Bruce Lee VS Mike Tyson

Bruce Lee VS Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson would not have had a chance against Bruce Lee in actual street combat. To those inclined to question my claim, observe the 2-finger push up, then answer the question, what would that be useful for? Why would a man develop that ability?

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There are many reasons 140-pound Bruce Lee would’ve literally killed 218-pound Mike Tyson in street combat.

* Speed – Bruce’s kinetic chain fluidity was unbelievable – in general a small skinny man is faster than a heavier man – Bruce Lee demonstrated his ‘unblock-able punch’ everywhere he went – no one passed the challenge.

Long Beach International Karate Championship 1967 – Bruce Lee VS Vic Moore (4 Time Professional World Karate Champion)Pasted Graphic 26.png

Bruce Lee tells 4 time World Karate champion Vic Moore, in front of a massive crowd at the Long Beach International Karate Championships, ‘I’m going to hit you in the face, and you won’t be able to stop it.’ Ready? Tagged.

‘Try Again?’

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Keep in mind – Bruce Lee could strike with either hand or either foot. Bruce Lee could have hit Moore in several different areas, he told him in advance he was going to strike his face. Moore only had to block a single blow to a single area. Imagine how much harder it would have been to block a punch or a kick to any location.

* Rules of engagement – Bruce Lee focussed all of his energy, all of his mind to develop instant lethality. Lee trained and studied daily for this lethal fight, which thankfully never came. Tyson trained to fight and win in the boxing ring – he rigorously trained to succeed in a sport with rigid rules. Eye gouges, kicks to the groin, throat rips – these are things Tyson never experienced, nor trained to defend against.

* Deception – Feints. Part of Lee’s daily preparation was a mastery of deception second to none. Even if Tyson could somehow manage to handle a shot he knew was coming, he could not possibly handle the deceptive shots Lee would throw at him from every possible angle.

* The Claw – A man with the ability to do two finger pushups has developed super-human (beyond human,) strength in those appendages. Bruce Lee had forged himself a permanent tearing weapon – a built in claw. Mike Tyson would not be able to prevent Lee from ripping his soft, fleshy throat out.

Excerpt from Trump The Martial Artist.

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