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January 20, 2017. Results of the 2016 presidential election: Trump is president. Many are exceedingly happy about this; many worried; many in batshit panic mode; some, in abject denial. There’s much confusion about what happened – on all sides of the political spectrum – some of this confusion is by design; some, the result of bad information.

Imagine if after The Allies defeated Hitler in World War Two, the only books written about Hitler’s defeat were penned by former Nazis? Impossible? No one would buy such a book? That’s exactly what has happened post-election. The vanquished intelligentsia and media class – fake-news – are busy writing their books with their spin. Such books have value in telling the point of view of the defeated fake-news press, but – these books lack authenticity; objectivity; reality.  A Nazi can’t be objective about why they were defeated in World War Two – they’re too close to the problem, and too biased to see their own flaws:  the flaws of their ideology; the flaws of their leadership, and the strength of the allies that defeated them. 

It’s 2018 – still they cackle and cluck about Russian involvement in America’s election, and Hillary’s flaws as a candidate. These factors had little to do with Crooked Hillary’s decisive defeat. Why did Trump win Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? The Russians? Hillary’s weakness? Nope. 

Why did Trump defeat 16 well-qualified republican governors and senators in the primaries? Was it luck? Money? Trump won the republican nomination, and a landslide victory in the electoral college for many reasons, this work will address the most important one: Trump won because he’s THE martial artist. Emphasis on the word THE.’ Emphasizing the word ‘THE’, a statement about Trump’s mastery of the martial arts – Trump’s mastery surpasses any martial artist who’s ever lived, or will probably ever live. Success leaves clues as does failure – think of all the different fields master Trump has entered and dominated. TRUMP, THE MARTIAL ARTIST = TRUMP, THE SUPREME MASTER OF MARTIAL ARTS = TRUMP, THE UNBEATABLE SUPREME MARTIAL ARTIST, ETC.

I dedicate this book to all groups: Trump lovers; Trump haters; and reluctant or apologetic Trump supporters. All deserve the truth.

Trump’s election was not a random, unforeseeable act – it wasn’t happenstance – it wasn’t weak competition or weak competitors – Trump’s election in 2016, the result of a martial artist fighting against stiffs unprepared for his mastery of combat.

This is an excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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