Blind Experts Do Not Understand TRUMP

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Dramatic scene in the movie The Miracle Worker – Helen Keller, deaf and blind, learned to speak the word ‘water.’ Keller obtained a degree from Harvard and became a world renowned author, lecturer, and political activist.

Did you hear the latest Helen Keller Joke? Don’t worry, neither did she. She’s dead.

It’s more difficult than even that – most – even so-called political experts – have been conditioned by years of bad information, misinformation, lies, misconceptions, myths, half truths – a deluge of clogging ideas, of irrational views of the universe, of politics, of energy – which in many cases have proved true in the past, but which failed in this election cycle.

Why were polls in the 2016 election wrong? A poll is a scientific fact, period. A poll is based on the simple idea taking a random sample of a bottle of wine gives an accurate representation of what the entire bottle tastes like. A poll of 500 randomly sampled adults in a population always reveals what an entire population thinks, no matter how large the population is. Polls are scientific facts, proven countless times, over many, many years. Why were the polls in 2016 wrong? Not weighted polls, seeded polls – true scientific polls constructed properly – still wrong. Impossible! Sipping a bottle of wine, and the sample itself is corrupted.

Why did 100s of millions of dollars in attack ads fail to stop Trump? How did a candidate who was outspent ten-to-one – or even more in some cases – win? Attack ads work – they always have – this is why rich and powerful contribute money to political campaigns – money equals speech – money is power – money has been the lifeblood of political campaigns, yet money seemed to have no effect in stopping Trump.

This is an excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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