Dark Planet Lotus

dark planet

“What a God forsaken planet.” Captain Kite’s words summarize what we’re ALL thinking. The planet is black; the blackest of blacks.

Captain Kite: “In all my travels, never seen a place quite like this; pure carbon.” We touch down, in one of the few places capable of landing craft. Most of the terrain: razor-sharp spikes aimed at the sky, almost a message, booming, loudly, from the planet itself, “You’re not welcome here!” My first impression of Lotus.

From The Furai Warfighting Manual — I prefer no bloodshed, always. Bloodshed always leads to NEW enemies. When you kill a man; you create enemies; it’s unavoidable. Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, friends, children, grandchildren —

Supreme conquest comes from persuading your enemy, through appropriate leverage, to join forces with you, rather than fight. Almost anyone can be persuaded through leverage. It’s better to capture an enemy intact, than destroy him. Capture a city intact, than destroy it. Capture an organization intact, than destroy it. Capture a nation intact, than destroy it.

Through infiltration and intelligence we learn what the enemy values; what they treasure and cherish. Convincing our enemy we control not just their lives, but the lives of their loved ones, we gain leverage; create a willing or unwilling ally. When THIS is impossible: make the enemy impotent.

** Impotence

Some enemies are untouchable; outside our sphere of influence. They can’t be leveraged. With men such as these, it’s better to find their agents and apply leverage on them. The following pattern emerges: The Enemy gives an order–>Their agent receives it, contacts us, then follows order if we give the OK.

Infiltrate THEIR agents; make them OUR agents. When the time comes, at the most crucial time, it will be OUR orders that are followed; not theirs. Only those who refuse to join us, key agents who refuse to join us, THEY will be expunged from Earth.

There’s always a weakness to be exploited; when it’s discovered: concentrate your energy there.

For individuals: Tendencies, character flaws or strengths, all present opportunity.

Some individuals are of poor temperament: Irritate them; make them angry, enraged.

Proud: Feed this pride, or hurt it: either can be effective.

Fearless: Encourage them to be foolhardy.

Intelligent: Feed them bad data, lead them to the wrong conclusion.

Cowardly: Frighten them.

Jealous, Envious, Greedy: Entice them, tempt them with what they desire —

For Groups: Find the highest-level agent, who can be bent to your will. When they are yours use them at the appropriate time, for the appropriate task.

We take readings; little atmosphere; cold; dark; gravity 1.1 g’s. This planet appears 10 times larger than Earth, yet the gravity is similar? Someone yells:Life captain!”

Little heat, yet lots of movement underground. Directly ahead of me, an entrance to a cavern. Wide swath in the spikes leads the way; pitch black; we carry our illumination with us.

Captain Kite: “Careful of your footing! Don’t step off this path! Those spikes will cut through anything if you fall. Wide is the path that leadeth to destruction. I’m just being paranoid; negative.

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