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May 3, 2016 – Ted Cruz drops out of 2016 race for GOP nomination.Pasted Graphic.png

May 20, 2016 – Candidate Trump Speech – NRA-ILA Forum – Louisville, Kentucky.Pasted Graphic 5.png

“I think we’re gonna do really, really, well. And I look forward to – and I actually look very forward to the (Clinton) debates – I’ve loved the debates, I don’t know. 

I never debated before and all of a sudden, I have all these debates. And that was a big question mark in my mind. I mean, how will I do in debates?  I’m debating people that were on their national debating teams, and all of these top debaters.

But, they never had people interrupting them every other word they’d say. ‘You’re a liar!’ ‘You’re a liar!’ and they’re trying to speak, and they can’t speak.”

Traditional martial artists, for thousands of years, believed in their individual systems, their belts, their hierarchies, bureaucracies, dogma – they believed in their beautiful high kicks, their point systems, their no-contact tournaments, their out-of-shape no-muscle beer-bellied sifus and sensei were treated like gods – even though in a real fight, many would have no chance.

No one had the balls, within those narrow fighting systems, to ask questions – ‘sifu, wouldn’t hitting the weight room make my punches harder?’ ‘Sensei, wouldn’t running improve my stamina?’ ‘Sifu, why don’t we train with speed-bags?’ ‘Sensei, doesn’t grappling have value?’ ‘Sifu, should I be eating more protein to build muscle?’ ‘Sensei, does learning a kata have ANY fucking value in a real fight?’ Etc.

Bruce Lee viewed every martial art as having value; he respected them – (some more than others,) but heretically Bruce claimed a true martial artist would develop a personal fighting system. Every martial artist walking the earth should create a perfect fighting system for themselves.

Imagine how the Catholic Church would have responded to a priest claiming every Catholic should develop his own personal Catholicism? The idea was extremely controversial. Bruce Lee was praised by many students, but condemned by anyone with a vested interest in protecting the system. The old ways. Bruce Lee was loved by the grunts, and hated by the establishment.

How to develop a personal fighting system: Learn everything – from all systems. Question everything; accept nothing as fact. Reject what is useless. Absorb what works – for the individual. Then, add to this personal fighting system, that which is uniquely the individual’s. A revolutionary idea at the time – it still is.

Bruce Lee toured the nation, invaded their dojos, challenged their best and proved none were a match for him. Bruce Lee proved, in the 1960s the entire martial arts industry was full of shit and selling snake oil.

30 years after Bruce Lee died (1973,) mixed martial arts tournaments became all the rage. At first, Brazilian Jujitsu, (itself an evolved martial art,) as practiced by the Gracie family, became dominant in the MMA. But, as time went on, even Brazilian Jujitsu was exposed as a false religion. At least false in the belief that a master of Brazilian Jujitsu is invincible.

The truth is contained in these words:

“ABSORB what is useful. REJECT what is useless. ADD what is essentially your own.”

Bruce Lee.

And these words:

“All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.”

Bruce Lee.

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