Welcome To The KINGDOM of God

buddy christ Kingdom of God

The KINGDOM of God is an attitude; a state of mind; a lifestyle choice. An invitation, set in motion at the beginning of our time — All higher intelligence in the universe can be connected with God, or separated, by free will, by His original design.

A difficult concept for many to grasp — why would a Supreme Being create beings of high intelligence which could choose: connection or separation?

Choosing to be connected with God, means you reside within the safety and security of His KINGDOM.

Choosing separation, is a valid choice, but yields a limited, ultimately miserable and self-destructive existence.

When you know all your needs are manifest, now. When you know wealth, in all its forms, is your birthright. When you know: God is in your corner; He loves you, and wants the best for you. When you know: God is your Father, and His power is at your disposal. When you know the biggest challenges on Earth — what is a “mountain” to a man, is but a fleck of dust to God and therefore, trivial to you…

Then, you see the world through God’s eyes, with His power at your disposal; then you are BEGINNING to get it!

Welcome to the KINGDOM! Enjoy your stay. You can leave The KINGDOM anytime you want, for any reason you choose, but, doing so yields remorse from every cell in your being. They, and eventually you will cry out for reunion.

God wants you to live with Him, in His KINGDOM! Choosing to live within the KINGDOM seems like a no-brainer, yet many highly intelligent beings, both human and other, have chosen to remain outside. Choose now to live inside the KINGDOM, if only for a moment, see if this is something that has value to you.

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