Who is Trump? Valid question – many equally valid answers. How a person answers that question depends on many factors: what news is consumed, – NBC, CNN, NPR, BBC, FOX NEWS, Alex Jones, Matt Drudge – etc – What political philosophy is followed: democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, neoconservative, Tea Party, Christian right, Muslim, socialist – etc  – Where the person lives: New York City; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Salt Lake City, Utah; – etc – Education level; time and research spent studying Trump’s words directly – etc – Is an individual’s answer to the question, ‘who is Trump?,’ reality? Perception is reality for the one perceiving. An individual’s perception of Trump = Trump’s persona.

Trump, The Martial Artist does not seek to answer the question, ‘who is Trump?’ That’s something everyone needs to answer for himself or herself. Trump’s persona is the reader’s business. Keep believing whatever; hope it works out; hope the belief makes sense and is part of a structured, balanced, logical worldview, without contradiction – otherwise Trump Derangement Syndrome is highly likely.

What is Trump? That’s the question this work answers. The answer to that question is independent of all potential bias. Trump is The Martial Artist – the greatest whoever lived.

Centuries from now, all the greatest military generals will believe Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is novel – cute. Clausewitz’s books on strategy and warfare, a little better, but not so practical in the world we live in. Trump, will be the core of their studies. Trump’s conquests, personal writings, Tweets, speeches, debates, interviews, books – they will be required reading. Trump is, at his core, the greatest martial artist who ever lived. A master of war – of combat – of destroying opponents – no matter how large, with minimal personal or – now that he’s POTUS – national resources.

This is an excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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