Why Tweeting #RacistPresident Makes Donald Trump STRONGER

I see the hashtag #racistpresident is trending on Twitter. When will radical leftists learn: trying to harm Trump with their vitriolic tweets is like trying to harm a forest fire with gasoline.

Want to understand why Trump can’t be defeated this way? Read some excerpts from my book Trump The Martial Artist: 

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Master of Chi.

* Chi, or life-force energy, powers all living things.

* Chi is the energy martial artists release to smash cinderblocks; massive focused chi is how all true dim mak attacks are performed – whether targeting a person, a persona, a political party, a political system – any living thing.

* Chi is created by every healthy person after a restful night’s sleep, and is used up during the course of a normal day. When a normal person spends their chi, they need to go to sleep to gain more.

* Chi is the most valuable substance in the universe. Most people foolishly waste their chi on things that do not truly matter.

The Dantian.

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The Dantian is where all chi is stored within the human body. The dantian is located, in general terms, 2 inches behind the belly button. With practice and training, a martial artist can expand the size and storage capacity of his dantian.

Trump, The Martial Artist was born with an abnormally large dantian. It’s massive.

Trump, The Martial Artist through specialized training and knowledge has expanded the size of his massive dantian – It’s tremendous. Beyond what anyone can imagine.

Trump, The Martial Artist can absorb other people’s focussed chi – either negative or positive – without harm; store this chi inside his enormous dantian; then release massive bursts of their chi whenever and wherever he chooses.

Trump, The Martial Artist has the biggest dantian on the planet; he fills it regularly with his own generated chi, and the freely gifted chi of others (both positive and negative.) This chi energy – the most valuable substance in the universe – is freely donated to him by those who love him, and those who hate him. Trump, The Martial Artist has used this readily available chi-energy to do amazing things.

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Having never ending reserves of explosive chi has many advantages… “I guarantee you there’s no problem.”


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Chi leaves the body when an individual releases strong emotion. Orgasm. Anger. Rage. Love. Hate. Passion. Any strong emotion releases chi.

Chi, once released from the human body, will find its way to its target, wherever the target is, (whenever the target is.) (Chi has the ability to travel time – forwards and backwards.) Chi traverses the universe via an all encompassing network called The Ether. There is no known way to shield against released chi, it even penetrates tinfoil bodysuits and lead aprons.


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Trump is worshipped by those who love him AND Trump is worshipped in a different form by those who hate him.

What’s the opposite of love? Many instinctively reply hate – true? Is hate the opposite of love? In the traditional view of the universe yes, Trump, The Martial Artist knows better.

Trump, The Martial Artist knows love is not the opposite of hate, love is the mirror-image of hate. Both love and hate are strong emotions, arguably the strongest two emotions. Both require massive energy to sustain. Both can benefit the recipient – the target – the object of emotion, and simultaneously both can harm the recipient.

Both love and hate drain the emitter of life force, of chi. No, the opposite of love is not hate, not by a long shot. Love and hate can be considered forms of worship – from different polaritiesindifference is the opposite of both love and hate- indifference: feeling nothing for an object, person or concept is the opposite of both love and hate. From this view of the universe, Trump, The Martial Artist is the recipient of more energy-directed worship than just about anyone who’s ever lived. And, this is also important to understand – Trump, The Martial Artist wants this. This is by design.

From this framework the opposite of any strong emotion is indifference. From this framework any emotion is an emitter of energy, a drainer of energy from the emitter to potentially benefit the target. From this framework the target receives energy, chi, life-force in the form of worship from the host. (Love or hate are the same.)

What feeds Trump?  Other people’s emotion and energy.

Emotion, (in the form of chi,) leaves the emitter – Trump, The Martial Artist receives this chi – life-force energy – from both lovers and haters, then redirects it anywhere he chooses. Love him? He wins. Hate him? He wins. Feel nothing? He loses.

Although chi is a form of energy – Trump, The Martial Artist also desires energy directed at him in other forms. Trump, The Martial Artist wants the emotionally charged to act. Those who watch a Trump press conference and get angry, or laugh, or enraged great. He loves it. Trump, The Martial Artist really loves action.

Criticize Trump on Twitter? He really wins. Laugh at him on Facebook? He really wins. Write a nasty book about him that many people read? He really wins. Spend money on a nasty attack ad? He really wins. Organize a protest with a million people? Awesome. Any chi-energy directed at Trump is a victory. Love or hate. Any action that causes others to direct their chi-energy at Trump – even better. This multiplies Trump’s power. The more chi the better. Trump can only do so much, writers, political pundits, actors, NFL players, bloggers – they do the rest.

Trump, The Martial Artist can’t be harmed by chi-energy any more than a capacitor can be harmed by electricity, or a car engine can be harmed by gasoline. Chi is fuel, period, that’s it. Love or hate are both the same from this framework. More chi for Trump to store within his yuge dantian.

Trump desires your emotional-energy, as much as possible, in whatever form you transmit it. The more time and resources you spend transmitting chi – the better. This chi he can then redirect anywhere he chooses.

Trump loves that Bush released the infamous ‘pussy tape.’ Trump loves that Omarosa betrayed him, wrote a book, then promoted it on TV. Trump loves that James Comey did the same.

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CNN Debate – Houston, TX – Feb 25, 2016:

Pasted Graphic 7.png

Trump, speaking to Cruz, “…you’re really getting beaten badly. I know you’re embarrassed “ – Points to Ted Cruz. “I know you’re embarrassed,” Points at Marco Rubio, unseen on Trump’s right – “ but keep fighting — keep swinging, man.

Swing for the fences!” Trump Points to the outfield.

Trump wants his opponents to swing as hard as they can. Trump, The Martial Artist wants maximum chi.


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Pure sodium being dropped into pure water in a beaker. Instantly sodium (a silvery rock) turns into a bouncing ball of fire – burning and bouncing violently along the top of the water. Quite impressive to witness.

As I drink my glass of water, it’s hard to assign blame to the water for this reaction, the fireball display is obviously the sodium’s fault – water is innocent; water never hurt anything – right?

Whose fault is the reaction? The chemist drops the sodium, sodium reacts with water and instantly bursts into flames. Water doesn’t burn, right? Wrong.

Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen – two violently explosive materials. The fireball is ignited hydrogen, (chemically pulled from the water.) My main point: there are three actors in this sodium experiment: the chemist, the sodium, the water – remove any of the three: the reaction does not occur.

Similarly, if a person says something which creates an emotional reaction in another person, there are three actors in the equation: the speaker; the message; the receiver.

At some level, humans have a choice in how they react to a message. With training, a person can be taught to suppress emotion, or channel emotional energy into another use, or change the internal meaning of a message, before the message causes emotional response.

Emotions are very real; think emotions can’t cause damage? Remember: chemicals within a body are just as powerful as sodium being added to water. Imagine the sodium-fireball in the above photo, bouncing around an opponent’s internal organs for the next ten years. Ulcers. Cancers. Heart attacks. Strokes. Neurological damage. Sexual impotence.

What are emotions for? All life, down to the simplest single-cell bacteria experiences “emotion” – I put emotion in quotes because the simplest emotion: pleasure/pain is experienced by everything known to be alive: If I do this, I experience pleasure. If I do this, I experience pain.

Emotion, therefore is what causes bacteria to reproduce, seek favorable locations, avoid danger, explore new environments – etc – Emotions helped our primitive ancestors survive in a dangerous world. Emotions can still be used to a person’s advantage.

However, if an individual can control an opponent’s emotions: they own them. Emotion is the means in which chi is forced to leave the body.

Laws of Energy.

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Three Energy Laws:

1. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

EX: A car engine requires gasoline to work.

Only gods can create energy. For non-gods: humans, animals, insects, plants, fungi, bacteria etc – energy exists in the universe already – energy can’t be made. Non-gods must gather required items to ‘make’ their energy. Non-gods are not making energy; they are transforming stuff they obtain into a different form. Gathering wood to burn it; Gathering uranium to create fission; gathering hydrogen to create fusion. Gathering sunlight to convert it to electricity. Gathering food to eat.

2. Entropy – When energy is pulled from a source, changing the source from order to chaos, the now changed chaotic item can’t be put back to its original form.

EX: When a gallon of gasoline is burned in an engine, it’s impossible to catch all the pieces – heat, exhaust, pitch – etc – and put the gallon of gasoline back together.

3. Everything stops at absolute zero. At -273 degrees everything stops moving. Most things cease functioning long before this.

1st law. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.

2nd Once energy is used up, it can’t be used again.

3rd If it’s really fucking cold, then nothing will work and you’re dead.

These energy laws apply to everything, since, ultimately everything is made of energy.

Why use gasoline to power cars? Why not wood? Or coal? Because gasoline – pound for pound – cubic inch per cubic inch – contains more energy than just about any other cost-effective substance. Gasoline contains explosive power.

A normal politician – take Jeb Bush for example – can talk all day; no one listened or cared. Jeb does not make incendiary comments. Jeb talks, a few people hear what he says – some people like it, some people fall asleep. A Jeb Bush campaign, like every other political campaign in human history, required energy in a different form to survive.

Money. Money is the fuel for traditional political campaigns. What is money? Money is a fictitious substance that peaceful men use to trade their energy. To trade value for value. In order for Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton, or Barrack Obama to reach voters with their ideas, money was required.

Trump, The Martial Artist ran the first campaign in American political history that required no money for advertising. None. Trump’s ideas required an advertising budget of zero. True, the Trump campaign spent money on advertising, but if Trump wished he could have run his entire campaign without spending a penny on TV ads.

Trump, The Martial Artist can say a single sentence that enrages a few people who witness it, these people talk about it, write about it, argue about it, a chain reaction follows – BOOM! Lots of energy. Where did the energy come from? The energy was always there, it just needed to be ignited. Incendiary comments ignite the energy within men.

To a novice looking upon the 2016 election, it seemed Trump would eventually say something so controversial – he’d destroy himself. Didn’t happen. Instead, Trump kept making incendiary remarks, fueling a ceaseless stream of headlines – this in turn fueled a ceaseless stream of pundits talking about what Trump just said – and high ratings for the fake-news organizations covering the story.

Key points:

* It’s the incendiary, controversial language Trump uses that is the key to his ability to grab headlines and entire news cycles.

* If Trump ‘toned it down,’ toned down his rhetoric, (stopped using incendiary language) – less people would watch, less people would care. Less emotional energy for his eventual use. ‘Toning it down’ means that energy in another form would be required to fuel his campaign, ‘toning it down’ would mean Trump would have required money to fuel his campaign.

* If the fake-news press did not attack Trump, he would need to use money to advertise – to make up for the lost negative energy. Or, Trump would need to make even more-incendiary comments.

Humanity, the entire human race is pure energy, Trump has mastered the ability to ignite this potential energy – using incendiary comments.

Trump, The Martial Artist then directs this massive energy anywhere he chooses.

When the press writes a negative story about Trump, whether the story is ‘fair’ or ‘unfair,’ whether true or false – they are making Trump, The Martial Artist more powerful. Any story makes Trump more powerful – a master of judo wants an opponent to push or pull – either way the opponent is going down, head first.


Pasted Graphic 5.png

Trumpgasm: |Trəmp ɡaz əm| an incendiary comment uttered by Trump, The Martial Artist which generates headlines, stories, debates – etc.

1987 – The Art of The Deal

“One thing I’ve learned about the press

is that they’re always hungry for a good story,

and the more sensational the better.

It’s in the nature of the job,

and I understand that.

The point is that if you are a little different,

or a little outrageous,

or if you do things that are bold or controversial,

the press is going to write about you.

I’ve always done things a little differently,

I don’t mind controversy.

Most reporters,

I find,

have very little interest in exploring the substance

of a detailed proposal for a development.

They look instead for the sensational angle.”

Trumpgasm can be thought of as a massive media-fueled emotional storm, a chi-energy hurricane fueled by media outrage over something Trump, The Martial Artist said. Trump, The Martial Artist conjures the storm, by uttering a few words, then directs the storm’s energy wherever he chooses.

Never, in the history of politics, has a candidate embraced a campaign strategy fueled by incendiary comments. Incendiary is a great word, it describes what the comment accomplishes. An incendiary comment ignites explosive energy. Procedure: say something incendiary which the press loves to talk about, complain about, lie about, twist, write about – etc – then, at the appropriate time, redirect that emotional energy towards achieving higher purpose – building persona, or destroying an opponent’s persona.

The Trumpgasm process – three steps:

Step 1: Create Trumpgasm. Craft a statement which creates massive emotion and energy. The emotion and energy can be love or hate, positive or negative – it doesn’t matter! Trumpgasm is an incendiary statement which inflames chakral emotions. (Massive support and/or massive hate.) Trumpgasm seizes headlines and talking points which media pundits talk about and write about for days, weeks, even months and years – key point: it’s these incendiary comments which fuel Trump, The Martial Artist’s entire campaign-strategy. Without Trumpgasm, Trump can’t do what he does. Ironic, the hatred many in the press feel for Trump, and the energy they spend ‘fighting’ him makes him more powerful. Energy is energy. Love him = Trump wins. Hate him = Trump wins.

Many of Trump’s fair-weather apologetic supporters, (cowards who lie to pollsters about supporting Trump,) publicly say things like: “I wish Trump wouldn’t talk like that,” or “I wish Trump wouldn’t Tweet.” Comments like this are equivalent to saying, “I wish Mohammed Ali wouldn’t punch so hard.” Or “I wish there wasn’t so many car wrecks in Nascar.” Or “I wish NFL football wasn’t so violent.” Or “I wish it wouldn’t rain so much in the rain forest.” The reason a rainforest is green, lush and beautiful: constant rain fuels a tropical paradise. Without rain, the rain forest ecosystem dies becoming barren land.

Trumpgasm is the fuel that feeds Trump’s power, without it, he would not be president. It’s really dumb to support Trump without supporting Trumpgasm – the two are one in the same. Trump’s incendiary comments are the reason his appearances draw massive ratings and massive crowds. Trump’s incendiary comments create emotion; emotion creates headlines; headlines create more emotion; the emotion releases the chi-energy of the American people. Once this energy-storm is created and spins a while, Trump then expertly focusses this massive-chi energy for his purpose. Trumpgasm-chi becomes Trump, The Martial Artist’s personal energy reservoir to use in the future however he pleases.

Now you understand. Keep feeding him energy — fools — he’ll keep winning.

Want to learn more? These excerpts are from Trump The Martial Artist.

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