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Describing Trump, The Martial Artist, like showing a sunset to a person born blind. Where to begin? What would the foundation be? Trump, The Martial Artist’s style is so unique, his skills beyond anyone humanity has witnessed before. Sure, there are men who’ve changed the world through their words. Cultural revolutions. Philosophers, strategists, theologians – men who’ve won highly contested elections. Men who are great fighters; great public speakers. Movements; revolutions; civil wars. Ronald Reagan, John F Kennedy, Barrack Obama, Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin – Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung, Carl Jung, Immanuel Kant – The U.S. Civil War – World War Two – The American Revolution. How is Trump different from those who have come before him? How is Trump’s victory in the 2016 election different from Ronald Reagan’s? Or Barrack Obama’s? Or Adolf Hitler’s?

Answer: Trump is a martial artist. Trump has a skill-set, a power, an edge, an unfair advantage. Trump, The Martial Artist overwhelmed untrained, helpless opponents.

Of course Trump had a winning message, but the message could have been anything of his choosing. Trump could have run as a traditional republican, a democrat, a socialist, a Nazi, anything he chose – the results would have been the same. Why? Because Trump’s martial art always ensures victory. 

Trump’s message didn’t matter? No. Trump’s message mattered; Trump’s supporters enthusiastically support his message. But, Trump’s message was not 100% unique. Many others, with similar messages history will forget, were squashed like bugs by corporate media and big money. What makes Trump’s victory unique in world history – Trump’s victory did not require, nor was it fueled by money or physical violence. Trump’s victory was the result of combat strategy and execution – the result of a combat system of thinking and action, the result of a martial art of Trump’s own creation.

For untrained and uninitiated, (non martial artists,) to understand Trump, The Martial Artist – they must first understand core skills, core actions, then and only then can they begin to understand. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to explain. Explain a sunset to a blindman, where to begin? Gasses? Chemical composition? Atomic theory? Warmth? Light? The earth’s rotation? Colors? So many angles, so much to explain. What do you talk about first? What do you talk about last? Does the explanation ever really end?

This is an excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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