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Anderson Silva breaking his leg.

Trump, The Martial Artist is an illustration – a glimpse – a snapshot, allowing observation, (from a safe distance.)  For observation only! This work, despite what you may have heard, is not meant to be a training manual for learning a martial art.

When beginning any journey, it’s important to understand there are risks involved. Trump, The Martial Artist demonstrates some of Trump’s potentially deadly talents. Attempting to employ this dangerous knowledge, without proper supervision could cause serious, even fatal damage to someone you care about, or yourself. Powerful forces – the same ones God used to create the heavens and the earth are not to be jacked-around with.

Trying to break a board, or brick, or cinder block with your fist, without proper training and proper sifu is a good way to break your hand. Attempting to verbally attack the root-chakral system of an adversary, even a sissy like Jeb Bush, is a path to inherit a lethal-dose of focussed chi-energy yourself.

Trump, The Martial Artist spent a lifetime studying and manipulating these powerful forces. During that time Trump learned, among other things, how to avoid being harmed by this dangerous energy. Trump, The Martial Artist expertly conjures gigaton-force emotional chi-energy storms – he pulls this energy into his enormous dantian, then expertly focusses and releases this energy to destroy his enemies, promote his brands, further his higher purpose, and enrich himself. Trump, The Martial Artist makes it look easy.

There are many books written about the martial arts, warfare, political science, history, philosophy, etc – for the most part these works explain events in a Newtonian-mechanics, nuts and bolts universe. Arguments, persuasion, poll numbers, punches, kicks, speeches, battles, political-coalitions – blah, blah, blah.

Trump, The Martial Artist embraces a wider, more advanced view of the universe, the domain of Einstein, of quantum mechanics – ‘spooky action at a distance’ – the focused-energy which unleashed the big bang, the focussed energy which leveled Hiroshima, the focussed-energy which Trump, The Martial Artist unleashed to become president, and devastate his hapless enemies.

Newton was right. Newton’s laws allowed men to create ICBMS, to fly to the moon, to hit perfect bulls-eyes across our solar system. Newton’s universe is based on objects – missiles, cannon balls, rocks, slow-moving space ships, etc.

Einstein was also right. Einstein’s theories allowed us to split the atom, and will someday allow travel to other solar systems. Einstein’s universe is based on energy – speed of light travel.

This is an excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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