thought. With his voice, the beach, the houses, the ocean all ripple and swirl — a kaleidoscope of colors — as if this whole world was made of liquid, and a cinder block was thrown into the center, causing a reverberating disturbance.

Tabitha looks up at Kevin and says, “Looks like the pigs have arrived. Time for you to go, Evan.

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